Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feeling Sheepish ( grab a cuppa gals it's a long 'un)

Hello all, I hope you have allowed yourself time to relax and you have a cuppa in hand.
This post is a little on the long side as I have been quiet on the blogging front this week, so we are playing catchup.

Even though it's Autumn here, I think the Spring everyone is experiencing on t'other side of the globe has been rubbing off on me.

Beautiful photos of newborn lambs have been popping up on different blogs and have found their way into my sewing........

Red and white grosgrain ribbon,
tinkly silver bells,
machine embroidery
and lovely wool fabric............

I love black faced sheep, there are some on a neighbours property nearby.

It's such fun watching the new lambs come Spring.

Gambolling around the paddock and playing.

I could stand there for ages and watch their antics.

Don't forget we are in Autumn here in this neck of the woods.........

I decided to make something that didn't involve chooks or birds shock, horror.......

I know, what was I thinking?

Yes, I am feeling OK.

It was such a lot of fun, putting this together, figuring out what would go where.

If you haven't twigged, it's for a bub.

It's a 'hangy thingy' hehe, to be hung above a change table, cot, or hang it off your
kitchen dresser if you so desire.........

Maybe the nursery door.......

or your bedroom door.......... or not!!

I am reasonably happy with the way it turned out, but would fine tune it just a little.

There are other ideas swirling around in my brain, but this week I shall have to concentrate on stock for my market stall which is happening next Saturday April 16th if the weather holds

It's a lovely, sunny/cloudy/breezy day here today. There is the forecast of rain this arvo but at the moment it's pretty near perfect.

The coming week should bring lower temps and you know what that means don't you?
We might have to light the wood heater, yippee...........

So No. 1 and I headed out into the paddock to pick up a barrow load of kindling.

It's such a lovely thing to do together as it's an opportunity to talk and discuss 'stuff'.

None of this mother and son stuff, just two people outside in the fresh air enjoying the beauty around us and picking up a few old dried sticks.

We wandered down to the 'glade' where the cows were resting.
Maybe they know rain is on it's way.

We have a new calf, click on the photo to enlarge and you will see it's little white face peering from behind mum.

She's the one lying down.

This little fella is soooooo darn cute and it's a little 'pocket rocket'.

Every time I see it, it is galloping round the paddock full pelt.

This is about the first time I have seen it standing still.

Wish I had some of it's energy, I would whizz around and do the housework in a quarter of the time it takes me.

A quick wander around the garden before lunch.

The Zinnias are on their last legs, but creating a nice shady haven for guess who?

He knows all the best places for a rest.........

Still loving the pink and orange colour combo, so striking..........

The Maples are really colouring up, dark at the moment, but will be brilliant in a month or so.

I have been slowly getting back into some crochet after aggravating an old RSI complaint.

It's been quite frustrating not being able to pick up my hook and yarn as there are so many inspirational crochet blogs out there and so many wonderful projects I would like to have a crack at.

I have had to be patient and take it slowly, but last night sitting watching TV I decided to do some flowers which will be made into brooches for my market stall.

A quick, little project suitable to do whilst watching 'New Tricks'...........

Any idea where the colour inspiration has come from?

Vases full of Roses and Dahlias, you can't beat home grown, fresh flowers inside.

I love wandering around my garden armed with secateurs and snip, snip, snipping, some beautiful blooms to bring in.
Before too long, the garden will be very bare and bereft of beautiful blooms.

Being the only female in this household (apart from one of the cats) I appreciate them and I'm sure the boys do too, hmmmm......

The wind has changed direction now and the sky has clouded over, maybe the rain is on the way.
That means one thing........... scones for afternoon tea.
There's something about wet weather on weekends.
I always get the urge to cook and it's either soup or scones.

Once again Tigger has found another comfy posi have a snooze.

Great spot as it catches the afternoon sun, but there's not quite enough room to stretch out, but that 'ain't gonna stop him.........

Well, I hope you are still hanging in there and your cuppa hasn't gone stone cold by now.........

Here in the Sweet Birdy Love household we are all 'playing' with new mobile phones.

It was well and truly time for an update and No 1 needed a phone of his own.
Believe it or not he hasn't had his own mobile for close to three years and has really enjoyed the break.

He does need one for his work, then people can ring him direct to book him for gigs.

Sooooooo, there are boxes, cords, instruction booklets and such littering the Great room.

There has been much laughter over the applications he can put on his phone
e.g picture of a cigarette lighter that you can turn on and wave above your head at concerts, yep you read that correctly.
It's mind boggling what technology is available and just on your phone..........

All I got was a purple phone that makes and receives calls, fine by me.

Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my last post, they make me smile, laugh and
get my day off to a great start.

I am constantly amazed at the connections made with all sorts of people from all over the world.

I hope you've had a great week and look forward to a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

I'm going to whip up a batch of scones, somehow the sewing is on the back burner,

Till next time,

Take care,

Claire X


  1. Black face sheep are my favourite too Claire. We are having a late mild Indian summer but I'm sure we will have the warmers going by ANZAC Day, it's always a yard stick for me and I always feel that Autumn truely begins on ANZAC Day. We watched Izaac play football today and not a jumper in sight, amazing!

  2. Your little calf is darling!! It's raining here too, so I'm coming over to your place for scones!

  3. Hi Claire, I love your sheep clever.
    Your flowers (crochet and real ) are gorgeous and that calf is indeed very cute.It's early saturday here and the weather forcast is so good we are going to risk a family BBQ this p.m.
    Keeping my fingers crossed we do get another fab day :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. Beautiful photo's Claire, it's nice to take a peek into your world. The weather has been lovely in good old Blighty the past couple of days, just planted my sweetpeas.

    Loving those colour yarns in your crochet, really zingy and the sweet little sheep stitcheries are gorgeous.
    Have a lovely, sunny weekend.
    lily x

  5. Oh I do like the lamb dangly, it is so sweet! But, I am even more confused now - I would have thought you had lambs in the warmer weather (eg, your spring, in Sep/October)? But you have them in aumtun weather which is technically spring according to the month? Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! I have just about got my head round your seasons, this is too much! :D I will forget about it and look at your lovely flowers instead.

  6. Hi Claire,
    Your little lambs are gorgeous. Lambs and calves are so cute when the play and I also wish I had their energy.
    I've enjoyed looking at the gorgeous scenery where you live and was reminded of days gone by when I saw the photo of your son gathering kindling. I had that job growing up on the farm.
    Looking forward to seeing your next creative projects.
    Anne xx

  7. Lovely photos. The calf is so cute, I love the crocheted flowers that match the Zinnias (I sowed mine yesterday). I had to laugh at Tigger on the planter!
    We've had great weather here for the past few days; it's been like Summer.

  8. Love the pic of Tigger, and Claire that wall hanging is lovely, and so appropriate, we are in the midst of lambing here.

  9. Oh I love the door hanger, I'm about to start a new nursery, so this will be perfect. Great Post thanks!!

  10. Hi Claire, I think the sheep are wonderful. They remind me of Mem Fox's book, "Where's the Green Sheep?" for some reason. I would love to give your calf a big, big squishy hug, if I could catch the little guy of course! Oh, nearly forgot, I always have to check my Chester is not around when I comment about your Tigger. Coast is clear. I think he is the ant's-pants I really do something about Ginger cats. Clever boy he is and cute to boot. Take care. Chat soon. Yollie

  11. Your sheep project turned out adorable! I love it! (I have always loved that nursery rhyme too :) ) do cats turn even the most unlikely places into a comfy bed (I need to develope that skill :) )


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