Saturday, May 21, 2011

Market Day

It's market day again.
An early start to the day, when the alarm goes off I lie there and think 'Do I really want to do this?'
I know I do, but at 5.45am I take some convincing.......
A hot shower seems to work wonders.
The car is packed the afternoon before so no rushing.

I made sure I had enough clothing for all weather.

Bright is always cooler as it's at the foot of the mountains.
It was a fine day and the sun put in an appearance at times, but when it was hiding behind the clouds it was quite chilly.

I made sure I got in nice and early and bought a cupcake before they all disappeared.

Carly, the creative cupcake cook, has done a wonderful job decorating them.

The big decision was, did I want to eat a Ladybird, Butterfly or Echidna but really there was no question .......... It had to be one of the little chicks on the far left.

Aren't they cute and it was deeeeeelish.

I took a few snaps of the beautiful views around the park where the market is held.

There are still quite a few trees holding onto their leaves.......

The market started slowly, my first sale wasn't until 10am. There seemed to be plenty of people around, out enjoying the fresh Autumn morning.

I find it's quite a social thing and like to chat to other stall holders and visitors to the market.

All in all it turned out quite well despite the slow start, so I was happy.

After I had packed up, I made a quick trip into the main street of Bright to check out the local Op shop and see if I could find any treasures...........but there were none to be had when I got there.

Isn't it beautiful?............such a lovely place in any season.

Some more Autumn colour I spied on the way home.
Just as well there was no one driving behind me as I stopped three times to photograph beautiful scenery.

A grove of Chestnut trees on the side of the hill. They were golden in the mid afternoon light, although my pic doesn't do it justice.

The problem with markets is that you can be tempted to spend your hard earned dollars before you've earned them........

Once I had set up I did a quick trip around the other stallholders before things got busy.

I had a request from my hubby for some apples and whilst at the fruit stall I spied a plant stall selling beautiful tulip bulbs, I couldn't resist buying half a dozen.

I then spotted some friends from down the road they sell certified organic produce so I picked up a kilo of Feijoas as ours have finished fruiting.

A pie (lamb and mint jelly) from the pie man for dinner (boys are away) a coffee and back to my stall., with my purse feeling decidedly lighter........

At the end of the day I visited Sheree from Paper, Scissors,Rock, she makes lovely screen printed cushions amongst other things.

I had been admiring her fox brooches and I'm a redhead, so it was the obvious choice.

I keep thinking of a line from the TV Series Kath and Kim, where the daughter Kim refers to herself as 'A foxy moron....' hehehe
I have to admit I loved that show, made you cringe with horror but laugh at the same time.
The American version unfortunately, just didn't cut it.......

I had decided after this market I would unplug the machine for a couple of weeks and get out into the garden for along overdue tidy up, but I have ideas swirling around in my head and it's just so hard to ignore them.

So, I shall wage battle with he desire to create and the need to clean up and see which one wins.

I hope your weekend is going well.

Thanks for popping by for a visit, it's lovely to hear from you,

till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. That's the trouble with doing markets - I always spend more than I make! The cupcakes do look delicious - I would have had a dog.

  2. The scenery is so pretty, and the town looks very inviting in all it's autumn color! What a lovely place have a craft fair. The cupcakes are such fun! I would have wanted one of those echidnas! I really do like the fox pin, but I don't think I knew the tv show. It's interesting you mentioned the feijoas... sometimes I forget that you are in the southern hemisphere and your climate is similar to South America's. I haven't had one of those in a long time.

  3. If it`s any consolation, we`re having the same weather which is unheard of in mid-May, even in Scotland! We`re battening down the hatches for Monday because the wind will be whistling through the land at 70mph! Apart from that, the cupcakes look too good to eat and hope you made many sales! Lovely to hear from you Foxy Lady! x

  4. ps I meant I hope you had many sales of your lovely makes!

  5. Hello Claire. Who could resist those gorgeous cup cakes - glad you managed to buy one before they all went. The Autumn colours of the trees are beautiful.

  6. Those cakes look so yummy, I don't know which one I would choose, maybe one of each! Well done on the sales, the little fox brooch is so cute! :) x

  7. Hello Claire,
    I love your photo with the grove of Chestnut trees. Perhaps something you might not take notice of in summer with green leaves but certainly standing out in autumn.
    Cupcakes, mmmmmm, choices, choices, choices. They really look too good to eat although a ladybird would probably have made it into my mouth.
    The little fox brooch is cute and is bound to give you years of happy wearing.
    From one redhead to another, have a great week,
    Anne xx

  8. what a lovely market day claire :)
    And you sound like you didn't go too nuts at other stalls, I mean all of your purchases sounded like "need" items to me ;)

    Bright is just gorgeous at this time of the year - your photos are such a tease, I can picture myself behind your camera at each spot.
    Bet Harrietville is looking spectacular now too.

    Enjoy your pie for dinner :)

  9. What a fantastic place to hold a market! Those cakes look yummy, could just do with one with my cuppa!

    And that brooch is just adorable!


  10. It's taken me quite a while to read this as first I had to go off and google echidna (when I saw the photo I thought they were hedgehogs)and then feijoa (which sound delicious by the way).

    I loved Kath and Kim too, and of course I thought all Australians were like that (only joking!)
    I haven't seen the American version but it doesn't sound like I've missed much.

  11. we are gearing up for our market season (bare rooted fruit trees) and ahh, I had forgotten about those cold early starts! We went to Bright in the school hols and my son forked out $7 of his hard earned cash for a construction set at the Bright Op shop- it was taped up but the lady assured me that it would be all there, with that price on it...but it was crap- the bolts and nuts didn't fit together, so he felt abit ripped off. Daughter got a $1 skirt she loves!

  12. Lovely post Claire, lots of eye candy, those cupcakes look too good to eat and I love the little fox brooch you bought. The market was sited in a very pretty place, beautiful scenic images..............I've always secretly wanted to be a redhead.

    lily x

  13. Hello Claire,
    I just love seeing all the beautiful Fall foliage photos. We are heading into summer here in Virginia.

    Happy the market was good for you..selling and buying ;->

    Sometimes we really need to pay attention to all those ideas swirling around in our heads or it will keep us awake at night.

    Have a lovely cozy week!

    janet xox


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