Monday, May 30, 2011

We're Winter Bound

Ah, more sweet birdy love stitcheries........

Guess who it was inspired by?

Saturday afternoon saw two young Robins visit our patch.
It made working outside all the more enjoyable as they flitted between the bare branches of the Silver Birches looking for a tasty treat or two.

Notice the flash of white on his wing, it makes a very distinct 'V' shape when viewed from behind.

The above pic was taken Sunday morning. Even with the zoom lens at maximum capacity, you will have to click and enlarge the pic to get a good look at him.

I was thinking how the birdlife around here isn't all that varied and colourful compared to say, bird life in the US...........

A few minutes later, I spied these two beautiful Parrots.


Once again, click on the pic to get a better look.

I have to share a few photos I found on hubby's camera whilst uploading pics I took.

No 1 had been out snapping away at the beautiful Autumn foliage.

Obviously, this pic was taken a few weeks ago, but the colour is stunning and of course 'I just had to show you'....

I remember him taking photos of the full moon last month.

They turned out a treat, not computer enhanced at all, just how it was on the night.

We'll often head outside to enjoy the full moon, it's reflection glinting on the water in the dam. Although, now you definitely need to rug up as it's very chilly.

Occasionally we'll let loose with a howl or two...............

It sets the dogs off across our valley, hehe, I know, I know, but every now and then you have to 'embrace the child within'........

After some birdy stitching this morning I thought I would make a little brooch.

I'm calling this my 'comments brooch'.

Here's a WIP pic.......... wonky lines 'n all, just the way I like it.

There's a plastic pocket for you to put your comments in ........

Maybe answers to questions frequently asked or a statement about how you are feeling that day.

The options are endless.

Certainly made me smile and I can't wait to wear it and see people's reactions.

I 'll tweak the next one and sew straight lines around the pocket so the comment sits neatly inside.

Outside in the orchard last Friday, No. 1 decided it would be a good idea to make an apple pie from the windfall apples............hmmmmm, first time for everything.

Standing back and just explaining a few things here and there, he whipped up a double crust apple pie and I have to say it was delish.

A little bit of adjustment next time and it will be spot on.

The decos on top are my handiwork, flowers and birds.

No he's really not violent and I don't know where he gets the ...................... (fill in the blank, I can't think of the word) from but it's certainly not from me.

I'm the shy retiring type, shun the spotlight 'n all that.

You will notice the carton of custard on the bench, I had suggested home made custard would be preferable but as he was making the pie, he insisted on bought custard and who am I to disagree with the cook?


I would just like to thank you all for your lovely, encouraging comments on my birdy stitchings from my last post.

I have been asked to do a tutorial on free motion embroidery by a couple of lovely people and I am hoping to post one soon, so as they say "watch this space"

Well, there's only one more day till the official start of Winter.

This is what I wait for all Summer, so I better enjoy it...........

I have dug my red leather gloves, beanie, scarves and jacket out of the wardrobe and drawers.
I intend to put them to good use and enjoy every minute of it, so if you hear me complain at all, feel free to remind me "I love Winter"

I hope this finds you enjoying the weather wherever you are.

Blogger hasn't been playing very nicely recently and I have had a couple of frustrating days trying to get into my account, password wasn't accepted. In the end I changed my password and whether that sorted it, or Blogger decided to behave I don't know, but thought it may be helpful to someone.

If you can't comment, you can always email and say "hi"

Thankyou for stopping by and saying 'hi'.
To all new followers don't forget to bring your bag of breadcrumbs with you when you visit as chances are I will be leading you up the garden path in search of a Robin or two.......

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. What a lovely full post...I adore that comment broach and it goes without saying that the robin is a delight...and that pie. It is unkind of you to post pictures like that.

  2. I think your Australian birds are a LOT more colorful than American ones. Look at those parrots in your tree!! Your son is a ham! :-) And a chef too! His pie looks delicious!!!

  3. Now that's a cracking idea for the brooches...I fear I would probably be arrested with my comments latley though...grrr...anyroad!

    Gorgeous shot's as ever, the pie looks divine and no parsnips so perfect post in my book!

    I will look forward to the free motion tutorial...I've always fancied a go at that...mind you me and the sewing machine...I'll have a branch on stand by just in case!

    BIG LOVES...pass the custard!

  4. You can't get much more colourful birds than those parrots, we don't have anything like that here.

    I love the photos your husband took, I've tried taking the moon and it just looks nothing; they're really atmospheric.

    Great idea for a brooch and I'm really looking forward to your tutorial.

    At long last we've got some much needed rain today, which is good on two counts. It's giving the parched ground a good water, plus I can stay in and do some sewing!

  5. Love seeing your new work Claire - those brooches are truly fab! My Blogger account was a bit wonky over the weekend too (still is I think!), and my youngest has broken the spacebar on my laptop - Ah, well, never mind!!

    Looking forward to that tutorial - Janet and I will be truly transfixed, hehe!! :D

    Alison @ Tweed Delights

  6. The brooch idea is great! The one about coffee could have been written for me!

  7. I am trying to post again, I'm nothing if not the brooch idea and adore the picture of that full moon, who could resist a little howl at such a wonderous sight.

    lily x

  8. worked. I signed in but left the "stay signed in" box unchecked.

    Hope this helps someone else too..........I have been trying to leave you a comment for days.

    lily x

  9. Hey ho, thankyou all for popping by and commenting.

    I'm glad you liked the 'comments brooch' I have made another which turned out much better and it is a gift for a friend who is going through a difficult time health wise. I thought she might appreciate the humour in writing some appropriate comments to let people know how she is...........

    Lily glad you're with me on the 'howling' I was starting to think I was just a 'little weird'.Hope you've managed to get Blogger behaving itself.

    Gayle 'ham' great word thankyou, ver appropriate. I was having a mental blank at the time.......

    Well, stay turned for the tutorial everyone, my mind is swirling with ideas, so we'll see how it goes.

    Claire X

  10. Hello Claire,
    Girl, you really rock that machine writing stuff...yes, a tutorial is what we need.

    Your comment brooch is fabulous and ingenious. I am sure your friend will love it.

    I am a little jealous of your coming Winter...I love cold days, mittens, scarves...all that and more.

    Tell #1 I am sitting here very patiently with my fork and glass of milk, waiting for my piece of pie.

    Loved my visit as always.

    Janet xox

  11. That comment box brooch is fantastic Claire! Very clever indeed. I also love your sweet birdie stitching. I'm sorry but I couldn't bring any bread crumbs with me this time, I've used them on the tofu snitzels for dinner tonight. Hope you have a great afternoon.

  12. I don't know where to start!!!

    Funny boy...
    Amazing comments brooch, funny, loveit!
    FME tute PLEASE!
    You stole my Robin, I wondered where he'd gone! Glad he's visiting you ;oD

  13. Claire ,

    Those moon shots!!
    That pie!
    Those birds!
    Lovely post

  14. Hi Claire, that comments brooch is so clever and funny, I think it would be hilarious to wear, kind of like a piece of wearable tweeting!haha! Love your robin at the top too, you have such lovely inspiring birdlife around your place.
    Hope you have a great week.! Julie:)

  15. I just love that comments box - wonderful! Robins are my favourite birds - messengers from heaven.

    Pomona x

  16. Love seeing the beautiful birds down under, so different from ours! And what a great pie. The picture of your knife-wielding is hilarious. :)

  17. Love seeing the beautiful birds down under, so different from ours! And what a great pie. The picture of your knife-wielding is hilarious. :)

  18. Your moon photos... Amazing! And wild parrots? How cool.


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