Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I want to make something, not quite sure what, but I'm itching to get stitching...........

The problem is I'm not one to sit down and plan it.
I'm not very methodical more spontaneous .............

It's frustrating at times as I want to make something amazing but not sure what or how to go about it.
I realise this is where planning would be of great benefit but I'm too impatient.

So I will just play and see what happens.

Thus far, I'm liking the effect.

A little bit of machine doodling from the weekend.

Grab a few scraps lay them on some blanketing and stitch away.

The blanketing provides a firm base for machine embroidery.

This little fella looks as if he's had one too many worms........

I'll throw them back in the scrap bag and 'rediscover' them further on down the track.


It's a glorious day here and I have been outside in the garden. The weeds are coming out easily as we have had an inch of rain which was just lovely.

As you can imagine I enjoyed the grey, gloomy days and the rain.
I was cocooned inside by the heater looking out at it all...........

There's plenty to do outside as I have severely neglected the garden over the past wee while and now it's time to whip it into shape.

The fresh air is invigorating and the girls have been allowed out of their run to join in the fun.

Maybe, I will find some inspiration while I'm out there !

I hope you are all enjoying your day/evening where ever you are...........

Thankyou for taking time to drop by for a visit.
It's always lovely to hear from you,

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

P.S. As soon as I hit Publish Post I remembered something I wanted to ask you all........

There have been quite a few swaps going on in Blogland this month and by the time I discover them the deadline to enter has closed.

I would appreciate it if you spy any to drop me a line as I don't mind a swap here and there.

Thanks for your help Claire X

Righto back to the garden....


  1. Oh how I love your birds on bits of blanket. You are sooooooooooo clever!!!!! Is your craftiness self taught or have you taken clasess? Just love your work....sigh.
    Anne xx

  2. I love all your 'spontaneous" birds! But I love everything you make!
    I have never done a blog swap. I've thought about it a few times, but always decide to just step away. I'm trying to make my life more simple, not more complicated.

  3. Good morning Claire!

    Love your machine embroidery, the birds are so cute (and so fitting with your blog name too!)

    On the swap front, my good friend and I are organising a swap at the moment - if you check my blog you see all the details.

    The deadline is today (no pressure hey!!) so if you like the look of it leave me a comment and Sue and I will put you into the random name selector (a.k.a her son's hat!!) tomorrow evening.


  4. Helo Claire,
    I love playtime!!!

    You little bird is delightful...please do a tutorial on your technique ;->

    Have not heard of 'swap'...what are they?
    Janet xox

  5. The birds are lovely! I would love to have a go at something like this but my new machine intimidates me!

  6. I love your birds. Do you draw them on the blanket first or dive straight in?

  7. Thankyou all for your lovely, encouraging comments, it's always nice to get another person's opinion.........

    LBM, I just dive in, that's why they are a little wonky sometimes, but I have had plenty of practice..........

    Suzanne, this is a very easy technique, so you should just jump in and have a go, it's lots of fun.

    Gayle, maybe it's time to have a go at a swap, I'm sure you would enjoy it.

    Janet, I am considering doing a tutorial, but will need No. 1's help getting it sorted.

    Anne, I'm self taught, but obviously inspired by lots of clever, crafty people in blogland.

    Righto, time to go and play, enjoy your day everyone...........

    Claire X

    Helen, thanks for the heads up on your swap , will check it out.

  8. just linked to you lover! x x x

    Oh I love the birds, your very clever and talented. You're wicked!!

  9. Your brain spills beautifully on fabric!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. Love the little birds, you are definitely talented! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  11. Wow Claire, what a clever clogs you are! Love these stitchy birds. Love the looseness and your colour choices. And don't worry if I hear about another swap I'll drop you a line. : ) Alisa

  12. Thank you so much for your lovely comment at my blog :) And oh my...I think this is so pretty! I have never machine doodled; doesn't look easy but this makes me want to try it!


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