Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing the Love

Hello, thanks for dropping in .

Here's a little round up of what I got up to today.

First I'd like to share the love............. of Op shop finds.

This beauty I picked up for 50 cents today.

I couldn't leave it there, just look at all that toadstool goodness.

A lovely cotton tea towel with plenty of dish drying years left in it hehehe........

My tea towel collection is growing and I'm worried I might have a slight addiction.................

Mind you, I don't bring home any old thing, it has to have an appealing design and feel nice to the touch...........

A selection of woollen jumpers which I have just washed and thrown in the drier to felt and now I'm just finishing them off in the sun.

When inspiration strikes I will have plenty of choice from which to make new tea cosies or wrist warmers.

The pic doesn't show the gorgeous jewel bright colours, cherry red, hot pinks, orange and a range of lemons..............

Let me introduce you to this handsome fellow who hatched last December.

In the last couple of days he's felt brave enough to eat wheat directly from the scoop I'm holding.

As chickens I couldn't get near him and his siblings.
Mum was very protective and would rush at me, wings outstretched and I wasn't going to push it.
He's a Wellsummer X Dorking and his markings make him one very striking rooster.

He has a 'brother from another mother" lol, who is a Wellsummer X Barnevelder, so he's a lot darker but with beautiful greens and purples reflecting in the sunlight.

Problem is I really don't think we can keep two roosters.

Whilst having hatched and grown up together, there's a bit of male testosterone coming to the fore and some argie bargie taking place in the chook run.
They have started crowing in the last couple of weeks and I love hearing them. I think if you live in the country you need chooks and a rooster.

If I have to sell one, it's going to be a very difficult decision..........

Well, it finally looks like hubby and I may be going on a little holiday next month.........

It's been four years since we took any major time off work.

I am certainly looking forward to it.

We haven't yet planned our itinerary, so if there are any Tassie bloggers who would like to suggest some wonderful places to visit, things to do, markets to see, coffee shops to haunt during our week to ten days please feel free to let me know.


To all those who commented on my last post, thankyou for the 'thumbs up' on my Emu needle book. I will be whipping some up for my next market stall.

The week is almost over, aren't they just flying by?

To all the Aussie mums and those overseas who are celebrating have the loveliest of Mother's Days on Sunday, enjoy your day.

Thank you all for stopping by to say "hi"

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Toadstools, don't you just love them. We saw real fairy toadstools for the first time last winter. They were huge, bright red with all those little white spots on them, so cute.
    Two roosters, oh dear, not good! The one not in the photo sounds very handsome. Could you show us a photo of him some time? Especially if he is chosen to go to a new home. :(
    How exciting to be going on a holiday to Tassie. I love going there and you are sure to have a wonderful time.
    You have a lovely Mother's Day too.
    Anne xx

  2. A very handsome rooster! We've got three roosters who get along fine, but we really don't have enough hens to , ahem, service their needs...

  3. There's worse things to be addicted to than tea towels!
    That's a fine looking cockerel you've got there.

  4. Hello Claire,
    Yes...toadstool yumminess indeed! You know my ears perked at the mention of felted wool.
    Very handsome rooster you have there. I too love the crowing country!

    I had to laugh...whenever I here the word Tasmania, I have to think of the cartoon character...The Tasmanian Devil...with Bugs Bunny.

    A real vacation would be lovely indeed. The secret agent and I are way overdue for one.

    Happy Mother's day to you. I will be headed to New York to take care of my Mom. She is having some cancer surgery and I want to be with her for a while after.

    Enjoy the weekend with your men.

    janet xox

  5. Hi Claire , had to smile when I saw your toadstool tea towel . I've just made a crochet toadstool, i'm writing a post at the moment :0)
    Your holiday sounds lovely . Have a great Mothers day.
    Jacqioe x

  6. Don't you just love the names of roosters? Wellsummer-Dorking-Barnvelder Makes me think of the Brits with all their hyphenated surnames. LOL! It looks like you found some wonderfully bright wool colors for your next craft projects!

  7. Say no more. Lee and I will have an itinerary organised that you will need a month for. I love holidaying in this place as much as I love living in it! Let us know when and how long.

  8. Have a lovely holiday, Claire and Happy Mother's day for Sunday to you too. Hope No 1 son has a nice surprise waiting for you!

  9. You must do Salamanca market on a saturday, Cradle Mountain, Stanley, Strahan, too many to mention, but have a fab time, keep warm! pack those thermals, p.s. love the tea towel. :)

  10. I too love the toadstool tea towel! And am looking forward to your holiday snaps, have a lovely time.

  11. That toadstool tea towel is gorgeous! Lovely rooster, shame you have to say goodbye to one, have a great holiday! Looking forward to seeing the pics! :) x

  12. hi, Love your love for tea towels, I have a collection too. Your rooster is a very charming fellow. I'm your newest follower, I certainly enjoy your blog.


  13. ooh love the toadstool tea towel :) love your blog too! found you through Tales from cuckoo land,xx

  14. Sorry ,wont let me add as a new follower,will try back later, blogger playing up again.....xx


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