Friday, October 5, 2012

Flowers, Feathers and Fur.......

Welcome, welcome, welcome girls......

I'm back in my usual blogging seat, looking out at green paddocks, flowering Crabapples and blue sky.

While I have been away Spring has painted a beautiful picture, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Thank you all for your well wishes for a safe trip home, which it was...... if not a long trip!
Reunited with my Janome who had a service while I was away, I've been busy sewing up a few new makes for a market tomorrow.

I thought some embroidery hoop pictures would be a nice change of pace.....

'Let your song be heard..... '

one of three I have made...

Let's head outside for a minute and see what's happening.... The garden (read weeds!!)has been taking off in the warmer weather.

 Parrots enjoying the seed heads.

Galahs, also feasting on the seeds.
I picked up a new camera while I was away and I'm looking forward to having fun with it. BUT I need to read the manual to figure out all the bells and whistles......

Planted a little late in the season, but none the less beautiful.....

The first Poppy to flower

The Artichoke plant, which I grow for it's colour, texture and shape, has tripled in size. 
It would appear we are going to get at least 5 flowers this season.
Last season there were 2......  

The Wisteria has started flowering.....
I love this plant.....
The colour and perfume and the way the racemes hang down from the pergola and make a carpet of purple on the ground when the flowers are finished.
In another week, it should be a  sea of purple against the blue, blue sky....

Spring means, Crabapples....there are four of them.
They were  flowering when I arrived home and I just managed to  see one of them at that lovely, raspberry pink/pale pink stage.....
They are  a frothy confection of blossom and the bees are having a field day with them......

Back inside and some new makes ready for market.
You know I love

 Something so appealing, 
makes me smile,
 definitely addictive.

It's the
hand me down feel.....


It will be interesting to see how these sell at the market.
Purely decorative or use as a pincushion...

 Will they appeal to anyone else? 

Who knows, but you know what?

If I bring them all home at the end of the day I won't be upset at all. 
 I want them to go to homes where they are loved.
To people who 'get' what I do.....

Now this furry fella has been storing up a months worth of cuddles, let me tell you........
As soon as I sit on the couch he is there waiting expectantly for a pat, scratch, hug, cuddle.......

Missed you Tigger

I am playing catchup at the moment and the 'To Do' list is growing longer by the day.

Weeding, whipper snipping, planting up, pruning and watering that's outside.
Inside it's the usual chores, but add windows and sorting out a few cupboards to the mix.....
On top of all that my Janome is calling me. 
I'm trying not to listen but!!.......

Ok, that's it from me, dishes to do and get ready for work.
Thanks for coming over to visit girls, always nice to hear from  you.

Have a great weekend and I hope your 'To Do' list is actually 
do- able!!

Claire ♥♥
at home!


  1. Love your hoop pics - fabulous! Lucky you having summer and flowers to look forward to!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Welcome back home!! Your work, as usual, is really nice!! Love the hearts a lot!!
    Good luck with the market!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Love the photos - and the makes! I especially love your embroidery - how sweet!!!

  4. Parrots in the garden! I would never get used to that one! Your loops are fantastic, I'd love to have a go at machine embroidery but Clarice I'm afraid, isn't up for it! I will need to borrow someone's machine for a go! Have a good weekend enjoying your lovely home! Ada :)

  5. Your garden is looking lovely, so nice to see the signs of Spring on the other side of the world.

  6. Hi Claire, after your month away it must of been a great feeling turning into your driveway and seeing your garden....
    its looking very pretty, just love crab apple flowers I really should plant one in my own garden.
    Market time again..........lots of lovely things to take.....I did wonder how your trip to NY would inspire you, will be nice to catch up with the other marketeers, hope the weather is kind.
    Have a great weekend. X

  7. I bet they will sell quickly, they are just lovely. Good luck with your to-do list, things will get done, just take your time.
    Have a great weekend,

  8. Tigger looks so much like our cat Milhaus I had to do a double take! Love your crafty hoop.

  9. It seems like we just had flowering crab, and there it is on your side of the world. With parrots!

    Love the hoop picture, and the hearts are wonderful. Enjoy cuddling with Tigger, and good luck with the list and the market. :)

  10. Love your birdie in the hoop, and the pincushions are lovely too, best of luck at the markets

  11. Clever wee thing aren't you Claire! You are obviously enjoying being back home after your big trip away. I'm loving your embroidery - and lovely wisteria too. Have fun at the markets and go well! cheers Wendy

  12. Oh, I love the embroidery hoop picture Claire - I'm feeling tempted to make one myself - I have a little idea :) I'm not sure you'll be bringing all the lovely hearts back home with you though - they're gorgeous! Have a great market and welcome back :)
    Alison x

  13. I am sure you have none of those pin cushions left tonight...they would have been a hit....

    Love wisteria but haven't had much luck with ours over time. x

  14. I am so glad that you visited me because here I am visiting you and I will definitely become one of your followers. I LOVE the work you do and would be delighted if I saw it around in our markets. Just loved the applique picture of the bird and also the pictures of the live ones....oh my. As I scrolled down reading your blog I just kept finding more and more that I said Oh My!! AND you are just starting lovely. Later I shall read back through your blogs and discover what you've been doing. Joan

  15. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden, and what magnificent hills in the distance. Love your hearts! I would certainly purchase one at a market. Particularly love the words "in the imperfect beauty is found".

  16. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I love the things you have been aking! I am enjoying sewing again after a break of 5 weeks - I am fulll of new ideas - all I need now is the time! Anne x

  17. What a wonderful picture of Tigger!
    Love your new makes, looks like someone is happy to be home and inspired and how could you not be with all that blooming life around you?

  18. The hoop picture is just perfect with the blue spotty bird!

    Tigger looks lovely amongst the blossom.

  19. Beautiful photos! Such a sweet birdie hoop.... and the parrots, not a sight one would find in their yard here. Also, wonderful seeing all the spring! We are just getting deep into fall, which is also a beautiful season.. but love seeing everything in bloom. Lovely little hearts!


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