Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Garden? Art? Garden? Art?.....

Hello girls, things have been a little chaotic here since my last post, so if I haven't replied to comments or emails that's why.  I think I'm on top of everything now.....hopefully!!

I have been working on 4 textile pieces to put in the local art show. Unfortunately, the painting was pushed to one side as it didn't seem to be working for me. 
So I decided to stick to what I do best/better!! hehe....

Gotta tell you, it's been a long, painful and at times a  frustrating process....bit like being in labour!!
Saturday I was ready to give up butI persevered and I'm just about done......
This piece I whipped up this morning, it's not perfect and looking at the photo a couple of things stand out and bug me, but it's too late now.......

'Audreys friends had already
 labelled her a Nanna due to her
op shopping ways, but she was
 more than a little surprised at their 
reaction to her new love.....crochet.'

Apologies to all Nannas, it's not meant to be offensive
It's just referring to younger people taking up activities generally connected with more mature members of society.

 So let's leave the sewing and wander around outside.
I've spent so much time the last week sitting at the machine, I'm just about sick of the sight of it.....just about!!
Beautiful Poppies, so lovely and bright. I will be letting these go to seed and hopefully they will make an appearance next season...

The Lilac has been gorgeous.
Love the colour against the blue sky....
I was a little worried as it looked rather straggly a few weeks ago, but it has been swamped in blooms.......

Crabapple of a different and later flowering variety,
Large, pink flowers covering the whole tree.....
The bees are loving it.

Bridal Veil? Broom.....it's struggled over the years and I have had to prune off sections as they died off.
Not the best looking specimen, shape wise, but it's looking
a picture at the moment......

'Designer Gown' Iris....reminds me of a beautiful, floaty, chiffon evening gown......

Winter planted Pansies, sat for months doing nothing, but finally with a bit of sunshine and warmth they are now flowering their little heads off and look so pretty tucked in between the Silverbeet plants.

A late ripening passionfruit from last season!!
It sure was worth waiting for.....yum.
Better have a look for some more ......

Out in the Wild Wood....hope they're playing nice!!

It's the place to be on a warm day.
 Nice and cool and shady under the Silver Birches...

The weather is starting to warm up here, it's going to be around 30 deg. tomorrow,
I have had to start watering the garden, so a drop or two of rain would be nice.......
I am waiting patiently for the first roses to open up. 
The Hollyhocks I planted a little while ago are starting to put on a bit of height along with a few other seedlings.
Hopefully there will be more variety in the garden throughout Summer......

Well girls, it's way past my bed time,so I'll say 'ooroo and thanks for dropping by to see where I've been and what I've been up too.......

Take care,

Claire x


  1. love your piece of embroidery art!!!
    my hubby thinks the same of me when I knit....!!! ;oD
    xxx Alessandra

  2. Your art pieces are great good luck with the show....beautiful Spring colour in your garden..our bulbs have all just finished which is rather sad. xx

  3. Audrey is one cool chick!! Does she knit too?! I want red flirty hair like that :D Your garden looks soOOOooo nice - we're just seeing the last of Hurricane Sandy (fairly mild part of him/her? in my region), but hearing it's 30C at your place makes me wish we weren't at the beginning of a long winter again. Cheers anyway!! Wendy

  4. Your embroidery art is fab! I love it!!!
    I also love reading about somewhere nice and warn when it's getting blinking cold here!!! ;-)

  5. Everything is looking glowing and lovely. Very envious of your spring and all that gorgeous colour.

  6. Audrey is adorable, and thanks for explaining "Nanna" - don't believe I've heard that one Stateside.

    Your Lilacs make me long for spring and that precious short time they're in bloom. And I can never remember the difference between Bridal Veil bushes and Snowball bushes! Those irises make me think of foofly chiffon peignoirs - the kind with that are generally worn with swansdown mules - or maybe one of the competition dresses from "Simply Ballroom".

    Tigger is behaving very well amongst the roosters. (Is it gentlemanly good manners, or craven fear of their spurs?). How nice to see them roaming freely.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who blogs way past her bedtime.... :)

  7. I love your embroidery. It made me laugh, as I have said to my family I would like a shopping trolley. I mean its just practical, rather than lugging heavy bags, but they all say this is the slippery slope.

  8. So much prettiness! Always love a walk through your garden but those pansies are leaving their run a bit late! Must have been very cold there this winter. I had my mouth watering and could imagine the taste of that passionfruit. Perhaps I will try to grow another one this year. This will be my eighth or ninth go!
    I have to tell you how gorgeous your designs are, especially the foxgloves and I am really proud of you graduating and taking it further to an art show. They ARE little masterpieces and so poetic.

  9. Your Audrey embroidery is wonderful, you are so talented.
    Your garden is looking lovely with all those flowers blooming. Spring is just so wonderful.
    Bet your glad your aren't in NYC at the moment!
    Anne xx

  10. Love Audrey and her thoughts, and her red hair! Your lilacs are beautiful, I have 3 in the garden and not a single flower yet! Good luck at the show!!

  11. Absolutely love your textile art piece Claire! Just wonderful :) I get some funny looks from people at my office job when I tell them I've been knitting socks, hehe!

    The little crochet corner is such a clever touch - you artist you!

    Alison x

  12. Beautiful art work. It's funny that my daughter told me that people call her nanna because she likes to knit and sew. Must be the new label, but first I'd heard of it. Not so surprising really!

  13. Love the embroidery, Claire! You are a pro at stitching those words. Karen

  14. Your garden is beautiful! I love your crabapple and the iris and the lilacs and ALL of it! What a fun fiber piece! I hope you win a prize for that! I bet it's hard for you to see what's happened to New York. Not like when you were there a couple of weeks ago. They will recover, but it's going to take a LOT of hard work.

  15. I love your Audrey art Claire, I am sure it will be well loved at the exhibition, your garden is looking great, I have lots of the same plants growing as you have, I think it has been a good year for all the blossom trees, I have had lovely shows too. Have a great week, Julie :)

  16. Go gosh, your pictures are fantastic, true textile art matches anything created just with a brush! Your garden is looking stunning too! I like a bit of everything too, bit of inside creative time, and a bit of outside creative time! Ada :)

  17. Young Audrey looks like she means business!

    Love that pic of the cockerel and the cat!

  18. How lovely to be able to eat a home grown passion fruit!
    Spring is my favourite time of year when everything is so fresh and green.


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