Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spring's Beautiful Bounty........

Hello girls, I'm sitting here tip tapping away, yawning and struggling to keep my eyes open.
After two early morning starts for markets, the lack of sleep has caught up with me a little, so I'll try very hard not to ramble too much......
Trying to be a little more organised and not so last minute I finished off the last of 3 tea cosies on Friday morning and packed the car ready for Saturday's market.

#1 little Blue Wren and Spring blossom.
First time I've sewn a Blue Wren, will tweak it a bit next time so that I'm completely happy with it.......

Those nimble little musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties with which natured hath furnished them to the shame of art'......Izaak Walton

The Hollyhocks finished and ready for sale.

I wanted to use a polka dot fabric for the lining but Spotlight didn't have any so a plain fabric sufficed.

'To dig one's own spade into one's own earth.
Has life anything better to offer than this?'.......
Beverley Nichols

Of course there has to be a little vintage caravan somewhere.
This cosy sold before I had even set up my stall....

The market was moved to another location within the park
It was a beautiful Spring morning....
Lots of visitors to the market which was great and
Nicky Bomba played some tunes.....

A nice quiet spot on the river bank.

Handy to have a backpack for your pooped pooch!!
(tired dog, just in case you were unsure!!hehe)

Spied these gorgeous flowers in the main street after the market wound up.
I think they are Ixias, the colours were gorgeous.
Had to stop and take some pics

These guys had the right idea.
 I could quite easily have joined them as I was feeling rather weary but had a 45 min drive home and some more sewing to do.......

Bright is looking her best this Spring with beautiful blossoms everywhere you turn.
 Lots of Dogwoods in flower they obviously love the cooler climate.
I couldn't go past this lovely, white Wisteria and had to stop to take some pics........

As you can imagine the perfume was divine and the bees were having a feast.....

From a distance you don't notice the mauve and yellow sections.....
This Wisteria was beautiful, BUT I still prefer the dark purple variety, both are wonderfully perfumed.

It's good to be back at the market and catching up with everyone. Sales were great which means more sewing to restock.....
no complaints there.
This morning's market was alot quieter than we expected, but that's how it goes sometimes.

This week I will be focusing on the upcoming art show.
I have put my name down for four entries, so better get cracking.
I have an idea of what I want to do so will get the paints and canvases out and hopefully something will turn out well enough to enter. I know where my skills lie and painting is not one of them, but every now and then I hit on a winner!! 

Confession time here, a rooster I painted one year, failed to sell(no surprise there)
 It was a bit of a rushed job....tut tut
It's now hanging in Cluckingham Palace a reminder to allow myself more time and not to settle for second best.

Well, it's time for bed.......thanks for visiting girls and I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
Have a fab week whatever you are up to

Take care,

Claire x


  1. love your tea cozies!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. You make the prettiest tea cozies ever. And I LOVE the honeybee pic. They must have been having a party on that beautiful wisteria.

    I had wisteria in my garden when I lived in British Columbia, but it's too cold for it here in eastern Ontario.

  3. Hello Claire
    Absolutely love those cozies! Have you got an Etsy shop? If not do you take orders....I want one :-)
    Not at all surprised that you sold all your wares...they are unique.
    That dog doesn't seem to mind at all being snuggled down in that backpack and to top it all he gets to see all what's going on around him too. Great pic!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Beautiful Beautiful photos... Love the puppy in the backpack!

  5. Claire, I'd love to see your chicken painting~
    I do think your cozies are SO charming, and the hollyhocks with the Beverley Nichols quote? Hits home
    Enjoyed my visit so much

  6. What a lovely place to sell your creations! Ada :)

  7. I love your cozies. Initially the hollyhock one leapt out at me, but on second look I love all three! Cx

  8. I just love the tea cosy's.The market looked very busy,hope you sold out.

  9. Claire, where do you find all your quotations? Love them and love your tea cozies. If I lived near, I'd buy them all. The Ixias are gorgeous. I don't think I've seen those before. The doggie in the backpack is so cute! We do that with babies all the time, so why not little dogs who tire out easily? :-)

  10. What a lovely market, and your lovely things - no wonder they sell well. Gorgeous.
    Cluckingham Palace will be looking very palatial I think!
    Looks like a lovely part of the world - must visit your markets one day! cheers Wendy

  11. It looks like you had lovely weather for your market and Bright is such a gorgeous location. I'm glad you had a good day.
    Anne xx

  12. Your tea cosies are gorgeous. And the teacup beside the hollyhocks cosy, I have that cup! I treasure it, as it belonged to my Mum. Glad you had such a fabulous market.

  13. Just love your tea cosies. Blue wrens are one of my favourites, and the caravan is so cute and the holly hocks are beautiful.

  14. Oh my, you have been busy. That Wisteria is just gorgeous. I don't get anywhere near the number of racines on my Alba. The smell must have been heady.

    It has been very warming to see your spring, we are now fog bound and damp.

  15. Love your tea-cosies Claire - just beautiful! Your market location looks idyllic :) I'm sure your art-work is just as amazing as your crafting!
    Alison x

  16. Love your cosies and isnt that dog in the ruck sack so cute!

  17. Gorgeous gorgeous cosies! you are so clever!

  18. The blossoms on the Blue Wren cosy are particularly beautiful...and what a nice collection of cups you must have! I love the quotes too.

    It's so refreshing to see your green and flowery photos, as Wisconsin today is all grey and rainy and falling-brown-leafish.

    How about a wisteria-with-bee cosy? :)

    Good luck with your painting.

  19. love the tea cosies...especially the caravan one!!mezz

  20. Luuuurve the hollyhock teacosy, it's got to be my favourite!

    Love Fi x

  21. What a lovely spot for the market, and how cute is the dog in the bag?

  22. Hi Claire, thank so much for stopping by . . . I am happy that I could inspire a new project for you :)

    I love your tea cozies . . . I have been wanting to try my hand at writing with my sewing machine. Is yours a special machine? Mine is basic straight and zig-zag. Would I be able to do it with my machine? I would love any tips you might have, to share.

    Beautiful park and day for a market . . . I love springtime, Enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

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