Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wanderings.......

Hello girls, welcome to Monday......

We have blue sky and sunshine in my corner of the globe.

The bees are buzzing round the garden and I'm buzzing around making tea cosies for an upcoming market.

I don't have to look too far for inspiration.

Have I told you I love Hollyhocks?

I planted some seedlings a couple of months ago.
I hope they put on a good display this Summer.

......oh and I love fuzzy, bumbling Bumble bees too.

Not that they live in this corner of the globe...

wish they did...

We've enjoyed a lovely weekend over in Daylesford.
Mixing work and pleasure....

 No. 1 had a gig and we stayed with friends......

A mixed bag weather wise....
Saturday, cold and wet
     Sunday, warm and sunny....
something for everyone!

The gang dropped by in the mornings to say 'hi' .
Picmonkey cropped the photos and I didn't realise
 till I uploaded, eek!!

This furry fella, kept us entertained with his antics. .....

I mean the four legged, furry fella, but you realised that didn't you?
Young Jed, is still in the puppy phase, so he had more energy then all of us put together. I did try and find his batteries so I could remove them but no such luck....
Truth be told I could quite easily have dog napped him and taken him home.......he really is too cute.

The other furry fella kept folks entertained on Saturday night!!

We stayed with friends from church.
We don't see them often, so it was a nice catch up even if time was limited.
I made one of my scrappy, woollen hearts as a gift, using
one of Debs favourite colour combos and a favourite scripture......
Psalm 34v9

Let's do a quick garden roundup....

The Forest Pansy tree, is in flower and the claret red, heart shaped leaves are just starting to appear.

The Irises beneath them are beginning to open.
The combination of pinks and blues is beautiful. this shrub

The Wisteria continues to open up and the perfume is delightful.
Delicate Poppies...
Dutch Irises blooming beneath the Birches in the Wild Wood.

So what did you all get up to on the weekend and what has the week got in store for you?

I will be busy sewing, but that's no surprise is it?
The garden still needs a bit more work, so when the inspiration is waning on the sewing front, I'll get outside in the fresh air and see what else is flowering and maybe pull out a weed or two......

Well, that's it from me for the moment.

Thanks for coming over to visit, 
always lovely to hear from you.

   Take care,


P.S. Do you have Bumble bees in your garden?


  1. It is a joy to see your spring photographs Claire. Those pretty flowers! Your heart and the tea cosy with the hollyhocks look lovely!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  2. I love the tea cosy - the hollyhocks and the bee are so beautiful.

  3. I've got some hollyhock seedlings which will hopefully produce jet black flowers (or so it says on the packet. Claire your collages are really good. Love the set of Number One son and little brown dog.

  4. Lovely photos and I love the little dog. He's just too cute. And so is your son. Handsome young man! We have bumble bees here in the South in the USA. Quite a lot of them in the summer time but as we are heading deep into Autumn, they have gone wherever it is bees go when the weather cools down. Your flowers are lovely, especially the irises. I love irises!


  5. Whenever I see your blog I think I must have another go at machine embroidery. Your hollyhocks look so simple, but really beautiful, and your little bumblebee.

  6. Yes, we have bumble bees.... :)

    That is an adorable dog - no wonder you wanted to take him home! Your hollyhocks are lovely - and that Forest Pansy tree is like something out of a fairy tale. So beautiful.

    Psalm 34 is a favourite here as well. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Your hollyhocks are so lovely but those bees are to die for!! they are exquisite! yes, we have bees, an abundance of bees - all shapes and sizes from honey bees to bumble bees (did a post on them once)as they are one of my favourite insects.

  8. Claire your garden is looking gorgeous. Lilacs and Wisteria, your garden must smell heavenly. I love Hollyhocks, saw some beautiful blooms in France and of course the gorgeous bumble bees. They look just like flying pom poms.
    Happy sewing.
    Anne xx

  9. What a pretty garden you have!!! And pretty makes too!!! :-)
    Love the birdies and the doggy - great photos!!!

  10. Your bumble bee is absolutely adorable and I love the hollyhocks too.
    Is it just bumble bees you're lacking over there or other bees as well? I can't imagine you're without honey bees - but then it didn't occur to me until you said, that you don't have bumble bees.

    I love lilac but I've never seen one with white edging like your's, it's really pretty.

  11. Hi Claire, sounds like you've well and truly settled back into your nest. Making pretty things and tending your beautiful garden. Our weather is definitely improving isn't it! Love all your photos. Cheers now :D)

  12. We have bumblebees here in Canada, but they're slowly going into hibernation now. I love the old-fashioned hollyhock too. Your simple interpretation of them is perfect. I used to like drawing them (a lot!) from my mother's garden as a younger me.

  13. Hello....busy as ever i see...we have bees here all the fact we have called the bee man four times in the last two years to remove hives that form....they are lovely but not on mass. xxxx

  14. Seriously cute bumble bees there Miss :-) and I absolutely adore kookaburras!! Looks like a lovely weekend was had. x

  15. You have such beautiful flowers down under. I didn't realize you don't have bumblebees there, though. What a shame! But such a pretty tea cozy.

    Love the birds!

  16. once again i have to say i love the things you make!!!
    super like for your beautiful pictures...i especially liked the birds..they look so cute and funny!!! we dont have these in Greece :(

  17. once again i have to say i love the things you make!!!
    super like for your beautiful pictures...i especially liked the birds..they look so cute and funny!!! we dont have these in Greece :(


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