Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Autumn Is Upon Us.........

Hello girls, thanks for coming over for a visit to find out what's been going on in the world of Sweet Birdy Love.......

This week I have been focusing on a project that will be completed within the month.....can't say too much.
But lots of stitching, snipping and 'playing' taking place
and when it all gets a bit too much and I want to run screaming from the room.........

...I move onto something that's less taxing on the brain!!

Lots of UK bloggers are posting photos of the countryside Springing to life after being blanketed with snow.
Gotta love Snowdrops......I think there might be a little range of these cards in the offing. 
It was a fun little make......but you all know I'm just putting off what I really should be doing!!

Last Thursday, out little op shop opened in town......

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony and I had to make sure there was also some cake cutting......couldn't let the opportunity pass.
So it was chocolate cake with jam and cream in the middle, chocolate icing on top and sprinkles......
Remember in my state of excitement about the opening I cooked a cake 3 days too early?!!
 Well, I popped it in the freezer and made another one the day before  and we had a double decker doozie.....

Gotta say it was yummy, this recipe has never let me down and is always chocolatey and moist......starting to salivate just writing about it.

On Saturday our wonderful wood man Alan, delivered a truckload of wood. He rumbled into the yard and did a 10 point turn so that he could angle the truck close enough to the shed to make for easy stacking.
That job definitely belongs to hubby and No.1 !!

 I am already dreaming of evenings by the fireside spending quality time with yarn and hook.

Alan had a run in with a B double semi 3 weeks ago and unfortunately his tipper trailer was written off.
 The driver of the semi was at fault
 Luckily Alan walked away from the accident with very little in the way of injuries......

So from dry, brown countryside to a photo taken by No.1 while he was in Toronto.....
There was snow, he took his thermals and said he'd never been so cold in his life.
They had a crazy, busy time there and it all went well. 
The whole trip was about networking and promotion and all that sort of thing.
 So we'll see if anything comes out of it, but they were both very glad to come back home to some warmer weather and last!!

I caught up with Megan from Indigo Midge recently.
We tried out the new cafe in town and it passed with flying colours.
Megan had some saved some seeds from her garden to share with me.
I love the shape of these Poppy seed heads aren't they wonderful?

 I can't wait to grow some next season and see what colours I get. 
She also gave me some Hollyhock seeds....
the flowers are black....yesssss!

The bees are still having a field day amongst the Zinnias, buzzing here and there, so many flowers to visit........

Tigger in the garden this evening.....

He's had a busy day sleeping inside and now it's
time to have a little lie down in the garden!!
Don't cats have an amazing ability to sleep just about anywhere?  

Autumn is sneaking onto the scene here......the Maples along the drive way are colouring up.
 The mornings and evenings are alot cooler although the days can still be quite warm.
We've had rain, but definitely more needed.
It's a nice time of year, with the heat of Summer just about behind us.

We have a busy month coming up with our Folk Festival happening on  the 22nd-24th of March.
Lots taking place before that, but as long as I can have some quality time each day with my Janome I think I can hold it together.

So what have you been up to and do you need one on one time with your sewing machine/paintbrush/knitting needles and yarn to get you through the day?

Pleeeeeeease, say you do.......

Welcome, to some new Followers, lovely to have you on board for this little adventure.

Take care and thanks for visiting,

Claire x


  1. My goodness. A very busy time for you it seems. I too am enjoying the start of Autumn/ Mmmm cool nights for knitting and spinning!

  2. You've been so busy! I love the stitchery - very beautiful!
    We're just stepping in to spring, with a lovely bit of sunshine after so much cold. It's lovely!

  3. One on One with my machine each day would be bliss...a couple of times a week is all I manage these days. Lovely to see around your place and I say bring on Autumn. xxx

  4. I love that blue beetle, amazing colour! I'm in a cleaning up, clearing out spring time mood! We have SO MUCH decorating that needs doing, rooms to be painted.....curtains to make, I'm not sure where to start! :) x

  5. In the thumbnail picture, I thought the beetle real! That is an amazing piece of work right there :) Love it! We're still waiting for the snow to clear away ... and it does melt a bit more each day (if it's sunny). I crave some creative time in my day, but sometimes I only get a half hour here and there. Congratulations on your op shop opening! Sounds like fun is heading your way from all directions. Have a great week. Wendy

  6. The beetle is amazing, and I instantly had it click on it to see more. I saw a whole clump of snowdrops today in England, and suddenly the daffodils seem about to make an appearance too. Love the snowdrop card!

  7. Hi Claire, lovely to hear from you and all that is going on in your world, a very busy one at that. First up, your BEETLE is a AMAZING!! Love the colours you've used too.
    The nice big log pile is looking good to, knowing there is warmth in the making in those logs when it's cold outside.
    Have a fab day,
    Anne xx

  8. Can't wait to see your new project. I am reminded of a poem that my mother used to tell me when I was very little. Do you remember "Alexander Beetle" by A.A. Milne? "...and Nanny let my beetle out, yes Nanny let my beetle out and Alexander flew away".
    All week the temperature has been reaching over 30 here and though hot I am in heaven. The towels on the line have been positively evaporated to pure dry toast fabric and full of the smell of sunshine. The sheets are crisp and hard on the bed. I am drowning deliciously in Summer!

  9. Beetly lovliness in that top pic.

    Sounds like life is mostly good with you just now. If I could only send you the rain we have today and you could pop me some sun in the post by return ;)

  10. I loved the cat! :)
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

  11. First off, I LOVE the bug.
    Secondly, oh my! The ferry terminal for the Toronto Islands!! So many happy childhood memories. I loved going over the Centre Island as a child. Btw, we out here near the Quebec/Ontario border think Torontonians are wimps who don't know what real cold and snow are. :) It's all relative, eh?

    It's funny thinking of you going into fall as we go into spring. I love your bee photo. My bees are just starting to stir and venture out for a quick flight, but they won't be out much until the dandelions bloom, usually in late March.

  12. Ooooh, I love that bug/beetle, Claire - looks like some kimono silk fabric coming into use? Your log pile looks idyllic :) :) I like the sound of black flowers - very exotic! I'm off to spend some time with my Janome now too - byeeee :D
    Alison xx

  13. I'm way behind with my blog reading, but I like to read them in the order they come up in my blog reader. So for days now I've been scrolling down to the place I'm up to, and keep passing your beetle and longing for the day when I can see it properly.
    Today's the day and I haven't been disappointed! The fabric you've used is perfect and has that iridescent quality like a real beetle.
    The only downside is that now I've actually got to your post, I'll no longer be seeing that lovely glimpse every day.

  14. Thanks for all your lovely comments girls, regarding my beetle and for's always encouraging.
    It seems that more and more bloggers are no reply commenters so I think I may to start replying here in the comments section......we'll see how it goes.
    I love hearing from all of you and don't want you to think I am ignoring you at all......
    Have a great week wherever you are and take care.......

    Claire x

  15. Wow, Claire, your posts are always so full of fun and wonderful things I never know where to start.

    That beetle! It's breathtaking. Colour, form, detail - all perfect. Can't wait to see what you make of it.

    And those poppy seed heads are so lovely - are they really that delicate shade of blue? How exciting to think of all the blossoms hiding inside. (And black hollyhocks too - I've seen those - the most gorgeous things.) A lot to look forward to next spring.

    Great bee shot, and I'm glad that No. 1 didn't freeze in Toronto. It looks exceedingly damp and chilly there (just like here).

    Enjoy your cooler weather and I hope you get some more rain. :)


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