Monday, March 18, 2013

Looking Forward.....

Nothing like having visitors to spur you on to get those jobs done that you've been putting off is there?

As we hurtle towards our folk festival next weekend, my list of jobs is growing and the time to do them in is decreasing.
BUT, I have been busy this morning and finished off the windows which I started a few weeks ago, ahem!!
Sparkling clean they are now and I always tell myself after I do them, that I must not leave it so long next time!!'
 sound familiar?

The T shirts for the festival have been ordered, printed and here 'tis....
I was asked if I would design this years shirts and was more than a little surprised I can tell you.
 Initially I declined but as ideas started to form I warmed to it  and with input from some other creative gals here they are.....

Yep, it's simple, but we're thrilled with how it turned out.
It's one thing to see it on the computer another thing to see your design on the shirt.
The shirts also come in black with a V neckline as well as round to add variety....hopefully we ordered enough to go round and something for everyone!!

.....ans on the back a little something for added interest.

Anticipation is growing....

There's been quite a drop in the temps here and Sunday was a very breezy, cool day.....
The wood delivered the previous week has almost been stacked away Our wood shed is almost chock a block....full

We also had an escapee visit the vegie garden yesterday.

Inside this cage I was growing lettuces and beetroot (first time ever) and as you can see  Mrs Brown demolished the green stuff and left the beetroot, grr!!

Mind you, you can see the cage door on the ground, perhaps if I had propped it back up, we would still have all out lettuce plants?!!

The Nerines have survived the heat and are now adding colour to the shrubbery.....
Love the scarlet red.....

This season we've had quite a few Nashis but they have been a little on the small side...need to thin them out a lot more  next season.
They are very tasty and it's one of the things I love about Summer.....the homegrown fruit.

But as Summer ends and we sink into Autumn, my thoughts have been about Spring.....!!

With so many bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere looking forward to warmer temps and some lovely Spring weather and my favourite magazine putting out a Spring edition it's not surprising really.

So, before I pack away all my sewing gear in preparation for the weekend, I just had to make one more little stitchery with a Spring theme....

I love Spring blossom, whatever the variety of tree. 
It's such a beautiful season....

This little stitchery is for sale on my FB page, if you are interested pop over there for more details or you can email me direct.......
Now that it's finished I have no more excuses, so must crack on with the list of jobs...

Time to grab a broom and sweep away a few more cobwebs then tackle the sewing room, which becomes visitors bedroom!!
 A muso friend of No. 1's who is playing at the festival is staying with us and he has been warned bedding is Japanese style here (on the floor).
 I know for a fact at that age they really don't mind.
 A good, comfy bed roll and bedding etc. is all that's required.
Bit different when you get to my age....its a long way down to the floor and back up again, hehe!!

We are also expecting some rain later in the week, hopefully it will arrive Thursday to freshen everything up for the weekend.

So what does your week have in store?
Anything you are particularly looking forward to?

Thanks for coming over to say 'hi' and see what's going on here.

I see I've got some new Followers as well,  so a big 'Welcome' to you all.

Take care,

Claire X


  1. love the tshirt design....hope the festival goes really well. let me know about next year if u do it love to bring my eukele and have a warble! mezz xx

    1. Hey Mezz, every time I listen to your CD I think how well your music would fit in to our festival (it's def. not all folk music!)
      Would love you to come up and be perform with all the bells and whistles......
      Such a fun weekend, great atmosphere and awesome community.
      Will let you know when you have to have your application in......

      Thanks for visiting.....

      Claire x

  2. Hi Claire!!!
    I think your t-shirt is really nice and I love this blue hue!
    Yes, Spring seems everywhere, but not here....always know, I miss the change of seasons!! ;oD
    have fun with the coming festival,
    xxxx Ale

  3. Fabulous design on the T-shirt Claire, well done. Love your Spring birdie wall hanging, just beautiful. Wishing you all the best for your festival this weekend.
    Anne xx

  4. Thanks Anne, the T shirts have been well received which is encouraging and lots have already sold, yeeeesss!!
    Thanks for your kind wishes for the weekend........
    Rain is forecast for later in the week, hoping it arrives before the weekend to freshen everything up.....Cx

  5. Clever girl, the T shirts are amazing and sure to be a big hit. I can very much relate to your window cleaning escapades too BTW. he heh. Have a wonderful time and clear blue skies.

    1. Hey Tanya, windows are looking good for the moment........
      T shirts have been well received which is great, just need to see them all....
      Rain forecast for later in the week, hopefully it will arrive before the weekend, but
      we really need a good drop, so we'll see......

      Claire x

  6. Sound like you are going robe very busy! Oh for a spare bedroom! Lovely little bird! :) x

    1. Hey Ada, yes, it's all go, go, go here at the moment......
      Yes, a spare bedroom would be nice and a clean one at that, hehe....

      Claire :}

  7. Claire, you have been so busy. Good luck with the festival, it sounds really amazing.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Love the way you took your signature "machine writing" and used it for the t-shirt design! It's so you! Young kids don't mind sleeping bags on the floor. Mine do it all the time. I can't say that I blame Mrs. Brown for taking advantage of the very lucky situation she found herself in. ;-) As always, I love seeing what's in bloom there. Beautiful! Can't wait to see pics from the festival! Be sure to stop and have some fun while you work.

  9. Window cleaning is my least favourite job; not matter how well I think I've cleaned them, the next sunny day shows that they're all streaky!

    Your blossom stitchery is gorgeous!

    1. Hey Georgia, streaks or not, mine are looking pretty good at the moment, but chances are it won't
      last long!!
      I enjoyed making the stitchery, might get back into some more after Easter.

      Claire :}

  10. Well done on the design...hope the weekend goes really well for you all. xxx

  11. Hi Claire, oh I am so envious of those beautiful blue skies. Love the T-shirt design and colour. Your little stitchery is gorgeous. Have a wonderful time at the festival. Liz xx

    1. Hey Liz, thanks for dropping by and welcome to Sweet Birdy Love....
      Thanks for the lovely comment.
      We are certainly looking forward to the weekend and will blog about it all next week.

      Claire :}

  12. Hi Claire,

    Been out in the veggie garden this morning. Waiting for an apple cake to come out of the oven, then might go plant some more.

    I love that cover of the magazine.


  13. Great t-shirt design Claire, and it has you written all over it! :)

    Your garden looks so bright and beautiful in the clear air. And I love your little spring hanging - despite our sub-freezing weather the birds are coming back, which is always a good sign.

    Hope your weather continues pleasant for the festival. :)

    1. Hey Sue, thanks for the comment.......the festival has begun yippee.......
      After 3 inches of rain yesterday and a MASSIVE storm it's all clear now.
      Hope you get some warmer temps soon, I'm sure those birds know what's coming.

      Claire x

  14. Wow, I love the tee shirts you designed Claire ... they certainly picked the right person to do them - well done!
    As I write, we are having perfect weather down here in the SE so I've got fingers crossed you are the same. The Festival sounds really good and I'm sure it will be a great success.
    Love your Spring birdie.
    Enjoy yourselves and all the best xx

    1. Thanks so much Susan, lovely to hear from you and the festival was a great success......Cx


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