Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life's a Hoot.....

 Hello girls, just dashing off a quick post before I head off to work. If I don't do it now, who knows when you might hear from me again?......

We had a coolish week for the start of Autumn and my thoughts turned to little artworks aka brooches.
 I couldn't resist stitching up an owl to wear to work.
The number of stitched brooches is growing rapidly......they are a quick and easy little project and fill that creative craving when time is limited....

This Summer has been a stinker and the Sunflower seeds I planted never germinated (probably forgot to water them regularly!!)
 But, I have managed to grow a couple of plants very late in the season.
Summer and Sunflowers, they just go together don't they?
Happy, happy flowers......

I thought I was being watched the other day and I was right.
This little fella has found a home inside the rainwater tank between Cluckingham Palace and the almost full!! woodshed.
He's soooo cute, often see these guys on the outside of the windows in the evening. 
Nice to have them around. 
The presence of frogs indicate a  a healthy environment....

A skeletonised leaf found on the footpath in town this week.
Love that it has retained some colour......

Autumn is here, someone just needs to tell the weather!!

Now that we have our own little op shop in town, it's nice to pop in and find some treasures and yesterday was one of those days.

Do you like old books, you know the sort.....

The pages have a distinct smell to them, I love it.
It comes from another era, when life was slower. 
No internet, Face book the only twitter was of the feathered variety......

Books were the go to, for information, reference or the simple enjoyment of reading.
Well, yesterday I picked up the book in the middle of the pic
Nature Through The Year....

Old books, have to pass a check list for me......

Hard cover,
reasonable condition
interesting story or information
nice pics 
and smell of history, antiquity....
This one ticked all the boxes and more....look at that lovely 
picture on the spine.

Inside the front cover....looking good

Milking time....wonderful photos of rural life in 1946

Wood block or lino print......sold, quick before anyone else spies it.

Check out that haystack.....

This book is chock full of wonderful photos, of life on the farm,
wildlife through the seasons, wildflowers and much more.
The fact that I'm a bit of an Anglophile may have quite a bit to do with it's appeal, but I was very happy to hand over 20 cents and head home with my new treasure.
A quick browse on the net has  shown this book for sale at $15.00......I got me a bargain!!

Oh, almost forgot to say the front cover is embossed with a great pic, but it has been worn down a little over the years.

Are you a fan of old books? What sort do you keep an eye out for?
Do you like the smell of the old paper, of am I the only odd one?

Well, that's about it for the moment.
 I am still working on some projects but can't show any pics yet. 
I think closer to Easter I will be able to post what I have been up to.......

Our little folk festival is on 22-24th March, so things in this household have been a little crazy as hubby is committee chair.
Just as well he has 2 ears and can hold a phone to each and conduct's a much needed skill at the moment.
We are all looking forward to the festival and until then life will be a bit of a blur as everything is finalised and last minute changes/additions are made to the program.

If you're looking for something fun to do that weekend, come up to North East Victoria and enjoy some fantastic music, markets and scenery.....

Hope it won't be too long before you hear from me again and I have decided I will reply to  your comments on my post for a while and see how that goes.....

Must put my skates on running late now,

Ooroo and take care,

Claire x


  1. love the brooches, Claire.
    What a great book deal...I have a hard time passing up a stack of old books. That frog gave you quite a pose!

  2. That brooch is lovely. And your flowers in your garden are beautiful. I love a colourful garden! I love old books too, found some about roses, and the photos are just stunning. Taz x

    1. Thanks Taz, the Sunflower with the ZInnias in the background is a lovely, bright display.
      Your gardening books sounds lovely, I'm sure there would be lots of beautiful photos to pore over.
      Lovely to hear from you.....x

  3. Great minds think alike - I've just blogged about books too!Love the pic of that cheery sunflower - we thought Spring was just around the corner until the snow came this week!Hope the boys had a great trip and glad they got home safely. Enjoy your festival - sounds like fun. x

    1. Hehe....will pop over for a visit and see what books have taken your fancy Anne......
      Wish I could share some of our warmth and blue skies with you, you'll be well and truly over WInter.
      The boys had a safe trip, it was a busy, crazy time for them and they head back in
      July/August for 6 weeks!!
      Am looking forward to the festival big time. The place comes alive and it's like one big party
      all weekend.........lots of people, music, food and fun to be had.....x

  4. Hi Claire, loved this post. Your sunflower and Zinnias are stunning.
    I love the old book you found too. The images of a time gone by are charming. I often buy books in the charity shop , but I'm not keen on the smell.
    Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments.
    Have fun at the festival.
    Jacquie x

    1. Hey Jacquie, lovely to hear from you.....the flowers have been stunning thankfully as the rest of the garden has suffered with the heat.
      I love old childrens books too, it's hard to go past them in the op shops.
      Love seeing each new drawing you come up with, can't wait to see what inspires you next.......x

  5. Hi Claire, sunflowers would be a godsend over here right now. Still tickles me, you over there with autumn on the way and I'm here desperate for spring to get on the go....still on freezing cold and snow here in the Dales!! :0(

    1. At the end of each day, you are one day closer to that warmer weather every one is waiting for Ash....
      Perfect weather for wearing all those wonderful things you knit.
      Lovely to hear from you, thanks so much for visiting.....Cx

  6. Beautiful brooch!!!! I'm a fun of sunflowers, too!!!
    I adore books in general and the old ones are really fascinating! I love the ones for children!
    hope to see you soon, xxx Ale

  7. Hi Claire, the brooch is beautiful as is everything else you've been working on and I have been admiring from afar. Gorgeous flowers too - oh for some warm sunshine - we are still getting the white stuff, amazingly enough. Enjoy your busy times ahead. Liz xxx

    1. Hey Liz, great to hear from you, thanks for dropping by.
      Wish I could send you some sunshine and blue sky, we've certainly had more than our fair
      Hope you get some warmer temps soon........Cx

  8. Wow! That owl brooch is so beautiful!
    And what a beautiful flower photo - ot's so bright and vivid! Now I'm looking forward to our summer.....

    1. Hey Carly, thanks for popping a cute little brooch or two or three or more!!
      Sunflowers certainly brighten up the garden.
      Hope you get some blue sky and sunshine this weekend.....Cx

  9. I love the colour in the garden, so bright and vibrant. I too love to read and smell old books. So much so, that I always thought that it would be lovely to work in an old book shop.
    Rosie xx

    1. Hey Rosie, glad I'm not the only one who appreciates the smell of old books!!
      Working in a 2nd hand book shop would be great, but I''m afraid more reading than
      working would be done if I was there!!
      Thanks for visiting.......Cx

  10. Drinking in all that beautiful summer colour! How are you getting on with those beetles ;)

    1. Hey Tanya, funny you should ask about the beetles.....I was working on them yesterday and
      they're coming along just fine. About to do some tricky bits, so lots of holding my breath as
      I around Easter if all goes well.
      Have a great weekend.......Cx

  11. How exciting having an op shop close by to find treasures in.....glad you have had some cool weather and it is inspiring some beautiful crafting xxx

    1. Hey Bron, having the op shop close by is great, but I think I might have to start having a clear out at home to make room for found treasures!!
      Hard to get out of bed this morning, snuggled under a blanket it was just too cosy........Cx

  12. The sunflower has made my day,it's sooo cold here! :) x

    1. Thanks Ada, it can't help but cheer up a gloomy day.
      Have a great weekend.....Cx


    1. Thanks for visiting, lovely to hear from you, glad you enjoyed your
      visit to my little corner of the globe......Cx

  14. Dear Claire,
    Loved your cute friend in the pipe and that sunflower is amazing.

    1. Thanks June, I certainly got a surprise to find him/her I think it looks like a him, hehe...
      The Sunflower is only a small one, but is making up for it's size in it's lovely sunshiney way.
      Have a great weekend....Cx

  15. I like to see responses posted right on the comments, because then viewers don't have to keep asking the same question. But at the same time I'm not sure people ever come back to see a post they've already read or check back on a comment they've already left. I will be interested to hear how it works out for you.
    Oh, if only our jobs didn't get in the way of our creative time! :-) I am looking forward to retirement years... someday... no time soon... Sigh.

  16. PS- LOVE your zinnias and sunflower!!!!!

  17. Your zinnias are still putting on a good display behind the sunflower aren't they?

    I love the photo of the cows going home for milking.

    1. Thanks Georgia, the Zinnias are always the highlight in Summer...
      My op shop book is full of wonderful pics from a bygone era.
      Will be keeping an eye out for some more bargains.......Cx

  18. How gorgeous and cheerful are those zinnias and that sunflower! Mr. Frog looks very pleased with life. :)

    Adorable brooch, and great find at the op shop. I love old books - not so much the smell (they mustn't be musty or mildewy or they give me allergies), but the idea that unknown people before me have loved and read and handled the books. And older books seem so much more gracious somehow....

    Good luck to Mr. SBL with the folk festival. If I should happen to be in the neighbourhood (ahem) I will definitely drop in. :)

    1. Thanks Sue, I'm with you on the history of books and most definitely mustn't be musty or mildewy.........
      My little 20cent bargain is providing me with alot of reading about a bygone era.
      Will keep an eye out for you this coming weekend, hehe......
      Wouldn't you just love to do that to someone, the look on their face....priceless....Cx

  19. so many things to love in this post - owls, books, op shops, frogs and Autumn! These are a few of my favourite things!


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