Monday, July 2, 2012

A Gold Sticky Star Award ✭✭✭

Brrr....welcome to July.....
It's cold, grey and gloomy here this morning.
 The sun is hiding it doesn't want to show it's face.
We were in Melbourne for the weekend and it was 5 deg. at midday yesterday.
 Haven't had a Winters' day that cold for some time.
 As we watched the temperature drop on the gauge in the car, I was hoping that the light drizzle would turn into beautiful snow flakes....❆ ❆ ❆ 
It wasn't to be.....oh well. 
There's still more cold weather to come!!

With 4 hours plus of travelling(in the daylight) I needed a little project to keep my fingers busy and warm.....

I packed a bag of wool, nice bright colours, leftover yarn from other projects. I wanted to whip up some small granny squares in random colours......

Quick, easy no tricky patterns or counting needed.

 I could've whipped up a lot more but was quite happy with my little haul.
I came to the conclusion that I don't do random very well.......
There needs to be some sort of continuity.
 I don't like certain colour combinations dominating, so a little planning was needed.

Saturday afternoon I visited Wool Baa yarn shop at 124 Bridport Street, Albert Park. I drooled over (not on, hehe) their gorgeous yarns. I imagined whipping up gorgeous scarves and beanies in some stunning colours and then I lashed out and spent $1.95 on a couple of wool needles so I could darn in the ends of my granny squares!!

There are UFO's to be finished girls.
 It's all about discipline and self control which I have very little of at the best of times!! 

Back home I dragged out my unfinished blanket last night,draped it over my knees as I watched Downton Abbey and darned in 51 ends and there's still more to do.

I have tried crocheting them in as I work, but have found they can wiggle their way loose, grrr!

Thanks to that wonderful needle, this tedious but necessary job was made alot easier.

 I have awarded myself 
2 gold, sticky stars....

If you have finished a task that you have been putting off please feel free to award yourself one of these ✭✭✭


Recently I was lucky enough to win Alison's giveaway over at
The prize was  a choice of one of her lovely tweed garlands.

Well, a wonderful parcel arrived in my letter box last week....

I chose a heart garland.....
I love the fabrics and the colours.
 It is now hanging on a little cabinet and makes me smile
every time I look at it.

Alison also enclosed some sweet fabrics,
 buttons and one of her beaut tweed brooches and a card.
 A copy of her local newspaper the Stornoway Gazette was also in the parcel and I was thrilled to receive it. 
A little insight  into life in her neck of the woods.
I love it all and that brooch is such a gorgeous green....

Thanks so much Alison you have spoilt me..

If you haven't discovered Alison's blog yet, head on over and check out her lovely tweedy makes.....

Now for......


Tip No. 1.... Find somewhere warm and comfortable to curl up.
       Empty cartons are perfect for this......

His little gnome friend is courtesy of the very clever
Karen over at Mimilove.
 Pop over there and be inspired by her stitchy and painterly ways....

Oh, No. 1 has just let the chooks out. 
They're enjoying the worms that have wriggled up onto the easy snack for them.
After 2 months of no eggs at all they have decided to start laying again, yippeee.
 Bought eggs just don't compare to fresh eggs from your own chooks.

Righto girls it's time to go and earn myself another gold, sticky star.......
There's sewing to be done along with some housework.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks so much for the lovely and encouraging comments on my last post.

Take care,




  1. How fabulous, a nice bright post to cheer up a winters day.
    I love granny squares! I had a giant one made by my mum, in shades of blue, 'til my cat adopted it. He loved it so much that he clawed, kneaded and chewed it to pieces.
    Keep warm, that cardboard box looks

  2. I too wish for snow in winter! Is it an Australian thing? Do we just do because we know it to be most unlikely? One day all thd finger-crossing, hoping and praying will prove worthwhile, I'm sure. :)

  3. I agree that crocheting over the ends doesn't work, I did it on
    one blanket and wish I hadn't as they're all wriggling free. Best to spend a little more time and sort them proper. It's a nice winter occupation with the blanket keeping you cosy while you work.
    Keep warm!

  4. Those granny squares have brightened my evening considerably. The weather has not improved in Melbourne, we 42mm of rain overnight with more today and very cold temperatures. I'm sure your have your wood heater keeping you lovely and warm though.
    Sewing in ends is a bit of a drag but hopefully watching Downton Abbey made it bearable.
    Tigger has the right idea curling up in a box, he looks very happy and content.
    Winning a give away is such a treat and your tweed hearts are lovely. Perfect for looking at when the weather is chilly.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Anne xx

  5. It's definitely a colder winter this year. You used your "passengering" time well Claire. Clever Tigger... cats always hunt out a warm cubby don't they. Bet your wood heater is on constantly these days!
    Love the Tweed Heart Garland - it's so pretty and wintery.
    Cheers for now and congrats on your gold sticky stars - well done... I'll get busy and use a couple myself ;D)

  6. Aw, thanks for the mention Claire - glad you enjoyed your 'Hebridean' parcel :) You have been VERY good this week - lots of gold stars, hehe! (So funny seeing the Stornoway Gazette on your blog LOL!) xx

  7. Hi Claire, I think you do random brilliantly...your granny squares are gorgeous.
    Jacquie x

  8. Let loose in a yarn shop and you don't buy yarn? You clearly have an iron will!

    By the way, I agree with Jacquie ... you do random really well :D

  9. Hi Claire! Can't imagine how a cold July would be! For me July = summer time! I love your granny squares, so many lovely colours, beautifully combined! I like the colourful blanket too! What kind of yarn do you use for making it and do you follow a special pattern?
    Greetings from Greece,

  10. I miss you

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  11. Hi Claire,

    It's difficult to imagine that it's winter and cold in Australia, while in Holland it is summer and 25 degrees Celcius. Your plaid is looking beautiful. The colours you chose very cheerful :-)! A good choice to be watching Downton Abbey. It's one of my favourite programs at the moment too.

    Happy day,

    Madelief x


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