Monday, July 16, 2012

Whatever the Weather......

It seems to be all about the weather at the moment doesn't it?
Too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry........and everything in between.
The seasons not doing quite what you would like them too?

Is it turning you into a Grumpy Bunny?.....

Despite, the cold and rainy days here, there's plenty of splashes of colour in the garden.....

Yellow and orange are the dominant colours at the moment.

A favourite corner in the darkening evening.

The Japonica has started flowering.....
I love the deep pink against the white.

Once again something has been nibbling at the flowers, grr....

A few branches in a vase..... 
Even in Winter there's something in the garden to pick and bring indoors.....

Last week when the sun was shining, I got out in the garden and planted up some peas and some flower seedlings.
 I'm hoping to bring a bit more  colour and variety to my Summer garden.
I made the most of the sunny weather and pruned and weeded like there was no tomorrow.......

As the vegie garden isn't fenced off, all new seedlings need to be protected from my gardening helpers!!
They're very good at scratching things up and turning the soil over BUT.......

Here's hoping my Summer garden will look a little more like this.....
Wouldn't I love it if that were my thatched roof cottage.
A pic from a favourite childhood book.

There's little gardening taking place this week.
Once again it's grey and damp.......
There's sewing and crocheting taking place,
soup making and some baking too.

I hope you have a great week, whatever the weather.

Thanks for coming over for a visit, it's always lovely to hear from you, 

Take care




  1. hi claire,
    seeing what is blooming at your house right now makes me wonder where you live??
    i hope you'll get a lot more sunshine for your garden to grow!
    have a wonderful week,

  2. We seem to be having your winter in our summer. Today the school sports day had to be cancelled (sports field too soggy); then the staff versus kids cricket match became the staff V children indoor basketball match. We are beginning to forget what summer is here in the UK. I definitely am just like your grumpy bunny.

  3. Love the grumpy bunny, feeling a bit weather obsessed here too... grrrr... rain and more rain, not much of a summer! Ha ha, our chickens do that all the time, little rapscallions. x

  4. i was like "ohh poor bunny...such a cute sad face.." and then i was ...omg!!!chicken!!! you got chickens!!! i loooove them...them and ducks!!!i think they're very cute and funny animals...i dream of having a farm full of animals running around :))

  5. Your garden always looks nice! Hope your chickens will allow the new seedlings to grow. We are having quite the drought. Yes we got a tiny bit of rain last week, but not nearly enough and I'm watering every day just trying to keep things alive. It would make me very sad if everything died. And then I would really need your grumpy bunny here.

  6. You just reminded me, I must check out my japonica tomorrow!

  7. Awwwww poor grumpy bunny! Don't cry please! We'll put a smile on your face :-)

  8. Yes, it is a bit cold and wet, isn't it? It's the first year that I have been a little sick of Winter (i feel bad for saying that)....loving your fav corner! x

  9. It's been so damp here the slugs have eaten almost everything I've planted this year! Luckily I have some pots indoors so they've been safe! Love your bunny face at the top even though he looks so sad. More sad than grumpy I think!:)
    Jess xx

  10. Isn't nice to see the trees with blossom in the middle of winter. I'm thinking there are plenty of folk in the U.K. who are feeling a bit like your teary bunny due to their dreadful summer weather.
    Anne xx

  11. We had a day without rain on Sunday - should have thrown a party to celebrate!

    Poor little bunny!

  12. Yes I think we as a nation talk alot about the weather and are indeed hard to please....we are eagerly watching our Spring bulbs come to life knowing that in a few short months there will be colour everywhere. xxx

  13. Being in the middle of America's bread basket, the weather controls our every move! Fortunately, we are not farmers and dealing with huge crop losses. But, I still get a little stressed out worrying about my pickle crop! Good luck with your garden - it all looks great so far!!

  14. All the wet weather we've been having here does have a grumpy bunny effect - whey hey - the sun is supposed to shine next week. Love your daffodil and Japonica pictures.

  15. Hi Claire! Lovely flowers. I agree sometimes weather makes me feel grumpy or at times gloomy when it is gray and damp. But I supposed different kinds of weather give us the chance to do things both indoor and outdoors.

    I am so glad this week the weather is sunny day and not too cold. We've just finished lambing marking yesterday and the other day. Hurray!

    Now, back to water pipe and trench work and hopefully I can start on my vegie garden as it is badly need of attention and tender loving care.

    Ning : )

  16. THe weather's not right anywhere... too dry here, too wet in the UK. No wonder bunny is crying! :(

  17. Hello Claire

    gorgeous of my favourite flowers whenever I see a daffodil I think of home...home as in Somerset.
    Bunny looks a bit bleary he can't be enjoying the weather at all.
    I heard that is was nice and sunny in the UK today so perhaps he's happier now.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  18. Hi Claire, There is a beauty in all weather. Even the other day during our hail storm, I went out on the back porch to watch, hoping it wouldn't do much damage (and it didn't, just a few small branches from the trees). I love being out there when it is raining and the air is so fresh and clean. Isn't the smell of rain wonderful? That picture of your chicken garden helper is priceless . . . it conjures up a warm country farm feeling. I also love that sunflower photo on your thumbprint is such a happy sight. Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment about my dragonfly photo.
    Our God is amazing! Connie :)

  19. I can't get past that face in your first photo. It is adorable. Cx

  20. Hello Claire, Thanks so much for popping in and for your sweet comments on my journal pages.
    I hope this answers your question: I use a lot of different mediums in my journals, but when I'm working on them in the evening I like to use colored pencils. They are not messy like inks and paints, so it works great while watching TV. Sometimes the next day I will go over somethings on the page with colored chalk or old eyeshadow. I seems to kick up the colors and blends well to create soft lines. I have found that buying eye shadow at the dollar store works great for my art. It is cheap and comes in so many pretty colors. I am not big on wasting money. I never throw out blush or eye shadows . . . and I find that they work best on matt paper and on watercolor paper. If you try this let me know what you think.
    Have a great day, Connie :)


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