Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mr. Whiskers.....

Hello there thanks for popping over for a visit.....and thankyou for all your lovely comments on last weeks Creative Space post.

For quite a while now I've been wanting to make a fox softie.

Lots of ideas have been swirling around in my head, so I finally turned one of those ideas into...

'Mr. Whiskers'

The back/rear view can be just as interesting as the front.

Lots of thread make him look like a very whiskery fellow..

Those green eyes seem to watch me from every angle.....

I had to give him 'eyebrows' as he looked like he'd had too much Botox and couldn't frown....

On the back I embroidered verse one of an old folk song.
I remember hearing this sung by Burl Ives when I was
 veeeeery young....

'The fox went out on a chilly night
He prayed for the moon to give him light
For he had many a mile to go that night before he reached
the towno towno towno'...... and so on

Now we all know Mr. Fox has some very unsavoury ways and unsociable habits (to put it politely) but he has such a cute face and looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth........

'Chickens..what Chickens?
I didn't see any Chickens....

Prove it...'

Tig's keeping his distance ....
Not too sure about Mr. Whiskers!!

I'm quite happy with how my fox turned out. 
But not sure about his 'socks'.
 He's got them pulled up nice and high over his knees.
 I think it may have been better if they were more 'ankle socks'.

What do you think?

I guess that's what a prototype is all about.....

 Recently I  took part in the Handmade Heart swap organised over at Mary Poppins Blog.

My swap partner was Fay who lives in New Zealand she blogs over at Monkey Makes Three
Her parcel arrived in my letter box this week.....
Don't you love finding packages in the post?......

She made me a fab embroidery hoop pic,
A lovely zip pouch with heart pull,
A beautiful Lavender heart which smells divine.
A crocheted coaster with felt heart 
(Fay has only been crocheting for a couple of weeks now. This gals's a fast learner.)
There was a lovely book mark with hearts some great fabric and a bag of the yummiest strawberry/choc hearts.

 I love it all, thanks Fay it's been fun.
If you would like to see what I sent her just pop over to her blog and say 'hi'.....

Well that's it from my creative space for now.
Linking up with other clever girls over here......

Take care,



  1. You are so so clever Claire. An inspired creation. You are hereby dubbed textile artist from now on. So glad we don't have foxes here in Tasmania though, I think your story kind are the best kind. Craig has headed off to some shearing work in the North East (5am) and it is hard, frosty, white! Catching up with Lee on Sunday at the farm for dinner, can't wait.

  2. Mr. Whiskers is great! I love his face - you've really captured it well.

  3. Mr Whiskers looks very foxy in his high stepping boots. Trying to imagine him in ankle boots - no I think the high boots are better.

  4. I love him, and he looks right with thigh high boots, rakish and just a little like the highwayman he is. I think he is great just the way he is.

  5. LOVE your fox Claire! I remember that song too - my parents sent me a copy over and I often played it in the car for my girls - who now love it too!!

    Great swap goodies too! lucky you! :)

  6. So glad you like everything!
    Mr Whiskers is very cute.

  7. I love your fox. His eyes and stitches detail are fantastic. Fantastic Mr Fox! He's great. Cx

  8. are such a talented lady. Mr Whiskers is adorable, his facial details are wonderful and the inclusion of eyebrows absolutely perfect. Looking forward to seeing Mrs Whiskers.
    Have a wonderful day, cold and misty down here this morning but not rain. :)
    Anne xx

  9. Loving Mr Fox. I particularly love his wee boots! You are ever so clever... Lisa x

  10. i love mr foxy, but i'm thinking the high boots make him 'foxy' (as in female?!) x

  11. OMGosh Claire....I want to sell your beautiful softees in my new shop!!!!!!!!! This is BIG fox hunting country and he would sell like hotcakes!!!!

    Janet xox

    ps...I miss you

  12. Thats amazing Claire!
    Do you do the embroidery by hand or on the sewing machine?

  13. Hi Claire! I love Mr. Whiskers! The way he looks at you is like "I didn't do anything!" but you know he did something really naughty! So cute! : )

  14. he looks so mischievious! Hmm socks i would definately vote to try as anklets.... r

  15. Claire that fox is a winner. I think either tall socks or short would be good, a mix. I like the tall ones tho, because its such a foxy calling card.
    My grandma had a Burl Ives record and we loved listening to it, and I remember that song!

  16. oh dear i love your makings!!! i wish i lived near you so you could teach in love with your crafts!!
    the fox is really beautiful and the eyes are breath taking!! so powerful!!!
    have a great

  17. Your fox is really great. I like the way he is sitting with your cat.

  18. Mr Whiskers looks great, what a lovely face! His socks look like riding boots.

    What a lot of lovely things you got in you heart swap!

  19. What a cute fox, and I love repurposed blanket :-)

  20. Pero si eres una ARTISTA !!!!! Te sigo desde ya !!!! que quiero aprender .
    Un besazo .

  21. Oh how clever you are! I love Mr Whiskers, he reminds me a little of Fantastic Mr Fox (especially his eyes), or what I imagined him to be when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Your fox is really great. I have friends in Wimbledon, London who have foxes that come into their garden. And you have one in your house!

  23. Mr Fox in Socks is gorgeous, I mean Mr. Whiskers!!

  24. Mr Whiskers is very stylish.....he is quite mesmerizing really. xxx

  25. Mr Whiskers looks great Claire! Well done!

    Madelief x

  26. Fab work as always, Claire. Well done. I was laughing at the feathers!Fab goodies too and yes, you're absolutely right...nothing like a package in the post to cheer you up(the weather over here is diabolical for this time of year, making everyone miserable).Have a great weekend.x

  27. What a handsome fox. He looks fabulous. I love all the stitchy details.

  28. He's sooo cute!
    The photo with the chicken feathers has me laughing still....

  29. You're so very talented & clever Claire!! Chicken feathers - hilarious!

  30. Aw, love Mr Whiskers Claire! Those green eyes are very hypnotic, hehe :) His socks make him look very 'masterful' - this guy means business, look out! :) x

    P.S. What a lovely swap - yummy goodies from both sides :D

  31. Oh my goodness! I LOVE him!!! You're so clever!!!

  32. I swear I had commented here...tut!!!
    Mr Whiskers ....well its nice to see a fox that does look like a fox and not a Disney version of one. I don't think he looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth I'd say he's waiting his moment to have a go at that cat beside him!! He looks a bit of a stern chappie too and the eyes are quite penetrating but then they are aren't they...foxes are very alert ....very hypoactive. I think you've caught that here and his slender black legs...very apt. Who is your model?? You don't have a pet fox in your house do you? I love the feathers effect and the best of the best this fab idea of embroidering a verse on his back.....original Claire very original. I do like different!!!

    Amanda :-)

  33. Hi Claire, I just love your Mr Whiskers, once again I am amazed by your talent with the machine embroidery, very clever! I think you might have to make a whole foxy family now, with different coloured stripey socks! Just catching up with a few posts now, I love all your crocheted squares from your last post, I also like having a travel project for car trips, you do get a lot done sitting in a car for hours! Hope it is not too chilly up your way, have a great day! Julie x

  34. Love your blog and love your fox!!! Yay, I think you're awesome. Mezz

  35. Missed this! I am loving Mr Fox. Gorgeous :D


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