Thursday, July 12, 2012

Words from William

 I was hoping for a lightning bolt moment!!
But the seed of an idea slowly appeared and grew from there.

Planning and placement of shapes and colours takes the longest time.

Stitching started and it slowly comes together.
Sit back take another look....a few more stitches.

Snip off the threads.....

Add some words from a favourite poem by William Wordsworth...
Slightly wonky, but then you know it's handmade and not churned out in the thousands!!
Later in the week (not much later to go really!)it will be turned into  a tea cosy....

My inspiration actually started earlier in the week.....
They're meant to be Daffodils but they remind me more of Jonquils.
 More practice needed....
Joining in with other creative people over here.

It's been a week of topsy, turvy weather.
Monday, sunny and gardening weather.
The fire brigade were called  to an out of control burn off.
  Who would've thought in Winter!!
 Long dry grass, with new green growth underneath and no, it wasn't me but someone down the road.....
Tuesday to Wednesday morning it rained, cats and dogs.
We had 79 was wet....very wet.
View from underneath my umbrella....

Do you put your gumboots on and splash through the puddles.

Well, I had to check the mail and bring the rubbish bin in!!
Blurry pic or not I liked the effect.

Wednesday was 'fine ish' and today it's back to rain.....

Perfect for staying cocooned inside and being creative.

Time for a big bowl of warming soup and I'm off to visit some blogs.

Before I go, I just want to tell you about a lovely,

 Vintage Teaparty giveaway 
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If you haven't visited her charming blog you are in for a visual treat, pop on over and say 'hi'

Take care,



  1. I LOVE IT!!! My Grandma loved daffodils and loved that poem too. And I adore blue and yellow together.

  2. Gorgeous daffodils Claire. Another beautiful tea cosy in the making. Raining cats and dogs here too. Will have to get the inflatables out soon at this rate! Liz xx

  3. The beginnings of your tea cosy look wonderful. Loving that squelching photo of the gumboot in the water.
    Anne xx

  4. Hello, I was just thinking of you, as I always do when I think about my neglected correspondence of the "snail-mail" kind. It has been grey and grey and dull and grey here so I sorely needed to see some bright yellow sunny daffodils. I have been madly knitting some socks for Craig's birthday and I only have a week to go so not much else is getting done except bits of housework. Luckily I am on "holiday" as one of the Doctors is away for the month. We have had a fire going a couple of nights this week instead of the heat pump and it is so nice but we slept a little warm last night and got up at 4am then went back to bed at 7am and got up again a couple of hours later! Thank goodness our time isn't regimented at the moment. Can you imagine us when we retire? We'll be keeping all hours!

  5. gosh what beautiful daffodils...your are an incredible stitcher, that is for sure :o) just beautiful.
    we are having odd weather here in the uk too...rain rain rain!
    love jooles x

  6. The embroidery you do on the machine is fantastic, those flowers are just what we need at the moment, however the sun is out today hooray! Ada :)

  7. hello Claire. once again amazed by your work....your blog posts relax me and inspire me so much! since i dont have a sewing machine im gonna try crocheting your flowers...have a lovely day, im heading off to madelief to take a pick :)

  8. Hi Claire, Love the dafs, I just bought myself a couple of pots of mini daffodils today because they remind me that all this rain will eventually stop and the sun will come out one day! I love your crocheted ones so cute! Have a great day, and try and stay dry! Julie:)

  9. Hi Claire, I love both the crocheted and the machined daffadils. They look great.

  10. Hi Claire, I love both the crocheted and the machined daffadils. They look great.

  11. Hi Claire! I like your work!It's like you're drawing through stitches!!
    I also like your crochet flowers!! Where can I find the pattern?

    P.S. In Athens, during the February, we rarely reach temperatures of below 0, we have 8-10 degrees C on average. But cities in northen Greece experience colder winters. (Just because you asked!)
    Have a wonderful Thurday,

  12. Love the daffodil project. Being from Wales and our national emblem being the daffodil I have always loved this Spring flower and what better than to team it with Wordsworth's famous poem! Great work!

  13. Hi Claire, the weather lately really is prefect for staying inside and getting crafty. I love the stitched daffodils, can't wait to see it when you turn it into a tea cosy.

    Casey :)

  14. Those Daffodils are so beautiful! It's going to be such a lovely tea cosy.

  15. Your weather could be our weather!I blame the weatherman!lol Beautiful tea cosy in the making with pretty words(worth?)and I just love the crocheted daffies too. You're an inspiration, Claire. Have a great weekend (lucky duck, yours has almost started already, mine seems to be taking for-e-v-e-r to get here...sigh).xxx

  16. Love the action shot! It sums things up beautifully. Your daffodils are brilliant, and remind me that things will get better (weather wise). Stay dry.

  17. I think you are being to hard on yourself definitely don't need any more practice to create something beautiful xxx

  18. Gorgeous tea cosy as ever, Claire - love the bright daffodils - they make me think of the sun(I've long since forgotten what the real sun looks like!)
    Emily x

  19. Beautiful!!! I adore how you write with your sewing machine. You are a very talented lady. Thanks for sharing. Connie :)

  20. Well, I see, the weather is quite different where you live! We have now water restrictions, no use allowed in gardens. It has been so dry and so hot, I am looking forward to next Autumn...
    Youe daffodils are really pretty.

  21. So clever to stitch the quote!! Great work!

  22. Such beautiful daffodils Claire!!! Thank you to for mentioning my giveaway. So kind of you!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  23. Love the daffodils! You are so clever with your stitching, it looks like you've sketched the thread rather than sewn - gorgeous! The weather over there doesn't look too much to what we're having over here - so much for summer... :) x

  24. The daffodils are so pretty! I love the spotty fabrics! You are SO clever with your stitching - it brings your beautiful work to life!

  25. Hi Claire - just love the 'daffies' (both kinds)! I'm a little 'late to the party' this week LOL :) I'll blame my craft fair for that!

    Just getting back into doing some crochet myself and was browsing my '100 crochet flowers' book at the weekend - managed a couple of simple ones at the fair, I'm raring to have a go at some more.

    Love all these lovely colours you are using! x

  26. What a difference between the first and second photos. I love what you do with your sewing machine, you're very talented!

  27. Love the daffs! A sunny spot in all your rain.

  28. This is my favourite piece of yours yet, absolutely stunning!Thanks for sharing, it is beautiful.


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