Monday, July 23, 2012

Market Report

Hello there, time for a market report.....

Sheep sales were up this week, hehe.
Oops, sorry, wrong market report.

Saturday was the monthly market in Bright.
It started off with a very foggy drive, I had to slow right down as I could barely see two metres in front of me. Fortunately, there was no traffic on the windy road so I could take my time. 
Once the fog lifted it was a beautifully, sunny day.....

I made some camper van zip purses using recycled blankets.

Some camper van brooches too....seems to be a recurring theme here!

I finished the Daffodil tea cosy and lined it with yellow and white polka dot fabric

I forgot to pack my teapot to display the cosy so  
used scrunched up plastic bags to fill it, hence the wonky shape.
It found a new home with a neighbouring stall holder who had fond memories of learning the Wordsworth poem at school.....
Anyone for a cuppa?.....


 Due to recent rain it was a little muddy underfoot.
The river was well up and flowing very fast. 
I've never been around to see it this high. 
Not surprised there weren't any ducks braving a swim.

Although sales were well down on last months market, I covered my costs and then some.
When all was packed up I made a quick trip to the local Op shops, one of which was closed due to lack of volunteers.
(They've headed North for the Winter)

Come on girls this just won't do, hehe.....

I then headed over to Ginger Baker, a little gem of a cafe situated at 127 Great Alpine Rd. 
If you are in the area make sure you pop in, it's wonderful

 A nice way to finish the day.......

Stall holder and all round clever, crafty person Lauren and her lovely friend Mel met me there. 
I decided on coffee and carrot cake, yum.....

Check out these amazing light shades.....pasta sauce jars.
Recycling at it's best.....aren't they great?

Have a look at that cake display.....double yum.
While I ummed and aahed over what to order guess what Lauren and Mel were doing?.....

Playing with my camera!!

Sneaky crack me up

That's Lauren on the left and Mel on the other left!!

Lauren is off working and travelling for quite a few months, venturing to the Middle East first and then the UK.
Safe travels Lauren, I will miss you.
Hope to see you at the market Mel and maybe you'll be having a stall one day!

All in all a good day, lots of fun, laughter, chit chat and CAKE.

The lovely weather has continued, so today was spent out in the garden.
 Mrs Brown was there to help once again.
I weeded, pruned, shifted plants around and had a rather splendid time. No.1 mowed/slashed the green stuff and in a day or three we could just about bale it!!
 Certainly looks alot better.

The Violets have been taking over and much in all as I love them and I once had an Auntie Violet, they have  become a bit of a nuisance.
 I picked a lovely bunch before I pulled the plants out.
 Barely made a dent in them!

I'm hoping to get some more gardening done this week before the wet weather arrives. I'll give the sewing machine a bit of a rest, although some play time might take place!!

I'll pick more Violets as I love vases of them on my bed side table and of course there'll be all the usual house work and boring stuff taking place, but who wants to read about that?

I hope your week has some fun in store.
 Let me know what you're up to, I'd love to hear.

Thanks for popping by and saying 'hi', it's always great to hear from you,

Take care ,


❀ ❀ ❀


  1. Violets are precious where I live - they only come around for a few weeks in the spring and then they're gone for another year. I can't imagine having to treat them like a weed!

    I loved your "market report". When I was young I used to listen to a pair of radio hosts who would give similar market reports - doubly funny because this was Southern California and there were no farms. (Their reports went something like this: "Piggies is up, chickies is down, and cows is even.")

    That bakery case looks wonderful!

  2. You make such beautiful things, love the blanket camper van cushions, my son would love one of those. x

  3. Busy, busy, busy...glad the fair was not a washout. It looked like a lot of fun. Hey guess what, we have sunshine; glorious, glorious sunshine. Hooray for summer.

  4. You look like you have had a lot of fun.

  5. No sunshine here.....only rain, lots had better stop for youngest boy gets married....I have to keep writing that down because I can't quite believe it! Glad the market was ok for you....I would've just bought everything off you, Claire, you're so very talented.
    Happy Gardening.x

  6. There is nothing wrong with repetition when it is with a good design; I love your camper vans.

    I am now wishing I didn't throw out the lids to my jam jars. I too engraved a few to use as tea lights but see the electric version works very well.

  7. The intro to your blog made me laugh and remember back to Uni days. I brought a friend home to the farm for a visit. Her dad worked on the Stock Exchange, so when the "Stock Report" came on the local news, she took a double take and thought we were all mad.

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Those cakes look delicious!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. How I'd love to have violets growing in abundance in my garden. they are lovely.

    Again I am awed by your FME writing. You are too talented Mrs!

    Oh what I'd give for a large hunk of carrot cake right now, for breakfast no less!


  10. Wow! Gorgeous crafts! Sounds like you had such a lovely week full of creativity and fun! Hope I can do that in a week or two once I am finish with my pipe work (still) and finding new tenants on two cottages on our property. Ning x : )

  11. Lovely sweet violets - you've been crafting so hard, you put me to shame. (Some friends did that to my camera once, it gave me the shock of my life when I was going through them later!) Hugs from Shropshire.

  12. Claire, how come you have violets in winter?

    On another note, I would have bought that daffodil tea cosy in a flash.. I love daffodils, and I love the Wordsworth poem.

    Are you planning to make any more, In a green colour Perhaps?


  13. Hi Claire, I just love your little camper van stuff . . . everything . . . they are so cute. This was a wonderful post, so informative, I feel like I know you so much better, now. Yum on the carrot cake, you made a great choice . . . the only thing wrong with the picture was that I wasn't there enjoying your company and that yummy cake, LOL. So, I'm enjoying it long distances.
    The comment you made on my Blogging Sisters journal page made me so happy . . . it is nice when you find that you have inspired another blogger. Colored pencils are great to carry as a media, because they don't melt, make a mess, or need other supplies like brushes, etc. That's why I like them when I'm working in the family room . . . no mess. I hope you have a pleasant trip. Connie :)

  14. Hi Claire, loving those photos of the Blue sky......Its been cold wet and miserable down here just wishing for some sunshine !!!
    Heading up your way next week to Mt Beauty and a couple of nights at Falls Creek, (hoping i can remember how to ski its been a few years) maybe a detour to Ginger Baker on the way home for some of those yummy cakes...........

  15. The tea cosy is gorgeous, and I love the spotty lining you've used.
    I think I would have ummed and aahed over the cakes too, they all look delicious.

  16. Sounds like a lovely couple of days. Bright is a pretty place. You are very productive!

  17. Glad to hear the market went well.....the trouble with op shops run by the older sector volunteers is that they go off holidaying... time for the younger ones to step up hey!
    Looks like fun times with friends and yummy cake. Have a lovely weekend. x

  18. Hi Claire, just popping over to see what's been happening up in your part of the State! Happy market times topped off with yummy cake and lovely friends. I think those camper van accessories you make are cute and would brighten many a spot (camper van or not!).
    Loved your trio of garden photos - always nice to pop out and get a bit of gardening done isn't it.
    My little violets are popping out now too... I purposely spread mine as they do such a good job covering up the open spaces - they love a good mowing too, they grow even faster then!!
    Cheers for now, until next time :D) xx

  19. Hi Claire, your market stall looks great, love the kombi van applique!

  20. Hi Claire, Glad you had a good day at the market, Bright is such a lovely place it would be hard to have a bad day there I think! Ilove all your kombi things, you are so clever with that sewing machine!! I wish I had violets is my garden, they are one of my favourite scents, lucky you! Have a great day, Julie
    PS Thanks for the nice comment about my garden post, I can't help it, I really love the garden, but sometimes i think I must be boring the socks off everyone prattling on about the garden, so its nice to hear that you enjoy those posts.Ta.

  21. Your daffodil tea cozy turned out beautifully! And it sounds like you had a lovely visit with your friends at the coffee shop. Your flowers are looking so pretty already. I have wild violets that grow in the yard each spring. But after this sizzling summer we may not have anything left. It's all fried to a crisp out there.

  22. LOVE your campervan zip pouches! Your teacozy is so lovely and I love that Wordsworth poem too. I remember illustrating it when I was in high school! And I can't forgive you for showing that photo of all those lovely's given me the fancies ;)


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