Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flowers Everywhere .....❀❀❀❀❀

Hello girls, thought I better pop by and say 'Gidday'so you didn't think I had disappeared completely!!

We've been keeping up to date with the Olympics here.
I watched the opening ceremony when it was replayed last Saturday afternoon at a more respectable hour!!
It was amazing.... 
I can't imagine the hours of planning and all the rehearsals that went in to bringing it all together.
Well done Great Britain......

Anyhoo, some inspiration has been found in the Olympics.....
No I'm not planning on donning on the lycra and dusting off the rusty treadley or taking to the pool... 

I'm talking floral inspiration girls....


How gorgeous are the swathes of wildflowers growing around the Olympic Stadium?

 Pics courtesy  Daily Mail UK

Cornflowers    Poppies    Ox Eye Daisies

are just a few that have found their way onto my latest tea cosy.
Started late this afternoon it isn't finished yet.
 Just needs a few more flowers, leaves, seed heads etc.

Partial back view

I also have to send a 'shout out' to Anne over at Andamento for her part in this moment of inspiration, along with many other UK bloggers......

 Beautiful photographs of the countryside taken on Anne's weekend bike rides almost have me reaching for my passport......
If you haven't discovered her blog yet, pop over for a visit. By the way she's a dab hand at this crochet thing too.......

I've been out in the garden again this week.
 More weeding, pruning roses and shifting a couple around (fingers crossed they survive).......

Below:- a favourite oak tree
 Japonica, growing on the roadside 
Hardenbergia 'Happy Wanderer'growing 
over an old tree stump on the verge

Hellebores in the Wild Wood......

Still picking posies of Violets for my bedside table.
They're just starting to flower....

and somebody has been sneaking around outside.....

Jack Frost perhaps?.....

Today was a chilly one here 12 deg. I found it hard to get warm all day. Unfortunately, the wood heater was out this morning and being the first one up and about in the get the picture I'm sure!!
But I can assure it's cranking away this evening...
There's a definite change in the air and I'm sure Spring isn't too far away..... or maybe that's just wishful thinking....

Anyway, I'll keep dreaming of beautiful wild flowers and warm sunny days as I throw another log on the fire....

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.

Always good to hear from you.......




  1. Hi Claire, Love your poppies and cornflowers...your embroidery is wonderful as always .
    Glad you are sensing spring...such a nice feeling :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. No matter how chilly the weather, your warm spirit shines through! Thanks, Claire!

  3. You are a true artist and find inspiration everywhere. I do think it is wishful thinking for Spring, I have been feeling the same way too, maybe it is because the bulbs are flowering and buds are swelling. My violets are flowering now too, I could have sworn it is usually another month more at least? I thought I might pick some and sugar them for cake decorations? Have you done that? They would keep quite a while once dry I should think? I have been a bit absent but keeping very busy working on my knitting and a cookbook, very consuming! Bundle up (-5 the night before last) we are 2/3 the way through.

  4. It's great to hear from you Claire....I was wondering if you were o.k. up there in the north.
    Your flower inspiration is perfect, gorgeous tea cosy in the making. I also enjoy Anne's posts from her bike rides.
    Your garden is looking lovely as always, it has that look of it's still winter but spring is not far behine.
    Stay warm,
    Anne xx

  5. looks like serious fuel for a wildflower meadow I think Claire !

    Once again your garden is just that few weeks ahead of us - must get some flowering quince for our place, every year I see them and think they are still missing from our garden.

  6. Hello Claire, lovely as always to pop into your blog and to see your latest creations and to soak up your cheerful words.
    I hadn't known about those beautiful wildflowers around the olympic stadium - they're so pretty and it was beaut to see the photos you included.
    So gorgeous are your tea cosy flowers - happy and bright colours. Such a treat to have in the kitchen.
    I enjoyed your garden photos too. Isn't it a nice feeling to get out into our gardens. I could never imagine ever being bored when there's always the garden just waiting for a visit - even if it's just a few light prunes during a roam around ;D)
    Cheerio Claire, I have Anne's blog uploaded and will visit her on your recommendation now. Until next time, kind regards :D)

  7. Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much for the mention, it was very kind of you and I'm glad you like my photos, quite a confidence boost. I love the photos of the wild flowers at the stadium, I'm definitely going to plant some cornflowers next year as they're beautiful - I've just been looking after a friend's garden and she has a lovely patch of cornflowers (which I have taken photos of and will post at some point soon...)
    Stay warm (though it's not much warmer here in Scotland, England seems to be fairing significantly better recently on the summer weather front in the UK)

  8. The opening ceremony was something else wasn't it? I was definitely flagging by the end though! The stadiums and surrounding area look amazing, it must be great to be there in amongst it all. The flowers are pretty and cleverly thought out I think....not too formal, lots of colour.

    Love your sewing as always, so pretty, the cornflowers are just perfect, thrift are nice too, do you have them there, we get them a lot along our coastline.

    Love Anne's blog and her cycle journeys, and as you say her crochet is pretty darn clever too.

    Hope you get into your garden and the rain stays away.

  9. I love how the flowers inspired you and found their way into your work!

  10. How did you do those cornflowers? They're perfect!

    I'd have thought of Anne even if you didn't mention her name - every time I see an umbellifer I think of her. :)

    How beautiful the flowers are outside the Stadium. Your violets and hellebores are lovely. And how strange to think that you're having frost while we're sweltering away up here in our little corner of the Northern Hemisphere. :)

  11. Your newest tea cozy with the cornflowers and daisies is delightful! As are all of the treasures you make. Always awed by your creative talent!

  12. Your new cosy is looking lovely already!


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