Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspiration is Blooming

Sunshine, rain, wind.....
A rainbow here, blue sky and sunshine over there and grey clouds looming
It's 9 degrees out, brrrr......

Surely it's Spring flexing her muscles....
Let's head indoors where it's warmer and....

 is on my mind

Bright colours, 
polka dots, 

Snipping playing then stitching

Another WIP tea cosy.......

A little out of the usual for me.
 It needs a crocheted edging in blue and a polka dot lining....

The Manchurian Pear is in flower......
well one flower!!

If that's not proof that Spring is creeping up on us, I don't know what is!!
Better go throw another long on the fire.......

More projects on the go........
crocheted flowers blooming on my work table.

Reminding me of beautiful coloured Macaroons... yum

Sewing needle books.......more Daffodils and 
some stitched poetry.

Wild flower tea cosy....inspired by the swathes of wildflowers growing around the Olympic Stadium
(see previous post)

Views from outside

White winged Chough, looking for a tasty morsel in the chook run.
Chooks looking for a snack 
Japonica, it may be past it's prime, but it's still beautiful

Do the seasons inspire you to create?
Are they reflected in your work?
I'd love to know......thanks for visiting.

Joining in with other creative people over here and my tip for staying creative is:

Tuck a pen and book into your bag and when you're out and about doodle/draw/sketch something. 
It makes you take more notice of patterns, shapes, colours....
Have fun

Take Care,



  1. Hey Claire ,This is just awesome :-) loved it :-)

  2. I would say that that is unswayable evidence that Spring is in the air....that is blossom, and blossom comes in spring!

    Love your latest makes, especially the daffs, it's funny, I've said it before, I consider daffs to be Welsh through and through, they are our nations flower, so it's odd to think other people grow them and know about them......ha, ha, how possessive does that sound!

    Keep looking for those signs of spring and blue skies!

  3. LOVE the spring flower cosy. There is something so heartwarming about poppies. You fair cheered me up this morning.

  4. Your needle books are lovely - must make one for myself...

  5. Your embroidery is so beautiful :)

    Bee happy x

  6. Dear Claire,

    Your flowering shrub is just a knockout, I really love to see pictures of your everblooming and seasonal garden. Needle books are so happy looking.
    I've been spending lots of time in the garden lateley, feeding, planting out new lavenders and even a gorgeous trumpet vine in lavender/ pale yellow. I've been looking for one forever, I hope it puts on a real show by spring.

  7. Hi Claire, lovely to 'meet' you, thanks for visiting my blog! :)
    Lots of lovely creations here on your blog.
    Yes I'm very inspired by the seasons. :)
    Vivienne x

  8. Just beautiful Claire. I love your tip as well. I am going to do just that!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful colours Claire!! Just love your applique!!

  10. If we keep talking it out there Spring will be here before we know your Spring crafting xx

  11. good work, my dear!;oD
    xxx Alessandra

  12. My Manchurian pear is no more after splitting off half its trunk - they can have a nasty habit of doing that.

    Nice and windy today here too, as i sit in bed and type, listening to it at the window.

    I'm liking the wildflower cosy - being an import from that part of the world, the countryside from that part of the world still stirs my heart.


  13. All the springy flowers are lovely!! I especially like your daffodil needlebooks! You are looking forward to spring weather, and I am looking forward to autumn. We have the AC turned off and the windows open tonight for the first time since May! After two months of 100 plus temps, 60 (tonight's low) is going to feel like an arctic blast. Normally I love 60, but this sudden 40 degree drop in temp may have me reaching for a blanket tonight. Crazy weather!

  14. I like it all, but especially love the wild flowers- we planted wild flowers on our bank last year and they were stunning. I'm looking forward to them coming up again later in the year (here in NZ). Cx

  15. It all looks so lovely, but I am especially loving the sewn poetry. So very beautiful! Thanks for stopping over at my blog!

  16. They all look great. I am dreaming of Spring Days and Summer Nights. This is our first winter south after 3 years and I am almost frozen.
    I like the idea of keeping a notebook and pencil in your handbag.

  17. love how your tea cosy is a meadow of flowers, just gorgeous, the olympic legacy shows up in oh so many ways!

  18. Now I can see why you were attracted to my photo of the new season blossoms! Thank you for your lovely message. It helped me to smile on an otherwise difficult day! xx

  19. Love your work! Your tip is a good one - having a pen & paper around at all times is a must!


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