Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That's It For A Bit

Hello there, here we are middle of the week already!!!

Hope it's all going well for you and thanks for coming by for a visit.......I certainly appreciated your comments and travel tips on my last post. 
Please keep them coming if you think or hear of any more...

Let's back track to the weekend.
It should've been market day in Bright on Saturday...
 Friday was spent finishing off a couple of makes.
 Packing everything up, making sure I had price tags, float, everything recorded, car packed etc. etc. etc.
 Excitement building as I love doing the market in Bright.

Off to work Friday afternoon making a mental list of things to do when I got home....

Arrive home just after 8pm to find a message on the answering machine.....due to the muddy state of the park after all the rain the market has been called off!!

How deflating was that?
Oh well, the only thing to do was leave the car packed and do the Sunday morning market here in my little town.

It's been a little while since I did this market, but it was still enjoyable and it's a great place to catch up with people.

There were a few new makes on my stall and a Wildflower tea cosy found a new home very early in the day.
It started off rather foggy and cold, but eventually the sun decided to show it's face and bring a little warmth to the day.
Although it was quieter due to it being Winter, I was happy with sales. A few more pennies to put towards my holiday.

This is my last market till October, so I am packing up all my 'stuff' and tidying up the sewing room.
It's a very strange feeling, to be putting everything away and shutting down the production line.....

There were some very stylish canine visitors to the market and I couldn't help but take some pics.....

I think there could be a book published about all the different doggies that came out on Sunday morning.

The weather continues to chop and change here, blue sky and sunshine followed by grey clouds and squally rain showers.....
But the flowers keep popping up and I noticed there was one brave  blue Borage flower showing it's face .....

Different varieties of Wattle are lining the country roads and create a splash of colour on  a dull day.
 These pics are from plants growing in our tree belt.
 I love Wattle blossom...... delicate,golden, balls of fluff.

For some reason No. 1 son is a big fan of a bushy beard....
He has been trying for some time to grow a forest on his chin but it's a very slow process which doesn't show up too well in this pic. 
When he came to visit me at the market I just had to introduce him to Gary, my stall holder neighbour.....
Gary's aim was to grow a ZZ Top style of beard so he could tuck it into his belt!!

Nice to have a goal to aim for......

Tigger on the other hand doesn't have any goals.
He lives in the moment.... 

Things are slowing down on the crafting front here and gearing up for the holiday. 
Just under 2 weeks to go.....
I am writing lists and wondering how I will go being away from my trusty Janome for a month!!
What will I take with me to keep my hands busy, to feed the creative side of me?

I have a few little projects in mind, but would love to hear what you take away with you on trips if space is limited...

I like Denise's idea of a Busy Box

Catch you later,



  1. Lovely photos..... Love the dog pics, very chic.

  2. Lady! You're going away to rest and relax! A glass of wine will keep your hands busy :)

  3. I can imagine being deflated after a build up to a big craft stall but glad you were able to make a few sales in your home town. I looks like dogs and beards abound in your town, adding a talking point or two to the conversation.
    Good luck with your last minute planning and packing for your trip O.S. How exciting for you. I know you like to sketch to would a very small sketch book be something you could carry with you. You might just find some inspiration along the way.
    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Anne xx

    P.S. Oh for the life of a cat, live in the moment! :)

  4. As always love your crafty bits and the photo of the cat and dogs! Things to take on holiday - a little notebook to write up about all your travels, stick down tickets for museums and places you visit, maybe. I have no inspiration to offer on the craft front as you are far more able than me!

  5. Glad you managed to save the day and get a stall going, very enterprising I think.
    I take knitting, I'm working on a jumper and when the cats aren't around I get a lot more done!

  6. Wow! You were very busy! I love your stall and all the goodies on it. Lovely photos of adorable canine visitors, colourful flowers and sceneries. And I find it quite funny about the beard business that your no 1 son trying to achieve : ) good luck with that. And I also love the photo of your furry friend relaxing on the couch. What a tough life! LoL!
    Ning : )

  7. Looks fab Claire! At least you could rock up to your local at the last minute!!! It was miserable here last saturday!! I have every intention of busting out my canopy and setting up for the Bright sept market but I will be in Echuca the friday night at a dance comp with Grace so it will be an interesting morning on that Saturday racing across country to set up my stall ..... hmmmmm! hope to see you there x Dee

  8. Glad your weekend was not a lost cause and you were able to take your beautiful things to the local market. I always take knitting when I go somewhere. Doesn't take up too much room. Hope you have a wonderful time away!

  9. We go camping so there is minimal space! I just managed to squeeze in a small bag to make some hexagons for my patchwork, and lots of circles to make Suffolk puffs! Bet you are getting soooo excited! Ada :)

  10. What a pain to pack all the car up and then be rained off. Still, hope the Sunday market went well. What I used to love about the Sunday market - you set your stall up, stand in one spot and then lots of lovely people come over to you - some buy and some just like to chat a bit before moving on. Love all your pictures.

  11. A couple of our local agricultural shows were rained off for the first time this year so I know how disappointing it is.
    How exciting to be counting down to your holiday. Your sewing machine will still be there when you get back so make the most of every single minute that you're away. Tigger has exactly the right for the moment!

  12. The wattle and garden flowers are looking beautiful!! I had to chuckle over your son's attempt at a beard. My son did that last spring. LOL I'm his mother and I love him, but it truly looked awful, because it grows too slow and too sparse. Let's wait a couple more years, son. I bet you are getting so excited about your trip!! Embroidery or cross stitch are good travel projects, because the cloth and threads don't take up too much space. And there aren't huge needles involved... like in knitting. Or maybe you could practice making different crocheted lace trims. Once again, the thread and hook wouldn't take up too much room in the suitcase. But something tells me that you will spend so much of your time out sightseeing, that you won't have time for too many projects. Have you met any New York bloggers online that you might be able to visit?

  13. Glad all that market prep wasn't wasted. xxx

  14. Hi there! I've been a secret admirer of sweet birdy love for a while now, but just wanted to leave a comment and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. And I looooooove the wonderful things you are very clever and I feel quite inspired! Mezz

  15. Oh a cancelled market can totally deflate your sails but then you have stock ready for the next one, always an upside. Love Posie

  16. No travel tips for you Claire. Have never been to the U.S. My only tip is ... Have a fabulous time and enjoy every minute. The time will pass so quickly you will be back to that Janome before you know it. (hexagons are a good little project that don't take up much room)

  17. It's a shame Bright market was cancelled, but how lucky that your local one was only the next day!

    Cats sure know how to relax, and Tigger looks an expert at it.

  18. Your stall looks really lovely, especially both the teacosies. It is just as well I don't live in your part of the world as I would not be able to resist buying something. I have got a book out the library on machine embroidery, and just have to get the right bit for my machine. It looks like really creative fun.

  19. "Bright" sounds like such a cheerful place. And your stall is also very happy-looking. :)

    When I travel, I always take yarn - a few different types - and an assortment of crochet hooks "just in case". If you don't knit or crochet, how about a little paper pieced or hand-pieced quilt project to work on? You could have it all cut out beforehand.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    P.S. That wattle is beautiful - I've never seen it before.

  20. I'm glad your time packing for your stall wasn't totally wasted, that would have been really annoying, it looks like the sun came out too.

    I think if I were going away I would definitely have to take more than one 'project' as I am so flighty! I would also make sure I had a sketch book, lots of pencils/pens to record all the inspiration you will get when you're'll be a busy bee when you get home again I think!

    Now that's a contented cat!

  21. Your stall looks lovely Claire :) Intrigued about your hols - I must catch up on all the blogging news in my absence! x


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