Monday, August 13, 2012

Adventures of the Unexpected Kind.....Travel Tips Please

Hello everyone, here we are post Olympics.......
It's all over for another four years.
Did you follow them closely, keep tabs on the medal tally or it's not your thing!
My boys were very interested and I watched from a distance. But I have to say to all those who competed whether you were a medal winner or not
 you are amazing.
The dedication and discipline needed to get to an Olympic games is way beyond me......
Now if it was the "Sewing Olympics' I might be in there with a chance, hehe.....

A dear friend of mine turned @#!* oooooh recently and was having a celebratory lunch with friends on the weekend.
Although we had all contributed towards a gift of 2 nights accom at a luxury hotel (which was on her bucket list) I decided to whip up a little something........
Knowing of her love of bright colours and  her green thumb, it wasn't too hard to put something together. 

Choosing fabrics and placing the pieces always takes the longest amount of time.
 After that it's pretty much finished in a short space of time.....

Whilst my sewing made the RHS of the jug appear a little wonky I was happy with how it turned out......

I also  made a heart and hanger from some wire and it's apparent 
that I need to work on my 'wire bending' skills.....but it does what I need it to do quite well.

It was a very pleasant lunch and I'm pleased to say the birthday girl was very excited with her 'bucket list' pressie and my little jug of flowers.

We are marching boldly towards Spring and the weekend was no exception.....18 degrees on Saturday.
I spent some time indoors sewing then after lunch put on the gardening garb, grabbed a bucket and gardening fork and off I went.
It was jackets off in the sunshine, but jacket on when a keen breeze blew in.....

View from the front gate.....

3 Prunus trees flowering across the road are pink dots in the distance.

'But what about the adventures of the unexpected kind?' I hear you asking...

Come the end of the month I will be packing a suitcase wishing mine was as cool as this one.....  

 image courtesy of

No.1 son will be swapping ear muffs for head phones.....

We will be swapping this view for......

This view....

Image courtesy Jerry Ferguson Photography

 ......and we'll be leaving on a jet plane or some such and heading over to the 'City That Never Sleeps'....... 

I know, I know, I can hardly believe it either!!

I have been sitting on this bit of news for a few weeks, hardly believing it to be true, but it seems as though it is......

Somebody pinch me please, I think I'm still dreaming.....

This will be a trip on a fairly tight budget so no chauffeur to drive us here there and everywhere hehe.....

I have been reading all sorts of info thanks to Mr. Google as well as blogs of recent visitors to NY, but would really like your input.....

So, do you have any recommendations girls?

Things I must definitely do,
 must see places,
best little cafes,
You know the sort of things that make a holiday that extra bit special.

While No.1 is busy in the studio, I plan to get out and about see the sights and then some.
I'm going to turn into a sponge and soak it all up.

One minute I am as excited as little kid and the next I am apprehensive and worried.
 How I will cope with the crowds and noise and the weather?
 It's in the low 30's over there and here, well, it's meant to be 11 deg on Friday.......

We will be there for 4 weeks staying in the one apartment, so a good base from which to explore......

Have you had any adventures of the unexpected kind recently?
I would love to hear about them......

Thanks for dropping by girls, I look forward to reading any travel tips you may have for me....

And a big 'Cooeee' to all new followers and thanks for clicking that button. 
I always enjoy your visits here at Sweet Birdy Love.

Take Care,



  1. Hi Claire, what a gorgeous wall hanging you made for your friend, it's beautiful!
    I visited NYC last October for the first time and it was AMAZING!! You are so lucky to be there for 4 weeks, we were there 10 days. There is so much to see and do, and yes, it's busy and hectic. My advice would be to take time to sit and soak it all up; have days when you're not rushing about. One day we took an hour long train trip north of NYC to Cold Spring which is a gorgeous little town, highly recommended. Enjoy!

  2. Your adventure sounds great! I've never been to NYC, but would love to visit, hope it's fantastic.
    I love the jug of flowers, very bright and pretty. it was really sweet of you and your friends to club together and help your friend tick off one of things on her bucket list. Great idea!
    has your son got a recording deal in NYC then? :) x

  3. What a lovely present.

    Oh my how exciting: I have never been to NY, so no tips. Just: have a fabulous trip.

  4. Lucky Ducks!...but more importantly, No.1 in the studio?Now that sounds very interesting - start spreadin' the news, Claire!!!!
    I love your jug of flowers and the wording is so apt for friends.
    My sister has just been to NYC so I will ask for her recommendations and get back to you.

  5. No tips I'm afraid. Never been to New York but it's on my wish list - someday maybe! Lucky, lucky you! Have a brilliant time.

  6. Fantastic! 4 weeks in NYC and time with No1 son. Brilliant. And you have to find yourself one of those suit cases. So you!

  7. 4 WEEKS! How exciting. #1 must be busting! Congratulations and all the best with the trip.
    Love your sewing, you always make it look so easy. Every time I see your designs I think "oh, I could never place so artfully as Claire" I hope you never stop because I love coming back again and again for more.

  8. I've been to NYC twice now and I LOVED it (and I don't even like cities!) We have friends there and luckily get free accomodations. :)

    I enjoyed music at Carnegie Hall, and catching A Little Night Music on Broadway, and just walking the streets, and eating eating eating. Central Park, Times Square, but really there's just so many wonderful things to do. We took the free "Ikea ferry" across the harbour which was a cheap and fun way to get some great views. Hope you have a fabulous trip and also I LOVE your latest sewing project!

  9. No tips for your trip. Never been to NY. Hope it all goes well. Love your wall hanging.

  10. Oh Claire how exciting! I'm sure you will have a really wonderful time in NY! I've never been there, so can't help much. You might like to read some of the past posts from " Mille Fiori Favoriti", as she currently live in NYC and blogs about all kinds of things around town... food, architecture, interesting pieces of history, etc...

  11. Claire have an amazing time in New York - what a fantastic trip to be making. Bet your friend was chuffed to bits with her prezzies. Love your jug of bright flowers.

  12. How exciting! I've never been to New York so I've no tips I'm afraid.
    Your jug of flowers is lovely, I'm sure your friend will love it.

  13. All I can think of is "Fabric Shopping!" I've read (in Threads Magazine I believe) that there is amazing fabric shopping in the Big Apple - though never having been there myself I can't give you any further tips. Have a wonderful time!

    And isn't it always so fun to whip up a little something for a friend? Your last minute gift is beautiful. (How do you do such nice lettering?)

  14. Hi Claire, What fantastic news !!!! You will have an amazing time experiencing the Big Apple( have never been myself) so many people who have visited all love the city, i don't think I've ever heard someone say they didn't enjoy their time there.
    Shopping, eating,galleries,Central Park........Lucky Girl!!!
    Sounds like a great trip for No 1 too.......

    Love your jug of flowers, the perfect bucket list pressy.

    A unexpected travel experience actually happened on the weekend, I was off to the shops and hubby says" just put a few things in the tray of the ute to chuck at the tip"
    I WILL NEVER fall for this trick again!! I was there for just on 30mins and ended up a bit dirty and cranky throwing lots of his crap hidden under 1 sheet of old plaster.........
    I am still planning my revenge. ha ha

  15. Love the things you make, have a great trip ! Ada :)

  16. NY!!!!!!!!!! I am from Poughkeepsie, NY..only about 70miles north of NYC!!! I am seriously going to try to have a meet up...OMG, this is too exciting!!!!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  17. How amazing ..4 weeks in NY . Is this just pleasure for you and work for son No1? Can't wait to hear all the exciting adventures. xx

  18. Oh what great timing, i am off to NYC next year, haven't been for 30 years, since i was about 6.
    You asked what kind of chickens i have - Silver Spangled Hamburgs (black & white), Pekin bantams (charcoal), Rhode Island reds, Jersey blues, Silky cross Stars & hopefully very soon, some Araucanas - they lay green, khaki, blue & lavender coloured eggs, JOY!! Love Posie

  19. Wow, lucky you and plenty of time to explore too. I have never been and would love to go one day.

    Love the flowers.

    We are sweltering away here in our neck of the woods - nice change. Liz xx

  20. I went a LONG time ago but the highlight of our trip was the helicopter flight over Manhattan - it was fantastic.
    We did go up the Empire State Building BUT it takes ages to get up there but the views are worth it.
    We found diners all over the place and the breakfasts are great - there is that Katz's place - where Harry met Sally and she really enjoyed her lunch.... apparently the food is excellent.

  21. Hello Claire,
    Wow! New exciting!
    Can't help with tips about New York as I've never been there ,Chicago yes but not the big apple yet!

    its boiling hot here 40degrees and all we get are warnings of the heat wave coming over from Africa and I thought it was already here tch!

    Enjoy your trip!

    Amanda :-)

  22. I love the blue spotty jug - you are so clever! Sorry I cant help with travel advice - I am a bit of a stay at home bird . . .

    Pomona x

  23. Whey hey New York!! Do you need a house sitter whilst you're away cos I'll happily do wont get rid of me when your back, but offer's there ;0)

    Have fantastic time missus...I shall look forward to reading all about it and hearing No.1's studio work...plenty of photo's too please!

    Wire bending is fab as indeed is your jug! :)
    Mega email heading your way...that's not a threat ;)


  24. Hi Claire,

    Such a beautiful present you made for your friend. She must have been over the moon!

    I hope you will have a lovely time in New York. Never been there myself, so I am looking forward to your photo's!

    Have a good time!

    Madelief x

  25. Hi Claire! I've just spotted your NY post ... just had to say ... do you read Beth has just come back from a very stylish NY trip. I have been, but eons ago and I was scared silly the whole time I was there. Things have definitely changed and I would really like to go again one day.What a great adventure you have to look forward to!! cheers Wendy

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