Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Market Wrap Up

Hello everyone, I hope your week got off to a good start wherever you are.

After a busy weekend of markets I am taking a deep breath, slowing down and thinking about things other than sewing, sewing , sewing....

I must say it makes a nice change.

As you can imagine there are always ideas for future projects lurking in the depths waiting for the opportunity to surface.....

Saturday's market was held in Bright, a lovely drive, a beautiful town, particularly in Autumn.

The above photo was taken along the way.
Fog had created an inland sea, the beauty of it took my breath away as I crested a hill and it came into view.

I had to put the brakes on pull over and take a pic.

Nestled under a blanket of fog are farms, who are waking up to a 'pea souper'

It was the most beautiful Autumn day.

A real stunner.

As you can see the Autumn colour in Bright is breathtaking and at this time of year there are many visitors, soaking it all up and enjoying the spectacular colour.

The place will no doubt be choc-a-bloc over Easter.

The market went well, being school holidays there were plenty of people around. The market is held in a park by the river and I had a lovely spot in full sun, which was much appreciated as it started off a little chilly.

No pics, sorry, you'll just have to take my word for it.
When it was time to pack up, I really didn't want to as it was so pleasant just sitting there relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.

Sunday morning was the monthly market in my home town.
Another gorgeous day, quieter than expected but I was still happy with sales.

I realised after the January market I did in Bright that I needed to have a sign on my stall, so people could put a 'name' to my wares.........

So, Friday night saw me madly going through my stash of fabric, looking for something suitable to use as a background.
An old pillow slip that I had already used half of proved to be the very thing I needed.

Polka dots and a bird were the obvious choice and I was happy with the finished sign.
I asked hubby and No.1 for their 'creative' opinion and I got the thumbs up from both, phew.....

Don't forget to click on the pics for a better view.

There seems to be alot of red and blue going on in this photo.
I didn't realise until I had uploaded it........

Once he woke up, No. 1 came in to play a few tunes to add a festive atmosphere.

He needed some 'petrol money' to get to Canberra on Good Friday for a gig.

So to all of you who throw a few coins into a buskers, hat or guitar case, can I just say a 'BIG THANKYOU', on his behalf.

After a weekend out and about I needed to head into town yesterday to do some grocery shopping, op shopping and general running about.

I found myself in a cookware shop and spied these cute as a button 'cookie cutters'

You know, I just couldn't resist them. That flop eared bunny, just too cute.

Then there was a little dog cutter and it is 'Wee Jock' to a tee.............

They just had to come home with me. The 'oooooh' factor was over the limit.

Mind you, I may never use them, but just looking at them makes me smile.

Isn't that worth just a few dollars?

Could I actually eat some bunny shaped biscuits?

Wee Jock better watch out, that goose/duck is a bit too close for comfort.........

Today has seen me out in the vegie garden, removing spent Zinnias, which although still flowering are past their best and I just need to be ruthless.

The good thing is, my 'gardening man' aka No. 1 son can do all the boring stuff while I get in and do the .......... other boring stuff, like weeding, hmmm......

I'm feeling much better having got that done and off the 'to do' list.

Another of my little helpers.
Hand picked as they are very good at their job.........eating bugs and the occasional worm.

Wandering around the garden I had to take a couple of Autumnal (oooh, there's that word..)

The carpet of beautiful leaves, is compliments of the Manchurian Pear.

Here it is in all it's glory, the colour just gets better and better.......

The girls are finding the overcast day a little gloomy and for some reason are all huddled together under one of the fruit trees.

The cold spell that hit us last week and had me reaching for the matches to light the heater, has disappeared.

Heading towards Easter we are expecting a bit of rain and a drop in temp, but Easter is expected to be very pleasant.

We will be busy as No.1 has a few gigs on, so we will be out and about, but enjoying the time together and the beautiful weather and Autumn colour.

Whatever you have planned over the break, enjoy it and safe travels.

Thanks for taking the time to say 'hi', it's always nice to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

P.S. A little query, some Aussie bloggers might be able to help me with.

I am looking to get some labels printed.
Nothing too fancy, just the twill variety.
Have done a little searching on the net but haven't yet found anything.

Can anyone recommend a company?

Thanks , Claire


  1. Beautiful pics Claire. What was your big seller/s at the markets? Thumbs up from me with your banner too, that is such a good idea and one I have overlooked myself. The "Essential Ingredient" is one store I would find impossible to walk out of empty handed. I visited the one in Albury or Woodonga can't remember which town, and so wanted to open up my own store here! I'm a little sad to see your Zinnias go too but look forward to your Autumnal Blooms. Lots of Love, Tanya

  2. I wish I lived nearby and could come to your craft fairs. All of your trees are dressed in their most beautiful color, and cool autumn weather is my favorite. Fun cookie cutters! I very rarely make cut out cookies, but we do enjoy making fun shapes for our baking powder biscuits at breakfast.

  3. Have you considered making your own labels?
    In England we have Cash's Labels but they are pretty basic - woven polyester.....

    Cozy Homemaking - a very talented blogger makes labels with a rubber stamp and permanent ink.

    And then you could use special photocopying paper that you iron on to fabric

  4. Hi Claire, try
    www.cashscorp.com it is the international site of one I use.
    I to went to a Fayer this week-end and went through fog which hung over the Fens.The weather was cold at 6am but then the sun and people came out and we had a great day.
    I am looking forward to summer and you to winter.
    Have a good Easter.

  5. A wonderful ramble through your world, I've just been admiring primroses, cowslips, violets and my first orchid on a walk this morning - talk about chalk and cheese.
    We've had those sea like fogs here in the dales on occasions as you say, you just have to pull over and admire, they are just awe inspiring!

  6. A lovely post Claire full of wonderful things. I love your stall banner and the bunting is lovely too. The photos of your journey to Bright are beautiful with the fog hanging over the valley. I've visited Bright a couple of times and think it is one of the prettiest places I've visited in Victoria.
    Your chooks are so cute under the tree. Were they having a dust bath?
    The biscuit cutters are gorgeous. I'd love to see a photo if you do decide to to make some biscuits with them. Imagine the fun you could have decorating them.
    Have a wondeful Easter,
    Anne xx

  7. I love your 'Sweet Birdy Love' sign on your stall, Claire! The Autumn pictures are gorgeous too - love the ones of the mist.

  8. Great photos; those first two of the fog are stunning.
    I love the sign for your stall.

  9. Good Morning Claire,

    Ok...I have time now for a proper comment. Love the photo of the fog. It's it is like a blanket was thrown over the hills to keep them warm.

    I love autumn, so the picture of your foliage is great. I get to have Fall twice!

    Your booth is lovely with that pretty bunting and your beautiful new banner.

    Hope No. 1 earned enough to fill the gas tank.

    I can see you using those cookie cutter shapes in your thread writing. Do you draw your design with a water soluble pen first??

    I think you should post a tutorial on machine thread writing

    Thanks for letting us visit again.

    janet xox

  10. Lovely photos! The autumn leaves look stunning, so hard to get my head around the thought that you are all going into autumn and we're heading into summer! Glad the market went well! The cookie cutters are sweet! :) x

  11. Beautiful, foggy photo - love it!
    Hope you're enjoying some 'down time' after all that busy-ness
    Emily x

  12. Hi Sweetie...lovely pics...my friend makes the best lables...email me and I can give you his details...

  13. Hello there,

    Your booth sign is such a good idea. After dozens of shows I can only say about my table, What was I thinking? (or not thinking)
    If I were to do shows in the future I would want to have some knitting to do....maybe i could get Helen to teach me? (A time to Dance)
    Such amazing countryside around you. I can just feel that crisp air all the way across the sea.

  14. Hello...thank you so much for your kind comment.
    I have really enjoyed your photos...your Autumn looks so fresh and clear.
    All so interesting and I admire how hard you must work to prepare and attend your Fairs.

  15. I do love a good chook update -
    and anything frivolous bought at the essential ingredient is worthy of blogging.
    Love that store!

  16. Thankyou one and all for your lovely, encouraging comments and ideas for labels. They are all appreciated.

    Tanya the best sellers at my stall are the babies singlets for sure. Young parents about to have a their bub or older folk about to become grandparents or friends looking for a pressie for a new arrival.
    The needle books were a big hit too which was nice.

    Grrl + dog,the Essential Ingredient is an Aladdin's Cave of cooking treasure. A feast for the culinary senses...........

    Autumn continues to thrill me with it's stunning palette of colours, thankyou all for visiting,

    Claire X

  17. Love the fall colours, and the chickens!!

    I got labels on Etsy:


    And there are lots of other people selling labels there.


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