Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Things Bright and Beautifully Sunny

The day dawned and not a cloud in the sky.......

It was completely foggy !

Still, it wasn't raining and that was a good thing.
Peering out the window, I spied a patch of blue sky, a good sign.

Feed the chooks and cats, get myself ready and it was time to hit the road.

I was having a market stall in Bright, a beautiful little town at the foot of the mountains.
First market for the year and my first time at the Bright market.

It was a beautiful drive, foggy in parts.
I could pretend it was Winter.

As I neared Bright the fog lifted and the sun shone.
Everything seemed fresh and green after the rain, almost like a Spring day.

A little look at my stall.
New bookcovers, singlets, a couple of vintage Blanket Bunnies and one Grumpy Bunny.
He's a bunny with attitude, but really just needs a hug.
Because, as we know,
'a frown is a smile turned upside down'

Down the other end......
Bunting, pot holders, cards and who's been playing with the brooches?

Vintage style hanky bunting.

Sold 1 lot, to a happy customer.....

The market was held in the park down by the river.
It was beautiful and shady.
Lots of stalls, lots of variety.
Live music, lots of people.
My stall is 3rd on the left, photo taken just after setting up, still quiet.....

Looking up the park to the music sound shell.

The crowds came, it was a beautiful morning.
A little warm but not unpleasant.
Note to self.......
get in early for your egg and bacon brekky roll, before they run out of eggs!

More stalls.

After the market finished and I had packed up, I headed up the street to have a wander and enjoy the glorious day.
The humidity seemed to have disappeared.
Bright is such a lovely town, full of holiday makers at the moment.
Nestled at the foot of the mountains, surrounded by pine forests and the Australian bush.

Driving home, I stopped by the river in Porepunkah.
There were families picnicking by the river, enjoying the fine weather.
I could've stayed there all day, but it was time to get home and upack.

A job I don't enjoy,...............

Does anyone?
Anyone need a bike?

The things people collect......

So that was how I spent today.
It was a lovely day, beautiful weather, great camaraderie amongst stallholders.
In fact I enjoyed it so much, I think I might head back there for next months market.

So how did you spend your day?

And so the back breaking, heart breaking clean up begins..........

Watching tonights news about the floods in Brisbane I was amazed to see crowds of strangers, carrying brooms, buckets, high pressure hoses anything that would help in the clean up.

This army of volunteers had come from near and far to help people they had never met....

As 'Matt' said when interviewed by the news reporter,
"It's what we do. We're Aussies, we help our mates"

'nuff said.

No. 1 son is playing at the Illawarra Music Festival this weekend and is donating $5.00 from every CD sold to the flood appeal.

Total of CDs sold thus far is 42....

Good job Rich and I know he would like to thank everyone who supports live music and buys CD's.

There are lots of auctions being held on blogs to raise funds for the flood relief, so please join in and help out.

One crafty lady who is whipping up a storm with her crochet hook is Kate over at Foxs Lane.

She has had to deal with her own flood over the last couple of days, so she's had a taste of what the folks up North have been dealing with.

Thinking of you and the family Kate...........

I have been given a blog award recently, shall blog about it next post.

Thankyou one and all for popping by and commenting,, always lovely to hear from you.

I hope your day has been a good one whatever you got up too.

Until next time, take care

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire , you stall looked lovely, grumpy bunny is so sweet :0)
    Well done to your son , raising money for such an important cause , can hardly believe the terrible sights and stories on the news...just awful .
    Jacquie x

  2. Hello Claire,
    What a lovely day at Bright! It looks like a sweet little town and the location for the market was beautiful..loved all the shade.
    Your creations are inspiring and I hope your customers appreciate your hard work and artistry.

    I am sending good thoughts across the miles for all affected by the floods. Here in the states we deal with floods on a yearly basis. When I lived in Houston, Texas, I remember looking out my apartment window and seeing a canoe being paddled down the main street in the city...strange.

    Kuddos to your wonderful, compassionate sone for doing his must be so very proud of him.

    Janet xox

  3. Wow well done RIch - what a great fundraising effort. Kates auction looks like its roaring along.
    Claire your stall looks wonderful, so crisp and un cluttered - definately some pointers there for set up :)
    Bright looked like a wonderful day out - your handmades would have gone down a treat. The river at 'punka barely looks "up" after all your rain.

  4. Your stall looked great! Thinking of all those who are trying to cope with the floods down there, it's great to hear that people are pulling together and tying to raise funds for those who need it. Well done to your son for doing his bit too! Hugs :) x

  5. Hi Claire, your stall ollks great.The buntting makes it stand out.So glad you had a good day it is nice to see your photos of sunshine as hear in England it is rather dull.

  6. Claire thank you for all those great pictures. Your stall looks amazing. Hope you had a good day! I love Grumpy Bunny. He'd cheer me up every time I feel a bit down. Whoever gets to hug him is in for a treat!

  7. Claire, the Porepunka river is such a beauty.
    Your stall looked fantastic!

  8. Goodmorning everyone, what a lovely surprise to wake up to - all your lovely comments. Sitting here eating my breakfast, just marvelling at where the comments come from.
    Thankyou, they make me smile.

    Funny how a few of you commented that my stall looked so uncluttered etc. It's good to get your opinions and ideas.
    I actually felt it was too cluttered............. I came away from the market with a clearer vision of the direction I want to take my 'work'.
    Yes, it was lovely in the park and i have been thinking about it quite a bit.
    Molly, the Grumpy Bunny seems to be one of my most popular items which is quite funny as I do complain about making them. Seems I better get over it and get on with them.....

    No 1 arrived home from the Festival last night, total CD's sold - 48, that's a total of $240 to the flood appeal. Well done mate

    Have a great week everyone,

    Claire X


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