Monday, January 3, 2011

Summer's Pleasures

Despite all my moaning about Summer heat etc. there are simple pleasures to be found and one of them is a vase of Gardenias on my bedside table.
I love their stark whiteness and beautiful perfume wafting by on a warm Summer evening.
I have also picked up an op shop treasure. I was drawn to the book cover, tattered and torn as it is, it appealed to me.
I've just read a few pages, it's about an Aussie girls adventures in England back in the 1930's.
Letters sent home to family and friends were kept and then turned into a book.
For a dollar I don't think I can go wrong do you?

Another of Summers pleasures, home grown veg. The beans are from our garden, the spuds from my sisters.
Our garden is just starting to swing into production, there is silverbeet galore, which I love but a certain someone can't stand.
When I was pregnant, I never had cravings but I remember one occasion when I was at work and all I wanted was a bowl full of cooked silverbeet.
I couldn't wait to get off the train and head to the green grocers and buy a bunch.
I even rang ahead just to make sure they would still be open , I was desperate for it.
Maybe that's why No 1 son can't stand the stuff!!
The only other craving was for some raspberry cordial and No 1 definitely likes that....

The Sunflowers are still going strong, although they don't seem to like the heat either.
But the cool of the morning sees them refreshed and ready for another day.

Now as I was rudely awakened this morning at some ridiculously early hour, by a certain furry, four legged someone, who incidentally had not been put to bed !!
I thought I would get up and enjoy the morning before the rest of the household woke up.......
So lets head through the gate and down the paddock and see what's about.....

No I'm not paranoid we are being followed.......

Cows are such curious creatures.

"Who is that wee, furry beastie?"
Poor Tig is starting to feel a little threatened by these giants, so he's off............

Musn't get our hoofs wet
Their manners left a bit to be desired.

Sounded like they were sucking up the last little bit of their milkshake!

Looking back up the paddock to the house.
Love the reflections in the water.
It's a beautiful morning, there's a little bit of haze around.
I think it's going to be around 30 - 32 deg today, which is very pleasant but at the moment there's a chill in the air.

Tig is now feeling safe!

Where sky and water meet, for those in the middle of Winter here's a little bit of blue, Summer sky to warm you.

So what's happening on the crafty front?

Well, today I plan to make some brooches and yes, of course, chooks/chickens feature......

I have been asked to make one for a friend, so I might whip up a few extra while I am at it.

I may have been woken early, but I find the mornings are the best part of the day.
I am the most productive then and feel refreshed and inspired, so I need to strike while the iron is hot...
Not that I want to be up 6am every day Tigger, grrr!

So wherever you are I hope you are enjoying the first week of 2011.

Thankyou for popping by for a visit, always love to hear from you.....

Oh, I'm starting to fade, might need a 'power nap' later on to get me through the day!!
Ah, holidays don't you just love them, no timetable or schedules.
No feeling guilty about relaxing and enjoying the day.......

Okay let's plug the machine in and get going, there's sewing to be done first.......

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Your pictures are lovely Claire. We are still in the depths of fog and murk but at least the snow has gone if only on a temporary basis. I love the fragrance of Gardenias. And your veggies are making me reach for the seed catalogues. Lots to look forward to!!

  2. Thanks for the summery photos to brighten a dull day.

  3. I do believe I can smell those gardenias all the way from your house, which is in the most wonderful setting. I was perusing our grocer for raspberry cordail for the new year and couldn't find it. Now I have a craving too!
    Love you blog, its been a grand visit.

  4. Hi Claire,
    Waking up to your beautiful photos has done my heart the world of good. I grew up on a farm in W.A. and miss seeing paddocks, cows and yes gorgeous cats that follow you when you go for a walk.
    You live in a very pretty part of the world, as do I, it's just that I'm surrounded by trees now and can't see the horizon. :)
    Have a lovely day,

  5. what a lovely tour Claire - your farm is still looking pretty green given the seasons changing to hot.
    the shot of the water meeting sky is spectacular!

    your chook brooches are looking great - a brilliant design with the colours and clever bgurk stitching ;)

    P.S. mutterings at home - dates are being set for our bright pilgramage - YAY - could be an autumn trip this year to beat the heat!

  6. Hi Claire, Well, don't I just love bgurk!! I would be interested in having one.
    Happy New Year to you, may it be the best yet!
    I will continue loving your blog.

  7. I agree mornings are a wondeful time and your view is even better. I am more productive early aand seem to lag as the day goes on. We are getting heaps of beans, silverbeet and squash at the moment and they are just yummy.


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