Saturday, January 8, 2011

So On and Sew Forth......

So or should I say 'sew' what's happening?
Well, another week has passed by the first for the New Year...........
I hope it was a good week for you whether you are still on holidays or back at work.
My week has been centred around my sewing as I was on hols, yippee.
These are my latest 'makes' .......
Little cottages.....
There are quite a few around blogland, most being just a house and very cute they are too.
Below is my version....
They will have a ribbon loop for hanging and on the back I have embroidered
" Home is where the heart is" with a polka dot heart (oops forgot to take a photo).

I did consider embroidering
"home is where you can scratch where it really itches",
it made me laugh but not everyone has my sense of humour.....

So what do you think?
They are just a little decoration you can hang somewhere around the house.
I am doing a market in Bright next Saturday and these will be for sale.
This will be the first time I have done this market, so it will be interesting.
It's held in a park by the river and they usually have live music , so it should be quite enjoyable and Bright being a tourist destination I imagine it will be BUSY.....

Well, it's 'on the road again....' for the boys. The summer music festival circuit is in full swing.
The boys headed off, the van loaded No 1 son at the wheel, dad in the passenger seat...
3 gigs in 2 days, home late Sunday night.
I imagine they will be rather tired and glad to fall into their own beds for a decent nights sleep.
For those readers who may not be familiar with my little family, No 1 son is a muso and Dad goes along as the unpaid roadie, co driver, manager and as Dad.
There is quite a bit of equipment to be set up, so help is needed and Dad is happy to take on that role, plus we both enjoy the music.........
I stay home, look after the animals, garden and so on and sew forth!!

On Thursday, Hubby and I had to make a trip to Bright, so we decided to have fish and chips down by the river for dinner.
Rock Salt is a gourmet fish and chip shop in Bright that does the best and I mean the best f & c I have ever tasted.
Now, be warned, being gourmet it doesn't come cheap, but it's worth every cent and talking about money they don't have EFTPOS either.
A fact I was unaware of till I got to the head of the rather loooooong queue and then realised, gulp...
Hubby had gone for a wander so there I was scrambling in my bag for a few final dollars, checking every pocket.... twice, discovering some 'egg money' phew.
Bit of a giggle, but the young fellow was very understanding.

Now don't be put off if you see a long queue as they are so fast.
The guys cooking were going hammer and tongs, sweat pouring off them.
In this box we had 2 pieces of fish, 2 king prawns, 2 scallops, 2 potato cakes, 4 calamari and a small serve of handcut chips which were cooked to the most perfect golden brown.
A sweet chilly dipping sauce and a most delicious garlicky tartare sauce.

Is your mouth watering yet, 'cos mine certainly is....
Sadly, f & c just won't be the same again after this feast.

Let's take a look around the garden.....
The Zinnias are putting on a lovely display, not quite as good as last season. All the rain we have had, caused a fungal disease which really knocked them about in the early stages and the slug population has been out of control.... but those that have survived have been stunning.

This season the coral and orange seem to be the most predominant colour, last season it was this lovely purply/pink.
Together the colours are certainly eye catching.
Gayle over at Garden of Daisies is a fan of Zinnias too.

Out to the back orchard to check the Peacherines to see how they are coming along, almost ripe.
Looking lush and red.....
We don't have many due to the storms but what we do have will be delicious.

There will be a few less if this little chick gets her way, look at he eyeing off a peacherine that some sneaky bird has already had a go at......

The chicks are growing fast , they love being in the orchard, chasing grass hoppers, moths, scratching around, doing all the usual chicken things including looking cute as...

Last but not least my Dahlias have flowered this year. The photo is a little washed out but they are putting on a fiery show.
We never had any blooms last year, so I am certainly enjoying these.

Well, that's just a little bit or what happened in my week.

The holidays are drawing to a close, so I will have to get back into a work frame of mind and my uniform........

I would just like to thank everyone for visiting last post and leaving a comment it's always a treat to hear from you.

I hope the first week of the new year is going well for you........
Time to think about dinner, feed the chooks, do a bit of watering and tidy up the mess I have made sewing!!
Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you .
I must say a BIG thankyou to Sandra, Jenevieve and Tanya for helping me out with some bloggy issues.
A new year and I have already learnt some new computer skills, woo hoo.....

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. well done Claire, I'm impressed!!

  2. Ah Claire , another great "newsy" post. I feel like I know you , your family sounds so lovely.
    Your little houses are beautiful and it's so nice to see summer flowers when we have cold , grey weather .Know what you mean about photographing red in the bright sunshine...very tricky.
    Thanks for your comment on my latest post. Wish I had tried the daffs or pansies, didn't have much luck with the one I tried...just a bad day I think :0)
    Hope to do better today.
    Jacquie x

  3. Love the little house decorations, they are so sweet, I'm sure they'll sell well! Lovely pictures of the garden! :) x

  4. Summer-in-winter (as I see it) looks lovely, and with all that fruit you must be heading for autumn as we creep into spring - what a funny state of affairs. Hope you have a great time at the market and sell your sweet houses.

    I hope your menfolk are recovering from the Ashes... send them a big thumbs up from me!

  5. Hello Claire!

    I can attest to the wonderful talent of your nbr 1 son. You must be very proud of him and his musical accomplishments. I love seeing father and son spending quality time together...such a good thing.

    Of course your flowers and chooks are wonderful.
    I know you will do well in Bright with all your fabulous sewing..take some photos for us.

    It is only 6 am here, but I am ready for some fish and chips!!

    Have a great weekend my friend,
    Janet xox

  6. Thankyou one and all for popping by and posting. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
    Jacquie, keep trying with the flowers, I know you will whip up a beautiful bunch in no time at all.
    PG, yes the cricket, hmm. The boys haven't mentioned it since the loss.....
    Thanks for your encouraging comments about my little houses. I have a stack of half finished things that I will need for the market.... I have done the fun part now for the boring bit....
    Sandra, I did it, too easy, once you know how thankyou.

    Claire X

  7. I love your little houses Claire - and those F & C sound out of this world. Have a brilliant New Year!

  8. I just love your cottages, the colours are fantastic.

  9. Love the little cottages, I hope you do well at the market. Hope the weather is good for it as that makes a difference.
    (It's supposed to rain here) (again!!)

  10. Hi Claire, I've just given you a blog award, go visit my blog to see! :) x

  11. Hey Missus!! Finally got my wotsits into gear and blogging again! You should totally stitch that's perfect and had me hooting with laughter! x;0)
    Glad to see Dad cab's back in action! Big loves you ALL!! xxx

  12. Hi Claire, Thanks for your nice comments you left on my blog, thought I'd come and say hello! Those little houses are gorgeous, and I love your other sewing, especially the combis, so cute!
    Your garden looks so green and healthy, it's been a good year for growth with all the rain hasn't it. Good luck at Bright Market, I'd love to get up there and check itout!.cheers Julie


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