Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can see clearly now...........the widows have been cleaned!

Not more photos of flowers?
You betchya, how could I not.
Look at that colour, so clear, vibrant, cheery.
For those of you who are heading towards Summer, grab a packet of these seed from your nursery or supermarket.
They love warm conditions and you won't be disappointed.
Would love to see a display in your garden.
Share the Zinnia love, you will have bunches of them to give away and bring inside your home.

And more Sunflower photos, (my flower garden is very limited obviously!)
They come in different colours and sizes, not just the gorgeous, dinner plate yellow Sunflowers.
I will have to keep an eye on the seed heads, so the Sparrows don't get to them before the chooks
We're going to have loads of Nashi Pears this year, yum.
Sweet and juicy, delicious.
Please don't tell the Cockatoos that have moved into the area that we have all this fruit......
Without a doubt they have already spied it and are waiting for us to go away before they invade..
We have to be careful picking the fruit as we have discovered Redback spiders like to make their home between the fruit.

Perfection, a beautiful morning a beautiful rose..........

The chickens continue to grow a pace as you can see from the photo.

I let them out of their pen in the morning and put them in the back orchard for the day and then in the evening let them into the main chook run with the rest of the chooks.

This seems to work well, they love scratching about the place, chasing grasshoppers and most of the other hens leave them to it.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle after I took this photo.
One of the girls out of shot, has taken a dislike to them for some reason........
She showed her displeasure and mum Dorothy was not going to take this bad behaviour. She flew in to defend them, then our rooster, got in on the act. It was a three ringed circus, feathers flying, fortunately no blood drawn and I was able to shut down this commotion very quickly.

Notice anything out of the ordinary?

This basket happens to be one of Tig's favourite places to spend several hours.....
Or, when he's lying on something he shouldn't be, I can put him up there out of the way.
Sometimes you don't even realise he's there, till he starts scratching and the cabinet starts shaking.......

Yesterday, was the most beautiful, glorious day.
The sun was shining the sky was blue as.....
The humidity we had been experiencing had completely disappeared , hooooray.

I planned to do a bit of house work and then plug in the sewing machine, but after vacuuming and washing the floor, I found myself washing windows.
How that happened I'm not sure.
I was even doing the job properly, taking the screen off and wiping the tracks to sliding doors etc.
There was a lovely cool breeze blowing, I was quite enjoying the whole process and who did I have to keep me company?
Yes, this not so little fella.

For those unfamiliar with Aussie creepy crawlies, this is a Huntsman spider and yes they can be quite sizable. Think palm sized for leg span, eek....

It was between two panes of glass, so I very bravely 'touched' it.......
It was quite happy to stay there but I felt a little uncomfortable, so very carefully moved it on.
They seem to come out of their hiding places when the weather warms up.
They are quite cute when small (very small) but I'm not so keen on adult ones.

Now at long last, I have to tell you about the 'Stylish Blogger Award' I was given by Jenevieve over at Buttons Ribbons and Other things.
Because I didn't post about it quickly enough, Tanya over at Suburban Jubilee
also gave me the award.

Thankyou ladies, does that mean I am extra stylish?

I think not, if you could see me now...

There's a splodge of toothpaste on my shirt, don't you just hate that?

Anyway, the rules if you choose to accept are to tell 7 random things about yourself and to pass the award onto 15 other blogs.

Well, I'm going to tell you 7 random things, but as there are so many other lovely blogs out there and all of you are stylish in your own way, I shall just leave it there............

7 Random Things

1. I write with my left hand, due to an accident when I was 3.
I use my right hand to hold scissors, racquet, knife etc.

2. I am an Anglophile, I would love to live in the UK for 12 months and experience all the seasons.

3. Have had a couple of goes at learning to speak Italian. I think it's a beautiful language and would love to speak it fluently.

4. I have loved chooks/hens/chickens since I was knee high to the proverbial. Finally got my very own chooks 9 years ago. They live in Cluckingham Palace and like all palaces it has a chandelier, but it's not connected to electricity...........

5. I have one child, a son. When I was 17 I knew I wanted to start my family with a boy and had his name chosen way back then!

6. I love Brambly Hedge and have all the seasons mugs. Love all those woodland scenes. Think it's the English thing again!

7. Last but not least and most importantly in my life I am a born again Christian. Check out Acts 2v38. I enjoy the beauty of God's creation and am very thankful for all the blessings in my life.

I hope your week is going well wherever you are.

Thankyou for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment it's always lovely to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Enjoyed dropping in to see your lovely flowers, the hens and where your cat hides away - can't say I'm over keen on the spiders. We have such titchy things over here, thank goodness, but I can't stand even those!!!! We're cold and frosty here this morning, no flowers in the garden but the bulbs are nosing their way through and buds are beginning to develop, there is hope for spring. Whoopee!!!!!!!

  2. Zinnias are awesome - I have a lime green batch I'm waiting on for flowers (if the dog stays off them long enough).
    That Cat ! I was looking for bunting or something more obvious.
    Congrats you Styler you - great list of "about you" by the way - funnily can pick a few of those points up from the blog :)

  3. Keep posting the flower photos, it brightens up the dismal days over here.

  4. Argh! I was enjoying that photo until I spotted the gargantuan spider stretched across the corner! Loved the tail draped nonchantly over the basket - and lovely fruit and flowers. We have sun today and our blue sky matches yours for once, though it is still cold. :)

  5. Love the beautiful flower photos and the fruit looks so yummy! Looking forward to the summer over here, that spider does look quite massive though! :) x

  6. Hey Claire!

    Once again you entertain me with wonderful photos and stories of your chooks.

    I swoon over your roses...how spectacular! I can smell them from here.

    The picture of Tig hanging out of the basket is precious, we wish we humans had cool hiding places like that.

    I too love Brambly Hedge and own the teacup series..when I look at them now I am reminded of Gretel, our friend in the Cotswolds.

    Still a cold winter wind blowing here...no sign of spring or summer yet.

    Have a lovely day!

    janet xox

  7. Hi Claire. So happy to see you at Tangled Happy. I love to hear from new visitors! So cold here right now. Your post has me dreaming of spring. Zinnia's are my favorite. I plan to plant lots and lots this spring! Love your chicken photos as well. If I ever get out of the city I plan to have a few chickens of my own someday. You have a lovely blog. Off to do more browsing. :)

  8. I adore the Zinnia photo, it's everything I need at the moment for a "beauty drink for the eyes". I love Brambly Hedge too and when the girls were little I wanted to make over a bedroom just like Poppy's but they were at an age when they were becoming "cool" and having a "Poppy's bedroom" would most definitely NOT be cool. What a funny cat, away up there in the fartherest corner. Always a pleasure to visit with you.

  9. Even the spider doesnt' phase me, its all so airy and open there. Wonderful cupboard with the baskets atop of it. Enjoyed this joyful post~

  10. Thankyou all for visiting and your lovely comments, good to hear from you.

    Nice to know there are other Brambly Hedge fans out there.

    Fortunately, my eight legged visitor hasn't returned to the house, well,not that I have seen it........ Mind you when I walk into the Great room in the mornings, you know they have been wandering around at night as there are cobwebs across door ways, eek....
    Another lovely day here, although 'tis warming up a bit.


    And I didn't tell you about the 2 occasions when I have had them run up my leg.......


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