Monday, January 24, 2011

Cloudburst, Sunshowers and more Stitching

A hurried post before I have to get ready for work and I have uploaded the pics in the wrong order........
Thankyou all for your positive comments on my last post regarding the stitchy mistake I made.
I have rectified the mistake by making a totally new cushion front...... using a lovely charcoal grey fabric.
I am soooooooooooo much happier with it.

So which do you prefer colour wise the charcoal grey or the lighter version?
I am loving the grey , the white stitchy text stands out so well and that full moon......
I know it's not the best photo, but I was keen to show you all as I was so happy with the outcome.
I can just imagine it's a frosty Winter's night and there's a hungry fox on the prowl.
Spent all morning working on this ignoring the housework and now I have to whizz around the house furiously cleaning and tidying up before I head off to work....

Another cushiony picture that has been swirling round and round in my brain ......

Autumn is almost on the doorstep, so I wanted to celebrate it's arrival.......

Still more to add in he way of leaves and stitchy text, so finished pics later in the week.

Saturday evening we had an unexpected cloudburst, directly overhead, thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.

A sprinkling of hail and some very heavy rain.

After the rain finished, there were the most amazing cloud formations.

My poor little camera doesn't do them justice but I thought I would share them anyway.
Same cloud 10 minutes earlier - remember I uploaded these in the wrong sequence, doh!

The sun comes out and it's all sparkly and shimmery and I wasn't moving the rubbish bins, or I would've been drenched.
As Janet over at The Empty Nest says "Just keeping it real!"

The sunlight through the cloud was brilliant and I raced outside between thunder claps to snap a few more pics.
Great shadow shot......
Click on pics to enlarge and enjoy the beauty.

Sunshowers, I have never really been a fan of them.
I prefer either a sunny day or a good storm.

They always seemed like musical Westerns, wrong, wrong, wrong.

But maybe......

So there you have a snipped of my weekend and what's on the production line, sewing wise.

I hope you all had a great weekend and your week has gotten off to a good start.

Thanks for dropping by, lovely to hear from you,

Until next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hello Claire,
    Love this post...the sewing, the fabulous clouds (you know I love my clouds) and really love the shadow that you holding an umbrella ;-)

    Thanks for sending a rainbow my way.

    Janet xox

  2. They're both great Claire, but I actually like the top one best! Fantastic cloud pictures too. Hope you don't get all those awful floods.

  3. Fantastic photos especially the ones with the cloud formations.
    I like both the fox cushion fronts but I think the grey one goes better with the text. Love the full moon.

  4. Fab post Claire, I like them both, difficult to choose, but i think it would have to be the darker grey one. You're such an inspiration!

    Did you notice the faint rainbow on your last photo?
    I love it when it's sunny but the sky is so grey.

    love fi x

  5. wow, your work is beautiful! Lovely photo's too...

  6. Thankyou one and all for your comments, nice to hear from you.
    The clouds were amazing, glad you liked the pics, obviously they were much more interesting looking at them in person.
    I think the grey cushion wins, see the next post for the finished cushion and I think you'll all agree that it's come up a treat.

    Claire :}

  7. hiya claire!
    i'm for the charcoal fox cushion - it seems to set the russet beastie off so well.
    my fav shot is of your shadow - especially the umbrella ;)
    and i can see that your new leafy cushion will be amazing.
    I had "ether" problems with you last post - I think you should have a give away for your practice piece - chop it chop it !LOL
    and my green zinnias - i was brave and snipped the first bud out so to force more blooms - so now flowers as gorgeous as yours yet.
    hope you aer having a lovely weekend - our willows have a yellow tinge - you were right on the ball.


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