Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yummier than chocolate cake and better for you..........

Isn't that an eye full of gorgeousness?
Turquoise, pink, purple, yellow and everything in between.......

"What on earth do you want these for?", I hear you ask.....

Hmmm, there could only be one reason for so many hankies.
Surely, you have guessed by now.....

Yes, more bunting.

You thought I had left my bunting obsession in 2010.

No siree, I have dragged it into the new year with me and sooooo glad I did.
Mind you it is a wee bit tricky to get a good pic of it!

Ah, now that's a little bit better.
Hanging in the orchard, where beautiful bunting belongs on a summery day.
Or at garden parties, birthdays, weddings, any sort of celebration really.

Remember the old slogan "Things go better with coke" (cocoa cola that is!!)
Well, I've updated that to "Things go better with bunting!"

Do you think it will catch on?........

So here it is, in all it's floral glory.
There are 9 flags in all, but 8 make the photo.....

I had intended to make a recycled bunting, but when I spied the pack of hankies in the shop and saw all those yummy colours, well.......

You know how it is

And yes, we couldn't leave the Kombi obsession in 2010, it had to come with me as well.....

These little beauties are rolling off the production line, waiting for new owners to love them.
Need a little finishing off though, but that can wait till Heartbeat is on tonight and then I shall
be tying and snipping, ready for the next stage of production.

Do you have a favourite colour Kombi?

Mine's a toss up between he red and white polka dot and the pale blue polka dot, but then again I rather fancy the green one too.....

Heartbeat is being played right from the very start and I am enjoying it as much as I did when it first aired, oooh, about 16 years ago ..........

When we visited the UK back in 2007, we took a drive up to the Dales where they filmed part of the series.
Can't remember the name of the little village now.
But we saw Scripps garage and the pub they used in the series. The village green etc. it was lovely and made the trip even more memorable.

Are you or were you a fan?

This bunch of roses is for Julie at . She asked for a pic a couple of months ago and they are bloomin' beautiful at the moment.

Some of them have had stems close to a metre long.....
Obviously very happy in their garden posi.

If you are not familiar with Julie's work, take a little trip over to her blog and be enchanted
by her wonderful hand painted faience pottery.

This is how Tig is spending the majority of his time at the moment.
I must admit on a warm day, I could quite easily do the same......

Well, this week is passing quickly and the lack of schedules etc. due to holidays has been lovely, but it also means that I'm a bit out of my routine and haven't achieved quite as much as I would have liked to.
Never mind, I'm not worrying about it, as I have enjoyed the week.

Most days after lunch I sat down with the boys and we played a few rounds of cards.
It was fun and relaxing and times like this don't come around too often you have to make them happen.

With school hols etc. it's been fairly quiet on the road past our home. No school buses, less work traffic, so quiet you can her a pin drop.
We all need to slow down, recharge our batteries, reconnect with family.

Well, it's time to hit the publish button and think about dinner.
I am trying a new recipe tonight:- Kebab Bi Karaz, lamb meatballs with sour cherry sauce.
It sounds and looks delicious and now my mouth is watering just thinking about it, so that's it .

Cheerio for now, till next time,

Take care,

Claire X


  1. Sounds like you are loving summer holidays as much as us Claire !

    There is something just right about this slower pace me thinks.

    And that bunting - may well sort this urge towards fancy hankies I have had - especially some of those tea stained old linen ones i have found about the op shops and hoarded. I love the easiness of using the brights, no edging no fraying, snip and sew.

    And I'm glad to see the kombi's come through - true classics you can never get sick of - my pick is the light blue style ;)

  2. Hey Claire,
    I love the bunting and so happy you are dragging it into 2011. I am not familiar with 'Kombi' but they look like VW vans to me...are they the same?

    Stunning roses and Tigger is just too cute.

    Enjoy your day

    Janet xox

  3. Fabby bunting and what a good idea, you've given me an idea, I seem to have acquired quite a few lace edged napkins...hmmmm....

    Has to be the red camper van, yummy!

    I think the Heartbeat village you were thinking of is in the Yorkshire Moors National park and is called Goathland.

  4. Dear Claire,

    The roses!(Stems a meter long? mine are about six inches) The bunting! Even your clothesline........all inspiring
    I haven't seen Heartbeat but will research.
    thanks for the shoutout.

  5. I like the turquoise Combi, but they are all cute!! Love your bunting idea too, Claire!

  6. Oh, thankyou one and all for visiting and leaving a comment. I really appreciate your thoughts, ideas, encouragement and time.....
    Glad you all share the Bunting love too.
    My Kombi's are also known as Combi's and Camper Vans made by Volks Wagon. I have always known them as Kombi's but obviously different countries, different names. Whatever you call them, I love them and would love to have my very own....
    Julie my roses put out great long shoots (watershoots??) and then they flower, they are well over my head and would be metre, reaching up to the eaves.... Heartbeat, is a lovely English series and appeals to all the things I love.

  7. All the Kombis are lovely but I prefer the red one myself.
    I used to watch Heartbeat when it first came out and loved it, especially the 60s soundtrack, and can't remember when I stopped watching it but I seem to think it was at a time when I was trying to cut my TV viewing down.

  8. I prefer the green kombi. May I ask what they are going to be?

  9. Sorry Sandra, I should've said what the Kombi's are going to be used for....
    They are going to be little notebook covers. I have made them before and they turned out to be very popular, so I have had make more.
    Not quite the production line you would find at the Volks Wagon factory though!
    LBM, Heartbeat was a real tear jerker this week and the music is great too.
    Thanks for your comments, it's always lovely to read them.

    C x

  10. Hi Claire, thanks for dropping by my blog - thought I'd return the 'favour'and see what you are up to. Where exactly are you? Love your cat and the hens - I used to have a few but the landlord here won't allow them - hence I now have two bunnies in the 'hen ark'!!!
    I have a good friend who has the bunting bug, I go more for hearts... big softie, I know.
    Best wishes.


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