Thursday, January 27, 2011

If at First You Don't Succeed.....................

Some gorgeous colour from the garden.
I had to pick a bunch of Zinnias, keeping to the orange/ yellows.
Too beautiful to be outside with no one to admire them.
This year I have a white Zinnia, I've never had one before and it doesn't seem quite right.
Like something has gone awry during it's growth, but it has a beauty all of its own.
At this time of year, there's not alot flowering in the shrubbery apart form some roses. The only other picking flowers I have grown are Zinnias and some gorgeous Sunflowers which the chooks are enjoying at present.
Perhaps I need to rethink my Summer garden........
Years past, water has been scarce so I had to be careful, but now, there's plenty of water so I might plan a few more flowers for my 'cutting garden' next Summer.

OK, I'm a hearing you............ We've seen this before.......

Well, this time it's finished and I had to have a 'ta dah' moment.

So can you please just go with me on this as it's taken up all my sewing time this week........

I'm thrilled with the finished cushion, love the colours, the fabrics and the white text on grey.
(Unfortunately, the colours look a little washed out in the photos)

The back has a button opening with a contrast strip of fabric.
I used the buttonhole footy thing on my machine for the first time and it was a learning curve....
I read the instructions, practised on a scrap of fabric, all good.
Then I got the cushion back and proceeded to do the button holes.
First one, no problems, second one, all good, yeah, we're on a roll.....
Third one, well, I think the machine decided enough was enough.
Ok, I'm not going to let it beat me. Pull it out and try again. Still not right, pull it out try again....
Third time, whaaaaaaaaaats this all about, I'm following the instructions to the letter.
Pull it out and just use a good old satin stitch on the machine .
No problems, buttonhole finished.

As I was pulling it out and trying again and again and again, I decided to stitch up a little something.
This is what I would liked to have done, BUT, too much time and effort had already gone into it.
So, this little stitchery will sit beside my machine, to remind me to keep trying.
After all it was only a little, old buttonhole.

I know how to do them without the automatic , footy thing and I can handstitch a buttonhole. Learnt to do that at school, so...........

This week has been a little different from the norm with a public holiday (Australia Day) smack bang in the middle.
Whilst we had a lovely relaxing if somewhat warm day it has rather thrown me off kilter.

Today feels like Friday, hmmmm,

I hope your week is going well and Aussie bloggers enjoyed the holiday.
We certainly live in a beautiful country.

Thanks for dropping by and saying "hi", always nice to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. I love your cushion Claire. Is that Mr Fox I spy on the front? Do you have many foxes where you live?
    The Zinnias are gorgeous too and how nice to have a vase full of them inside for you to enjoy. Seeing your flowers has given me the urge to go and pick some Hydrangeas which are doing much better this year with all the rain and cooler summer we are having down here.
    Enjoy your evening,

  2. Well done on your perseverence - lovely results, not sure I could have stuck at it the same as you managed!!
    Great flowers - we just have bare twigs over here right now!!

  3. Hi Claire,
    Me again. Thanks for leaving a comment. I don't know if you noticed I have two blogs. The one you replied on is the one I use to vent and talk about yucky stuff. The other one, Ungardened Moments is for the happy, creative, fun stuff which you might find of more interest if ever your're stuck for something to do. As if! :)
    Anne x

  4. The cushion looks awesome finished and the moonlight style was an inspiration. Good on you for persevering. Thanks also for the pic of the zinnias, I do so love them.

  5. The flowers are simply gorgeous as is your finished cushion....I am in ore of your machine embroidery....

  6. You can have your 'ta dah' moment - the finished cushion looks great!

  7. The Zinnias look great and I love the cushion! Well done for persevering, it was definitely worth it! :) x

  8. I LOVE your house cushions! The writing adds so much- I could never do that! How do you do that?

  9. Hey Claire,
    I totally understand what you are saying about late summer color. I started planting marigolds a few years back because they would start blooming in the spring and not stop until the first freeze. Great color for many months and so very carefree. You should try some.
    Love the darling fox are so good at that thread writing..I'm amazed.

    We just had a big snowstorm yesterday (blogged about it) wet, heavy snow...but so pretty in the morning.

    Janet xox

  10. Changed my mind - I think I like the grey cushion best after all but then again, the green one was cute too! Decisions, decisions I think I love both of them!

  11. The cushion is gorgeous Claire, love the grey. I did have trouble finding the missing word in the original.
    Love the zinnias, my Mum used to grow beauties, afraid I don't have the touch with them.
    The 6" of rain we had ruined my big sunflowers, they are looking very sad with no petals at all left. We are sitting here waiting for the flood, everything up in the house but keeping fingers crossed the levees hold.

  12. Hey Ladies, thankyou one and all for allowing me a bit of a self indulgent 'ta dah' moment. It had been a bit of a process, so it's nice to acknowledge the finished product. No UFO this
    The Zinnias keep on blooming, they are just stunning and I always love to share them with you.
    Gretchen the machine embroidery text, is very simple it just takes a little patience and practice.
    Sandra, hope those levees hold and your home is safe from the floods.
    Janet, hope you haven't been snowed under and all is well.
    Thanks so much for visiting, its always lovely to receive, such encouragement form people far and wide.

    Claire :}

  13. Hi Claire,
    I haven't been on the blog much this month, but wanted to stop by real quick and see what you were up to. Love all your gorgeous zinnias! I have seen really beautiful bridal bouquets made with the white zinnias and a little bit of greenery. Your creative stitchery projects always amaze me. I can barely write with a pen, much less with a sewing machine. Those little mistakes just keep it real. :-) Life isn't perfect.


  15. Love the cushion and I know exactly what you mean about button holes, I try to avoid them at all costs!

  16. I love your if at first...I would love to be able to machine embroider...Your cushion is lovely too...its strange seeing sunshine when its so cold here...

  17. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on the 'sew cute' brooch. Oh my... flowers from the garden in January - I can only dream of that :) I love the cushion! It's cute!

  18. Hi Claire, thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. Wow, 105??!!! I'd still rather be sweating than freezing! I love summer and love your zinnias and sunflowers. I love to grow them both on our farm! The best thing to do is plant too many so you can cut them and bring them inside for bouquets!! Just want to say the piece you stitched about try,try again is priceless!! Burn it,bury it I laughed so hard...hmmm,maybe relate too much! Anyway, loved it and would love to have that framed in my office!! Have a great weekend, stay cool!


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