Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Day Another Adventure Part 1

I'm going to blame it on jet lag and leave it at that.
This post is in two parts girls and not all pics are in sequence but you'll work it out I'm sure.
I was in search of haberdashery stores etc. today and set off with my umbrella tucked into my bag as the weather was threatening to rain.....and it did!!

If anyone has ever told you to 'zip your lip' this is the place you go to get that zip.....sorry no name, I was too busy gawping at all those zips and that's not all of them let me tell you.
Any size these folks have them.
I did pick up some sweet trims which made me very happy.

I was wandering Uptown today, caught the train all by myself!!!
Arrived at GSC and proceeded to the Rockefeller Centre, I was on a mission, so keep reading and you'll find out what that was...

Anyhoo, around the corner I spot this Uptown gal, it was a magazine shoot.

She does the pouty, 'I'm so bored look' very well.

I was going to suggest she duck in to the shop next door take the weight off her feet and have a slice of pizza, but decided against it.
Instead I ate the pizza, yuuuuum thin crust with chicken, bacon, cheese and scallions and chipotle  sauce.
It was absolutely delicious, the base was so crunchy, mm, mm....

Lovely, melted, stringy cheese.....
It was good to sit down ,rest and have a cool drink.
New York city doesn't have many if any seats/benches along the streets and I can assure you they would be very much appreciated.

After lunch I  was considering walking back to the apt. it would've been a bit of a hike, but according to the map, it looked quite doable.
 In the end I took the Subway and it feels good to be finding my way around the city on my own.
At each stop there are different themed mosaics along the walls.
I love them and the mosaics at my stop seemed quite suitable for today's weather.

More Squirrels, red not grey!!

Give me the choice between a shop full of designer clothes and a shop full of trims and haberdashery guess which one I will pick?

How about you?

It was difficult choosing as there were just so many.
But I narrowed it down and came away with these.

You know girls I'm itchin to get stitchin!!

Getting back to that mission I was telling you about...

Here 'tis......

A mission that I felt was  of the utmost importance when you find yourself in
 New York.


Soft and light and sweet and delicious.
The frosting! is almost whipped cream consistency and not at all rich and yes, it is that red.
Red velvet cupcakes are sold all over the city and even in sidewalk food stands.
 But I wanted the first one I tried to be from Magnolia Bakery.
Call me a cupcake snob if you will....

Now here's the thing. 
This was another sky high expectation I held and was it reached?
 Did the cupcake deliver.....yes and no.
Presentation, packaging yes, yes, yes,
Frosting, yum, yum, yum,
Cupcake itself hmmmm, a bit ho hum, light and fluffy but no discernible flavour as such. I think a hint of vanilla might do the trick, but they probably churn them out by the 1000's each week and people still keep coming back for more.....

 Another oops, the last mosaic....aren't they great?
Took someone a long time to make these, I wonder how many people take the time to have a good look at them and appreciate the artist's work?

Now girls, if you want to read the rest of this post, scroll down to the next post.
 This turned into 2 parts due to a lack of concentration whilst I was in cupcake heaven!
Most likely wishing I had bought 2 'cos you know what?
I'm going to have to go back there and try a different one.

Surely all the walking I'm doing is counteracting some of the calories consumed, agreed?

Please say yes and make me feel better

So if you like you can continue on or get off at this stop.
Thanks for keeping me company on the ride,



  1. My goodness, where do I start? You've definitely being painting the town red (can you imagine doing all that walking in some of those red heels?) nothing wrong with being a cupcake snob....I think connoisseur is better though, which means you have to sample more.

    Love your walk around, the pizza looks amazing!

    The mosaics are probably one of those things that people walk by everyday and don't realise the work gone in....lovely.

    Wow, all those crafty things, yarn, zips, could go crazy!

    Enjoy, looking forward to your next post.

  2. I had no idea cup cakes are that popular.......I'd eat as much as you like with all that walking you will burn it all off...
    Pizza and Mosaics must be the Italian influence.....
    How is your son enjoying his trip? hope all is going well with his music.
    I'm with you I much prefer "other" shopping than clothes shopping but there comes a point when your clothes are more than a few years old or your smartly dressed daughters start buying you things.......

  3. Love those mosaics. I wonder how many New Yorkers fail to notice them. Love your tour around the shops and cafes.

  4. Just saw the model and couldn't believe it was a real person! lol.

    Jan @Door251

  5. I've just got to say first off. Look at that texture in the cupcake. It is like velvet! Very generous with the frosting too. Maybe it tasted bland after the pizza, and you needed one with more pizazz. And o that pizza, I know its one of the top pizza places there is, and I can see why.
    I bet that model would love some pizza too., I think if she's bored its from dieting constantly, she needs a cupcake too!
    What a time you are having. Enjoying these posts so much

  6. Wow! You've been having fun haven't you.

  7. It all looks fantastic. Painting the town red like Faith says - starting with the cupcakes. Claire have a wonderful time which I'm sure you are xx

  8. Calories consumed on vacation do NOT count. And ooooh, I love New York!

  9. Yes yes yes - all that walking will cancel it all out. Haberdashery, zips, I am swooning with envy!

    Pomona x

  10. I've just been catching up reading all your NY posts. You sound like you're having a great time. How cool was that getting winter in NY in September?
    Definitely have more cupcakes, you need the energy for all the walking you're doing!


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