Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday's Travels

Hello girls anyone for a slice of cake?

For the crafty at heart, how about this beauty for your next celebration?
What a wonderful window display and if you hadn't guessed already it's the window display for a 'trim' shop.
Trims as in ribbons, buttons, rhinestones, braids, bits n bobs, this n that, you name it they've got it.

M & J Trimmings is one huge shop, beautifully laid out, room to move around easily and friendly, helpful staff.

Girls, I uploaded the pics extra large so you could get an idea of how big this place is and the amount of stock they have.  
If they haven't got what you want, then I don't think anyone has.
I visited quite a few fabric/trim shops in the Fashion District and this is by far the best.

Certainly beats Spotlight, hehe....

Another creative window display....
Remind you of a certain children's book?....

Now I can assure you I wasn't paid to advertise this shop, but if
they would like to send me a 'goody bag' of trims as a thankyou, I certainly wouldn't turn it down!!

Maybe Edward could get a job at M & J Trimmings....

Weekend venturing saw us down at Battery Park, heading towards the Staten Island Ferry terminal.
 I discovered the Urban Park Conservancy and my heart skipped a little beat or two.
A vegie garden....
an oasis of greenery in amongst the asphalt and bricks of the city.

Lots of vegies and flowers, balm for the gardeners soul....

Of course I discovered some Zinnias, beautiful in their faded glory....

Love the bean trellis...there'll be one like this in my vegie garden this Summer.

Rows of Rainbow Chard and Marigolds.
I can't tell you how happy this garden made me feel......
I could've stayed there all afternoon and explored the pathways through the garden
There were lovely purple/white eggplants growing, Kale, Tomatoes, Capsicums, you name it, it was most probably growing there.
Click on the link and read all about it, they'll do a better job explaining what it's all about.
A little gem if ever there was one.....

Another stylish scooter, parked on the street.
This is for Mr. Micawber......thumbs up or not?

More time  spent in Washington Square Park on the weekend.
Just as well it's a large park as there are so many buskers.....

The 'Piano Man' was back and he had a very attentive little, old lady .
Wasn't sure if she was really interested in his piano playing or needed somewhere to 'prop' and have a rest!!

The busker is the one in the silver suit, the other guy was trying to get in on the act!!
He certainlydidnt' endear himself to the buskers in the park.

Time for 'walkies' about a dozen dog's all up, spotted on my way to the Guggenheim.

Pretty sure the red back pack is full of doggy treats, hehe....
Looks like the dog far right is sitting up nice and straight waiting for one of those treats!!

So being a grey, gloomy and somewhat damp day today, it was a good day for inside adventures, so the Guggenheim it was.

"It's a big white building and you can't miss it" were the directions from a doorman a block away.
 He was right you can't miss it and the queue of people........oh boy. But it was a fast moving queue and out came the brollies when the rain came down.
Part of the Museum was closed due to the installation of an upcoming exhibition, but that was OK.
 Still got to see lots of great ART, ART, ART!!
van Gogh, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso and so the list goes.....thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
No photography allowed, sorry girls.

I love watching the pigeons in the parks and seeing all the different colours.
 So, last night I stitched up a sewing needle book using some wool mix felt I bought.
Along with a 'little something' I picked up at Anthropologie it will be a 'thankyou' gift to one of you adventurers who have kept me company on this exciting journey.
I will draw the giveaway at the end of the week, so all commenters names will go into the draw.
Hmmm, better start writing the names out now I think!

So here we are Tuesday, the last full week in NYC.
You can probably guess what I want to say next....something to do with time!!
When we first arrived I wondered how I would last the distance.
It's such a busy, bustling, noisy, vibrant city, so different from home. 
But I laced my shoes in a double bow, pinned on my adventurers badge and plunged into the hurly, burly and I have survived....

I have  a sneaking suspicion that when we hop on that plane next week. The one with the big, red Kangaroo on the tail and we head for home, that I will be a little bit sad to leave New York. 

But I know there will be a little bit of Sweet Birdy Love that will stay here forever in NYC.
Yes, it will be a woolly heart or two or three or more
 hanging in MOMA and the Guggenheim and in various parks and on Subway trains but none the less a little bit of me........

Thanks for visiting girls and also for your wonderful comments.

Claire X 


  1. Your photos are certainly a feast for the eye - love them!

    that shop looks absolutely awesome, I have never seen anything like it here in the UK - well, not on that kind of scale.

    Fancy bumping into Edward - Im sure he would have been interested to know that I have a huge poster of him in my office!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in NYC - I would love to go there one day, and your recent posts have certainly convinced me that it would be a fantastic experience!


  2. Enjoying hearing about your NY adventures and love that you have been leaving your wooly heart marks around the city. Imagine the smiles on the New Yorker's faces when they discover them. I'd be smiling if I spotted on anyway. And, that trim shop looks unbelievable. Cx

  3. You are certainly making the most of your time in New York! Love that shop window display - looks like a fabulous place. I'm sure I'd spend quite a bit in there.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. A Big thank you Claire for you blog.Where did you find out about so many crafty shop, Thy are great to see.

  5. My kinda cake! Gosh your last week! It's flown by! Ada :)

  6. I have so enjoyed your travels and I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. Please note; there can never be too many zinnia photos. Now that you have become fully immersed in some of the wonderful art of NYC, tell me, how does MONA in Tas compare? Thank you so much for taking us all along with you. The days are lengthening here and even though there is still snow on the Western Tiers the temperature seems quite mild. The clematis is taking off and the bulbs are putting on a wonderful show everywhere, paddock after paddock with daffodil lined fences. Lambs, calves, kids, piglets and chicks everywhere. x

  7. Miss Claire, you failed to tell us what you purchased at M & J Trimmings?!!!! Go on, make us all envious! What a great shop. Missed that one when we were there. Don't you just love the window displays throughout NYC? And Anthropologie was one of my very favourite stores. Love your pigeon sewing needle book, it's gorgeous!! Enjoy your last few days in the Big Apple : -)

  8. Enjoy your last fe days Claire. I have enjoyed your adventure very much, and hasn't the time flown!

  9. Oh, that shop...words fail me. It would be a fun and expensive place to work - all my wages would go right back into the business.

    So glad you found a real garden to visit for refreshment - I know my soul seems to dry up if I can't look at growing things. And yes, zinnia photos are always welcome! :)

    The Guggenheim sounds wonderful, and your pigeon needle book is perfect, right down to the seeds on the ground.

    Enjoy the rest of your time, and drink lots of water on the plane ride home!

    P.S. I will show the scooter to Mr. M as soon as he gets home. (I can make a fair guess that he will like the orange-y gold very much - he loves orange - with reservations about the seat cover. But we'll see.) Thanks for the photo!

  10. Wow! what a fabulous post!
    CAKE? yes please and also yes please to a trip to that amazing trim shop ..... heaven.
    what a fab trip
    love jooles x

  11. That shop looks amazing - but I would be scared to go into it with my daughter, as she would never be able to make up her mind.

  12. P.S. Thumbs up from Mr. M - strangely enough, the front basket-thingy was the clincher here. :)

  13. I've been enjoying your New York posts, sorry for the lack of comments. It's looks like you have indeed found plenty to pack into your days there. We've visited twice, once was over the September 11th attacks (bit scary), then we went back the next year to see a little of what we'd missed due to everything being closed. Both were rather fleeting visits and we didn't spend long enough there to become comfortable which it sounds like you already have. Enjoy your last week.

  14. Hey Claire,
    I have been away this week and just got caught up on your meanderings. Those feet certainly deserved some pampering! A birthday cake full of trims like that with no calories who would mind becoming a year older? You have left your creative touch on the city and creatively left the city on our minds...


  15. original Sweet Birdy Love hanging in the Guenheim...huzzah! ;0)
    Love the wee pigeon..did you spend a small fortune in the shop of dreams...I'd still be in there! ;D

    Hope Rich has cracked on in the studio and well done for resisting urge to hoof grandma out of way and having a go on the ivories!;0)

    *warning!* email has been think you've got jetlag now, wait til you read that b*gger! ;0)
    Big loves, great adventure, but be glad to have you back at home too! xx

  16. Claire, I'm thrilled you went to the Guggenheim! Isn't it just so moving to see those paintings in person?
    I loved the garden in the city too. Its so wonderfully layed out, and those teepees, the big fat zinnias.
    I adore that piegon needle case, its just such a winner~
    Hope you son's work is going well to, love to hear about that

  17. The trim cake is so fun!! I'd love to visit that shop! I love the pretty little pigeon needlebook you made. Glad you are enjoying your time in New York. It's so nice that you have found a way to balance all the concrete and craziness and people and art and noise with a little bit of quiet green time.

  18. Lovely to see your fabulous pics of NY Claire - what a whirlwind holiday you're having! The Hebrides feel even quieter than usual LOL :) Such a cute needle case - a lovely memento too of NY! xx

  19. You really are finding some unique places to visit Claire....
    The Community Garden in the middle of the city....Wow love the bamboo poles, am I right they form a fence around the garden.I did look at their site, what a great place to teach kids all about growing food.Take care and enjoy your last week. X

  20. No don't say it is true....home so soon????
    I don't know what I liked the most in this installment of your travels....maybe the trim shop it was big . xx

  21. I have so enjoyed these views and glimpses of NYC from our very own roving reporter!Loved the allotments!

  22. I think that is a grown-up's lolly shop! I wish it was in Melbourne Australia!

  23. I have been following your journey, enjoying the pics and descriptive babble about NYC. Just found time from my busy schedule living in BSH, NSW to comment on yours.
    Wanna be in the draw!xx

  24. You've done so much on your trip! I really want to get to the fashion district next time I visit. (hope to go in March.) I've really been enjoying my armchair vacation with you!

  25. Wow, that shop is really something! It would make my neck ache looking up at the top of those high shelves.

    The dog on the right looks so funny, bless him.

    I love your pigeon needle case and the thought that there's little bits of Sweet Birdy Love all over New York!

  26. The garden is brimming - how nice that you enjoyed it so much, amazing what gardens do for us isn't it.
    I adore how you leave those little woollen hearts behind Claire.
    Loving that lady leaning on the piano... beautifully captured moments of life :D)


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