Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Day Another Adventure Part 2

Ok girls listen up....if you love a good yarn and who doesn't?
Then make sure you visit Purl in Soho if you are ever in New York
There are 2 walls full of beautifully, coloured and textured yarn.
Save your pennies 'cos they don't come cheap.....

I am by no means up with all the labels and names etc. as although I can knit, I haven't for a very long time.
I'm happy with a ball of Cleckheaton and a crochet hook but even I can tell the good stuff...
 Looking towards the front door, lots of brightly coloured felts there on the left and fabric squares as well and scrummy yarns all along the RHS.

Apologies for the dull pics, my little camera is about to be replaced by a new, snappier model!!
Fabrics along the wall, they have an amazing range of books as well, they do classes and all sorts of things.
 You can check them out online.

But I have to say ,I was expecting more than just one level.
 I thought there would be at least 2 and more fabric.

 I hate to use the D word (disappointed) but I'm afraid I was very much so. After checking them out online and reading reviews my expectations were sky high.
 I've had a couple of them burst big time and I have to be honest with you.
I would hate to lead anyone up the garden path, but  I learnt long ago not to take recommendations at face value, try something out for yourself first.....on the other hand you clever, knitty types may think this is Yarn Heaven......

One place I wasn't disappointed with was....

This store was situated at Chelsea Market.

Display only but what a great idea......I love them.
This is the sort of thing I'm after, inspiration and creativity....

More wonderful displays, nice sparkly stuff, some vintage
and check out that dresser on the BR, it was huge and I would love to have that somewhere in my home.
 Drawers and shelves for all your knick knacks

I spied another sweet, little pink sewing machine, some gorgeous tea towels and more embroidered shirt fronts.
You can click on the pics to enlarge....

Drawer knobs....
Mr. Fox but no Peter Rabbit to be seen!!

Out of the corner of my eye, I spied some crochet.....I hurried over to have a closer look, hmmm, hand done, it appears so.
What could it be,a tube of some sort.
 Maybe a shrug, No. 1 suggested a bathmat when I showed him the pic.
But no we were both wrong, a small zip on the other side revealed that it was in fact, a Skirt (a very small skirt at that!!)
Sweet plates below, love those strawberries....must plant some more when I get home.

You know when you buy a cardy/top, you get a spare button and some yarn in a little zip lock bag attached to the label. Well not so with this little number, you get your very own wooden cotton reel with spare yarn on it.

How darn cute is that?

I checked everything out in this store, I can tell you.
I've been waiting years to get within cooee, so I was going to savour the experience.

Now if you happen to be renovating your bathroom or know someone who is.
Here's a tip, don't throw out the old enamel tub you are replacing.

Squash/compact it any old way you like and call it 'art' this little number is going for a cool $4,800.00

You got a spot on a wall you could hang it?

Lots of food stores further inside the building. I had to pop in to Eleni to have a drool over their cupcakes...... and their cookies which hasn't uploaded, grrr!! 
The fella in the pic very kindly answered my questions.They have 6 or 7 bakers and about a dozen  people doing the icing.
They are made in a kitchen over in Queens...

A little artwork on the wall reminding you that if you EAT TOO MANY YOU MIGHT TURN IN TO ONE OF THESE!!
Subtle guys!!

I do like red shoes.....if there's enough room in my case I might sort of, maybe, actually, I don't think I will.
Would hate to cause an injury to anyone along the crowded footpaths!!
Not the sort of boots you need in a New York downpour either.
Bottom Right.....I was nice and dry under the umbrella, sipping a cool drink and resting my toots.

Funny thing is girls, I was just thinking about this whole experience and pondering what it would be like to be here in Winter. Seeing the city turned into a Winter wonderland with a covering of snow...
Low and behold down one of the streets they were filming a commercial for Abercrombie and Fitch. I thought it may have been a movie but no.....

Snow machine and all...☃☃☃

How cool is that, flakes gently floating down.
The model must've been sweltering in his sweater.

One of the many things I've noticed around this city is the distinct lack of motorbike riders. They are few and far between, but I have seen a number of Vespas parked around town.
Wouldn't mind borrowing this to get 'home', I've done enough walking for one day thanks.....

So another round up of sights seen and things done.
Nothing too outrageous for this shy, retiring, country chick.....

I don't do the fashion side of things that's not my scene.
 I'm scared alarms will go off and lights will flash when someone my age with a clothing size in 2 figures enters a store hehe....

Thanks for taking the time to keep an eye on my adventures and making sure I'm behaving myself and hopefully next post won't be so higgledy piggledy!! 



  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm loving reading about your adventures and discoveries there. I went to NYC as a child and would so love to go again now. We are heading to the States in a few weeks, but not to NYC this time. I think I'd rather be going there! Cx

  2. Loving all of it, even Purl Soho! Keep 'em coming.x

  3. Ooooh all those lovely shops! I would never be able to decide what to buy! Ada :)

  4. Oh those embroidered tea towels are sweet, bet your storing up lots of ideas for future projects..........
    Not missing much back here, crappy windy wet weather!!

  5. Two great posts full of all things interesting. I love those mosaics, what a fab idea.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with your trims when you get home. Something beautiful I'm sure.
    Red velvet cupcakes, the colour would put me off I think. But it is fun to try different things.
    Anne xx

  6. I'm loving your New York posts - makes me wish I was going back sometime soon!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. You're certainly seeing the sights. Can't imagine hanging a battered bath on the wall especially for megga dollars - takes all sorts. Loving these blogs too.

  8. I really need to get back to NYC. You're having a fabulous time!

  9. I think you did very well - I'm loving your view of NYC, but I feel tired already!! cheers Wendy

  10. Yay... Purl Soho post..... But boooo to dissapointment :(
    ...but yaaay again to all the gorgeous pics you've taken, so many pretties! I really gotta get me a pink sewing machine. Vintage if poss too ;-)

    Thank you for the lovely comment, you must have a go at hexies soon... Give in to those itchy fingers!!

    Loving your NYC adventure xxx


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