Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Yarn.........

Hello girls, adventurers one and all.
 Here we are, into our second week in New York.
The last 3 days have been a little cooler more enjoyable for venturing outside......

This morning's wander takes me to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio at
 34 West, 15th street. A nice stroll in the cool air.
I knew it was going to be interesting inside when I saw the window display...... 

A little bit of crochet and some knitting as well and you've got me hooked......
Certainly eye catching and snap worthy wouldn't you say?

Beautiful throws displayed on the wall and with Autumn/Fall here and the cooler temps. my hands were getting twitchy for  some yarn and a hooked stick...

They were all lovely but I think my favourite is the wonky patterned throw.
How about you? 

Which throw do you like?

LHS.  Looking into the shop from the front door.
Love the creative little touches.....
BR. As soon as I saw those door handles I knew this was my kinda shop!!
I was very restrained and purchased 2 balls of acrylic/wool blend and a ball of cotton yarn.....not enough to knit a throw but enough to scratch that creative itch.

Of course I bought crochet hooks with me, they were one of the first things I packed!!

So nice to find Sunflowers growing in this huge Metropolis.
Found these cheery blooms in Washington Square Park...

The last few flowers of the season.
I'm sure they put on a lovely display over Summer.

I bet this busker didn't take the Subway to Washington Square!!

On the other side of the park is the 'Pigeon Man'
Suddenly he'll start shouting.. 

"Run fluffy go the other way
there's a bike....
run fluffy!!"

And scooting across the asphalt is a squirrel he's just given a peanut too.
It's quite amusing to sit and watch him.....

Pigeons aren't the only birds around town.
No. 1 and I spotted these owls as we were out and about yesterday.
The photos on the left are from the Merchant building on Broadway
and on the right this owl was perched above the entrance to the NY University.....

In my wanderings on Saturday afternoon, I stumbled across this lovely, little shop and there in the very middle of the window display was a jar of the good old black stuff.....
Yes, I'm talking Vegemite ladies and if you're a die hard lover of the stuff then there is absolutely no substitute for it.

 It was with some hesitation that I handed over my pennies (quite a few of them too, I might add!!) but I knew it was a necessity. I am coping OK without the coffee I'm used to as I can settle for a cup of tea, but Vegemite on toast in the morning is a necessity....
If you're an Aussie or a Brit and want a taste of home, then this is the 'go to' shop.....

I'm quite surprised at how many apartment living pooches there are in this city. They come in all shapes and sizes and you often see little furry heads peeking out of bags...handbags and also specially designed bags for travelling with your pooch. 

I guess if you are prepared to walk your dog 2 to 3 times a day, it's not so bad. But I'm sure some of those larger dogs would prefer to live in a place that has a big yard to run around in right outside their door.

All the parks here appear to have a fenced off area where you can let your dog off the lead and it can run around and play ball etc. I've also noticed that the streets are free of doggy do, which is great...

Still can't get enough of these gorgeous Zinnias.
 L. are Persian Carpet Zinnias.....
I've never heard of them have you?

TR. lovely lime green blooms

 BR. cute little minis....

Saturday my wanderings took me down to the High Line which runs along  a part of the lower west side of Manhattan in the Meatpacking district.....
 It's part of the disused overhead railway, which went out of service once trucks started taking over the movement of goods etc. Part of the railway was demolished but this section was saved by a group of local residents and has been turned into an urban parkway.....
It's a brilliant idea. You can stills see the disused tracks...

There are areas to sit and relax and there are food and drink stalls around as well.
I love all the greenery around the city.
 The parks, roof top gardens, the Highline and treelined streets are the lungs of this city

Loving the antics of these little fellas.
Some of them are quite cheeky and will come right up to you when you are eating.

"Look me in the eye and admit you stole that peanut"
"Maybe it's here, nope.
 Maybe it's over here.

"So that's where it is! nom, nom, nom"

Mosaics, add a bit of colour to a sidewalk pole.....

A visit to another Anthropology store and an interesting display of embroidered doilies...... I love them.
So on the pics for a better look.

I have a collection of doilies at home and have been wanting to use them for a similar project, but just haven't given it the time and thought needed.

I have the time at the moment but not the doilies....
Oh well, I'll put pen to paper and start planning.

Love it when I find inspirational moments like this....
Is it your cup of tea or not?

I Washington Square Park

So there we have it girls another little round up of adventures.
There were a couple of tornadoes over in Brooklyn on Saturday.
 I didn't even know about it till family back home and some bloggers mentioned it......
It was very windy at times in the morning and then rain in the evening which was great. 
Certainly cooled everything down which was so refreshing.
No.1 had a long weekend so we got out and about together and then went our separate ways at other times.
He's back in the studio today, so I'm venturing on my own, map in hand, compass in pocket, socks pulled up and a big bag of breadcrumbs!!

As a thankyou for your company along the way I picked up a little something at Anthropology and in the last week of this amazing adventure I will throw all your names into a hat, or guitar case or nearest receptacle and draw out a winner......

Thanks for joining me here in NYC.

Claire ♥♥


  1. Your adventure gets more and more amazing every day. What an incredible city!. love all the yarn bombs.

  2. Hi Claire, I am so enjoying your trip. I also have a friend holidaying in Italy at present and am enjoying reading about both of you. Hmmm, I think if I had a choice I would be with you!
    I hope you are going to use your yarn purchase to make a little "yarn Bomb" to leave somewhere over there?
    (Oh, and Seren is a Welsh name - popular over there for both girls and boys.)

  3. Loving every step of this adventure, my youngest loved the pigeon man (reckoned they looked like his brother and dad) and laughed with delight at the piano busker. I drooled over the yarn shops and the village pics.

    I can just picture you strolling in Central Park with a precious jar of Vegemite in your bag. It is so nice that you are enjoying yourself so much.

  4. I love how the Yarn Studio have yarn bombed themselves!

    I wonder if that piano is motorised and the player can ride it home?

  5. Sounds like you are having a great time in NY.

    Luv Jane XX

  6. Love the pic of the busker and his piano and what great shops your finding!! Have many people asked you where your from and are they interested to ask about where you live and Australia?

  7. How cool to stumble upon that Vegemite....and you are still finding such neat sights and goings on around town too. xx

  8. Well now, I'm so happy you got a taste of home to tide you over. And its black?? sounds even stranger than before!
    I bet thats a super Anthropologie, I've always wanted to go to one, and come to find out there was one about fifty steps away from me when we were in Carmel a month ago. Its those dishes they have that I'm interested to see in person. I don't think I could squeeze my arm into one of their tops from the look of them.
    I loved the piegon picture. Reminds me of the Mary Poppins movie. And that owl! It looks so huge~
    Are you going to the Natural History Museum? I've heard it amazing.

    So glad you are exploring so many nooks and crannies of the city and sharing them too

  9. What a lovely time you are having Claire and thank you for taking the time to share it with us here in blogland. I've always thought a trip to NYC would be fun and interesting and your posts are certainly whetting my appetite.
    Anne xx

  10. You find the most amazing things Claire! Love those wonky throws, and that pigeon man... what a lot of fun.
    So glad you found some vegemite too. It would be interesting looking through that shop full of Aussie stuff.
    Beaut to read this post, and it's very generous of you to share your adventures like this with us :D)

  11. It looks like you are having a wonderful time in NYC! I love how your pictures bring a lot of the little details of city life to our attention... things that a lot of people would not even notice in their hurry to get places. Love the guy on the sidewalk playing a piano and pidgeon man. The squirrels. And the mosaic pole. And the little stitched heart on the railing. And of course you would find the zinnias! Love that about you. :-)

  12. Good morning Claire, I'm enjoying my morning coffee and reading your post. It has been great to visit New York with you and see some of the sites that may not be seen in tourist brochures. The yarn Studio was great. I love the door pulls.
    I have a special fondness for street musicians, but have never seen one with a piano . . . how cool is that?
    Those embroidered doilies are pretty amazing. It is easy to see how you would be inspired by them.

    Okay, I have a question . . . what is Vegemite?

    Wishing you the very best vacation ever . . . be safe and have fun. Love reading your posts.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    P.S.Thank you for the lovely compliment on my paintings . . . You put a happy smile on my face, and believe me . . . I needed it badly.

  13. What a pretty collection of doilies :) I just love Anthropologie too, I actually used to work for them in London - they're fab!
    Jessie, xo

  14. I like the quilty-looking throw - especially the one block with different-coloured points.

    How fun to be a dog-walker (except for the cleanup part). Those zinnias are gorgeous.

    Did you do that heartfelt little bit of yarn bombing in Washington Square Park? :)


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