Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just follow the Polka Dot Flag Girls.....

Hi Adventurers one and all.....
Are you keeping up with the pace?
It's so nice to have company on this adventure and I'm happy to be sharing it with all of you......

My goodness, I have to consult diary notes to find out what happened yesterday and horror of horrors I have been rather tardy and not filled that page in!!

I'm in danger of losing my Adventurers badge, note to self, pull socks up nice and high and keep up.....
Now did I pack my thinking cap?
 It's probably still at home with the Vegemite......

Oh yes, I followed the pavement, up one street down another. No where in particular, just looking, wondering what sights the city would reveal.
Firstly I came across this wonderful gown.
Made entirely from spoons.
 Not particularly practical or comfortable.
 But long lasting and very, ummm, stylish!!
Now if you want to whip one up, you need chicken wire and bent spoons. 
Check the shed you might find some lying around near a crushed bathtub!!

The shop is Fishes Eddy on the corner of Broadway at 19th street.
It sells a variety of kitchen bits and pieces and with your left over cutlery you can whip up a wonderful chandelier too....

Heading Uptown a little oasis of greenery and a degree of calm.
Madison Square Park.
Lots of benches where you can sit and rest.
It was after midday and the Shake Shack was doing big business.
Not sure if these folk were on their lunch break 'cos they may have needed to extend it. That queue was getting bigger by the minute and it was going nowhere fast.
 No. 1 talks about the Shake Shack with a gleam in his eye.
 I think we may just have to visit it in the name of research......of course?

The park was full of people, strolling, sitting, enjoying the slightly cooler temps.
 Mums with bubs, nannies with their charges.
 All out enjoying the fine weather. 

I decided to try one of these pretzels from a sidewalk vendor.
They're big enough to share with a friend or the pigeons....if you're allowed to...

At the other end of the park, was a large screen for tennis fans to watch the US Open....
After a brief sojourn here I continued Uptown.

It was nice not to have an agenda, so I could please myself and wander at will.
Along the way I checked out a couple of thrift shops, but so far no treasures have bee found. But I am still hopeful!!

On the return journey I found myself at Gramercy Park.
 Another oasis of greenery and calmness.
(sorry no pics of the actual park)

 It's a locked park and only local residents who pay an annual fee can use it....
The gardens are beautifully maintained.
Love the bird feeder/roost.....
I wonder if any old birds can use it?...hehe....

So here we are at Friday, a week since we arrived.
Today's plan was to head Uptown to the New York Library.
When I looked out the window this morning, it was sunny and the sky was hazy, hmmm, it looks pretty warm.
 Surprisingly it was quite pleasant, although in the sun it is warm.
I took the subway and as the doors to my carriage were about to close, 4 guys stepped in and started to sing, barbershop quartet style it was wonderful.
They were brilliant, what a great way to start my day. Certainly made me smile. One of them held out a hat out as they made their way down the carriage.
 At the next stop they move onto the next carriage

Not sure why this super rodent was here, but hey, this is New York City.
 Sometimes the only answer to a question is
 'because I can"!!

 Next to the library is Bryant the 'towers' of Begonias.
I bought a coffee and ? and sat down to enjoy the scenery...

TL. Beside the counter is the menu board with a calorie counter next to each item......great idea, but it does take away some of the enjoyment, hehe....
TR. is a Reading Room, where you can find papers and magazines to read for free. There are also books for kids as well.
BL. After your coffee and croissant work off those calories with a game or two of table tennis.
BR. Smoking has been banned in parks since 2011....
'Smell the flowers not the smoke'!!
 I think that's a great idea......

Remember to click on the pics to enlarge

I wandered inside the library, it was lovely and cool.
The architecture is amazing.
I sat down in one of the reading rooms and soaked up the atmosphere.
I was very conscious of not making any noise.
 I didn't want a bespectacled lady in a twinset and glasses to hold a finger up to pursed lips and 'shhhhh' me!

I was too early for the free guided tour....maybe another day.

Time to think about heading home,via Macy's.....
There was a sale on and it was busy.

Spotted this little number and thought I would just show you what you can do with an old pair of jeans and some leftover denim.
Yep, it's a skirt from DSRL and a cool $225.00

Back in Union Square I found this chalk artist writing the words to a song on the footpath.
From what I can gather, he was hired by a man who was celebrating his 17th wedding anniversary and his surprise 'gift' to his wife was to have her favourite song written on the footpath in New York City.
 Apparently she is back home in Spain and the pics will be put up on the net or some such........
I mean how creative and romantic is that girls, aaaaw.... 
What a guy!!
Funny thing was on the other side of the coin, there was guy Uptown walking around saying rather loudly...

'Your wedding day,
 the happiest day of your life and the
worst mistake of your life'

Guess it wasn't him celebrating his wedding anniversary....

Last but not least, just so you don't think it's all about cupcakes and pizza.......

 Today's lunch....
A container full of the yummiest salads.
Nice and refreshing.

So the last two days' sightseeing has been fairly low key.
Jet lag seems to be disappearing, actually slept right through last night, hooray.
The week has certainly flown, yet in another way I feel like I've been here for longer.

The recording is going well for No.1 and he's thoroughly enjoying the process.
He has the weekend off, so we'll be able to head out together which will be great.

I have been missing home a little, so it's been great to have your company along the way.
Thanks for all the comments girls.
I hope you've all had a great week and enjoy your weekend,

Claire X


  1. What an AMAZING time you are having Claire! Wish I was there too! Ada :)

  2. Sounds great. Looks so interesting and glad to read the thrifting commitment continues. Hope you find a little tresure at the next one. Cx

  3. Now if Andy Murray wins the final at Flushing Meadows, you can always say you were in NYC in a historic year, Claire! What an amazing adventure you're having with some unforgettable sights and sounds, by all accounts. I was telling my oldest lad and his partner last night that New York is now on my Bucket List, if only to visit Purl Soho. They just looked at me in amazement!Although, I've taught his partner how to knit her first cowl, so she might join me on the journey!
    Glad the recording is going well. Might we get a little more news soon?
    Enjoy the rest of your time in the Big Apple, Claire. Really enjoying your travel journal. x

  4. Love your little jaunts through New York City. I feel as if I was there too - oh, I must go there one day!

  5. Loving your updates, and sounds a whole lot more fun than dodging the rain and wind here!

  6. Claire, how can I ever eat a choclate chip scone again knowing it has more calories than a cheeseburger? o drat. How was that pretzel? I don't know , I didn't see a beer alongside it so maybe a bit dry?
    I have a nephew who lived in NYC and sold art on the street and as a sideline hit the thrift stores to resell stuff. The key is to get there when it opens. And to pick your neighborhood. Some are much better than others. I wish I had more info on which ones are best.
    I think Fish and Eddies has a web site too. You are seeing some smoking hot spots!

  7. Can't wait to hear more about No.1's recordings. Enjoyed him on You Tube. Loving all your doing and seeing. Heard you had some bad weather close, but looks like you had a nice day! Karen

  8. So much eye candy...You are having my kind of holiday...just wandering and meandering , noticing and watching......thanks for taking us on the tour too..

    That skirt...I am inspired now to keep up with my own RE inventing. xxxx

  9. I'm enjoying adventuring with you!!! What fantastic things you're doing and seeing!!! :-)

  10. Oh my, you're in NY! Looks like a fantastic holiday Claire - I must catch up on all your news - I've been a little AWOL - have fun, and I'll look forward to the rest of your posts! Have a nice day now :) :)

  11. ooo I'm loving your travelogue missus!! I have got vision of you back at home pottering round garden in those red shoes now...go for it! ;0)
    Think Rich should indulge in a bit of didgeridoo busking whilst your over there too!!
    And will you please stop posting pics of the food...I'm putting on weight just looking at them!
    Keep up the good work/blogging, can't get enough!

  12. Hey Claire...looks like you are really enjoying our lovely NYC!!

    Janet xox

  13. Hello way over there Claire!
    Wow, I really kind of love that spoon dress... original and quirky.
    Yes, it's great to be able wander around without any set plan of where to go - you're really hunting out some beaut sights. It's so interesting to see what's happening there.
    Love the romantic pavement sign, so cute.
    Beaut your jet lag is in the past and also that your No 1 is happy with how things are going.
    Cheerio for now, keep having fun and enjoying everything :D)

  14. I like that chandelier, but the dress looks a bit heavy...wonderful for camouflaging bulgy bits though!

    Why do they put calories on menus? SO depressing. I always ignore them. :)

    Sounds like you're still having a wonderful time. Thanks for the fun post and pics!

  15. I can't get over how neat that freehand chalk writing is, and I love the spoon dress.


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