Saturday, September 22, 2012

Argh Me Hearties........

Hi there ladies, I hope you've all had a great week and have some R & R lined up for the weekend or are already enjoying your weekend.
I'll end the week here with a mixed post and a giveaway winner.

I enjoyed wandering around Union Square's Farmers Market on Wednesday......
These Orchids are so delicate and if you look closely you can 
see some little green 'creatures' on the stems and bamboo supports.......

Little plastic Dragonflies, to hold the stem to the support....great idea.

Vibrant Gerberas.....
I  have never grown them, have you?

Love this colourful bike, great way to get around but I'm not sure about the comfort level of the leather saddle!!

Did you know it was 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' on Wednesday?
'Aye me hearties it were'....did you miss it?
I just had to go inside as tell my one and only Pirate joke.

Do you want to hear it?

Oh, all right then, I'll keep it to myself!!

Walking 'home' today I found this gallery in Soho with a Rob Ryan exhibition on.........yippee...

Are you familiar with his work? 

These are all cut out of acid free paper/card by hand.
Obviously the photo doesn't do justice to his work. It must be painstakingly slow but it's so effective.
It was great to see all the detail close up.
The gallery owner told me they take anywhere from 1 to 200 hours....

If you'd like to see more of his work he has a blog here.

Before I left Australia I was reading a New York blog and the blogger was talking about all the water tanks on top of buildings

Can't help but notice them now....

Bit like all the chimney pots in England, didn't pay much attention until someone pointed them out to me!!

Got to say the water here tastes great too.

Sunset pics taken from the rooftop garden during the week

I  finished off the sewing needle book and added a
feather on the back.
I enjoyed making it so much that I started another.....

I couldn't resist putting a squirrel on it.
(Bit different from 'put a bird on it'!!)
I added a ribbon tie to this one and just need to sew in the lining and voila....

Obvious choice for the back wasn't it?

Ok, girls here we go write the names out put them all in a 
suitable bag, hehe.....

Give them a good shake around and ask No.1 to draw out a name or two!!
Yes, I decided to have two winners.

Would love to send you all a little something for joining me on my adventure, a huuuuuuge 


 will have to suffice..

The winners are


I'll be in touch shortly girls......
If you haven't read their blogs yet, pop over and introduce yourselves....

An update on how No.1 is going with his recording.

All the tracks are down and they have been mixing the recordings this past week.
He's enjoying being back in the studio and the creative process.
He even played some banjo on a couple of the tracks which surprised me as guitar is really his instrument
I have to admit I am a banjo lover from waaaaay back.

If you would like to listen to what he does here's a link...

This was recorded in January this year.....

Oh all right here's the joke...
In best pirate voice.

Q.Why are pirates, pirates?

A.Because they arrrrrrrrr!!

and because that was so bad here's another....

Q. What do pirates get when they grow old?

A. Arrrrrrrthritis!!

No apologies, cos you really wanted to know, didn't you?

Fab weekend to you all.
Thanks for popping by and welcome to new followers and commenters.



  1. Arrrrrrr my 7 year old will love those jokes....

    Have a great last few days abroad. xx

  2. Leather saddles are the best! I've tried gel ones and none come close to a good old leather one. The one in the photo looks very much like mine, complete with springs.

  3. Ditto to Anne's comment - a leather saddle is quite comfortable, especially with springs. Both my (ancient) bikes have leather saddles and I wouldn't change them.

    I was hoping for those pirate jokes ... thanks for relenting, matey. :)

    And wow, thanks for drawing my name! How fun to win a little souvenir of your trip to NYC. Have a good trip home.

  4. Good ol' No. 1 for drawing my name out! It will be lovely to have a souvenir of your trip to New York, I've enjoyed joining you in your adventure.

    I was so disappointed when I thought you weren't going to tell your pirate joke, what a tease!
    By the way what is an icing shot?

  5. Ha-harggh me hearty! Wotcha call a man with a seagull on his head...CLIFF! Not technically a pirate joke but a seaside theme nonetheless...and I forgive you for the pirate jokes! ;D

    Nice to see No.1 there and I also forgive him for not pulling my name out, but only on the proviso you send me the bakery bag to sniff! ;D

    Love love love the wee needlecases!

    Have a safe trip home the pair of you!!

  6. Enjoyed the trip. The needle cases are so sweet, lucky winners!!!


  7. Oh you must be soooo proud of your son, watched/listened to a couple of his tracks.....their fantastic. He has a unique voice and so much talent with his instruments!!!
    Interesting pic of all the tanks on the buildings.....I don't know why but didn't think the water would taste all that good because of pollution.......... Make the most of your last couple of days...Cheers.

  8. Love the needle cases... The squirrel/ acorn one is adorable and a lovely theme for the Autumn!! Beautifully stitched.
    That Art exhibition looks fab, such detail. I'll have to take a peek, thanks for the link!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my little quilt and craft space too.

    Happy Sunday to you and your talented No.1
    Louise xx

  9. Poo, I wanted to win, but congratulations to the winners!! Enjoyed listening to your son play, fabulous. Thanks for the pirate jokes : -)

  10. Terrible jokes , but great post! Congratulations to the winners! Ada :)

  11. Wow Claire - your son is super talented! How exciting for you :D

    Congrats to the winners - the needle books are fabulous :)
    (Your pirate jokes are appalling but thanks for sharing them with us anyway LOL!!!)
    Lovely pics as always!
    Alison xx

  12. No 1 is very talented - love his didge work too. All the best to him!
    Wow, your last week there - you've packed so much into each day Claire, and your photos are incredible... and fun.
    Enjoy your remaining time there, and enjoy your homecoming too :D)

  13. When very small my son had a pirate joke that was something to do with a Lego pirate shouting Le-go of my leg when attacked by a Lego shark. It was the kind of joke that only makes sense to a 5 year old and he repeated it ad nauseum. Trust me, your jokes were much better!!

  14. Wow, Claire, I finally had a chance to follow the link and listen to some of Rich's music. Simply amazing. There's no other word for it. You must be very proud of him! Good luck to him with this second album.



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