Sunday, September 2, 2012

Greetings From New York CIty

So tell me who wants to be Thelma and who wants to be Louise?

We're on an adventure which I can assure you will end very differently from the movie .......

So girls here I am in New!!

I boarded a plane in Sydney on Friday  and after many hours of watching TV, movies and playing Solitaire on my own screen (entertainment on o/s flights have come a long way since I was o/s in 2007)we landed in Dallas. Then it was queuing for ages through immigration, security etc. etc. etc.
Boarded an American Airlines flight to NYC and arrived here at 8.45pm local time.
 As No.1 and I  wheeled our luggage out of the airport into the balmy night, we were still pinching ourselves... it was no longer a dream.
I think we got the fastest taxi driver in the rank and as we sped down the road changing 3 lines, with no beep of an indicator the speedo crept up to 60mph (96kph!!No idea what the speed zone was but ain't no one else keeping up with us!!)
 Fast Freddy knew what he was doing and where he was going and you know, we were really too tired to be worried.
 As the aircon was blasting out in the back seat , we were  happy to just chill......

We are renting an apartment for the month while we're here and it seems a pretty  good spot to base our selves

This morning we had breakfast at the Silver Spur Diner
Scottish Benedict for moi and Eggs Benedict for No.1. Came with a serve of fried grated spud (delish) and a slice of rockmelon....
very nice at the end.
A large glass of iced water is served after you are seated and I can tell you it's very welcome in this heat. 
It was 34 deg. today and yes it is humid, but there was a breeze which made it more bearable although when you head down to the Subway the temp. rises as the perspiration trickles down your back.....

This breakfast eaten after 10.30 am pretty much set us up for the day.....

 Next stop Union Square via the Guitar Center (of course)
There was a fresh produce market on in the square. All sorts of vegies, fruit, cheeses, bread, some meat, flowers, plants you name it.
It was buzzing with people so we just wandered among the crowd.
Snaps of some of the flowers:-

L. Zinnias yay!!
Gorgeous, brightly coloured blooms

A wall of radishes, I'll pass thanks!!
Hubby once grew them and they were peppery little fellas, they produced so many I think the cows ended up feasting on them...

If you want pies this is the place to find some.
They looked absolutely yummy, but I resisted, couldn't be carting them around all day....

Now in this warm weather a nice juicy peach would've been the perfect thirst quencher....

A great idea NYC, water taps to fill up your empty bottle, give your pooch a drink and it's free.....

After we had visited the studio and touched base with the guys there we came back to Manhattan and did a little bit of grocery shopping at the Whole Foods Market which is humungous.
I could've spent hours there just wandering around looking at all the produce and checking out all the different varieties of products.
Just look at those mushies, never seen anything like them back home...
Mushroom Kabobs!
 top pic and mountains of mushies below.....

There's 2 levels of food at this place and you queue for the registers, 4 queues and wait till a register is free and you are directed to that point by  the voice over the  loud speaker and the display screen above you.
Now our checkout operator was  guy called DDDan (Decidedly Disinterested Dan) who gazed around and didn't seem to be in a hurry and when we were having trouble figuring out how to use the credit card machine he was too interested in what everyone else was doing to offer any assistance.....oh well!!
Glad I'm not the boss, being a checkout chick from waaaaaay back I find it very annoying when you get somebody who's as slow as a wet week!!
Don't worry Dan we got our groceries you got the money and all's good

Our subway ride back from the studio in Brooklyn took us over the Manhattan Bridge and the lights are the view from the apartment.
No. 1 found a 2 ltr bottle of Dr. Pepper which is what he's been dreaming of and in the background is the city......
So that's a little bit of what we got up to today.

The adventure has begun...
there's talk of visiting Times Square and Central Park tomorrow, but I think storms are forecast so we will see how the day pans out.

New York is busy and bustling and it's warm and humid but hey, we're here and it's all great. Except for my feet which are rather sore from all the walking we did, so tomorrow it might be comfortable runners instead of what I thought were my comfy sandals.
Time for bed girls, there's some reading to be done as I am  still wide awake, but it's getting late!!

Thanks for popping by and I hope you are having a great week/end wherever you are,

Take Care,

Claire X
in NYC 


  1. Wow - fabulous post! You are so lucky to be in New York. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I'm so excited and I'm not even there! But it is almost like being there when you give us the update. The ZINNIAs!!! You know the way to my heart. I was IN LOVE with that photo! I can't wait to hear more Claire.
    Today Craig and I did the Kidney Health Australia Walk and boy was it cold. Dull gray skies and a wind chill to chatter the teeth. Even so I was in desperate need of those water fountains in your photo. Too much talking and walking I suspect.
    Love T

  3. Goodness Claire, you're there already! What a fabulous first day, i am so looking forward to the next episode. Enjoy?
    P.S. read my blog.

  4. How wonderful - I have always wanted to visit NYC but havent had the chance - maybe one day...


  5. Oh goodness, how exciting, I am so envious! Love the picture with NEW YORK in the background! Do you know Frances of 'City Views, Country Dreams' who lives in central NY? Looking forward to more adventures, keep taking those photographs.

  6. Lucky, lucky you Claire! Have a great time in NYC. Looking forward to LOTS of photo's :-)!

    Madelief x

  7. I can feel your excitement at being in New York in this post! How lucky you are to be staying a whole month! Looking forward to more tales from NYC.

  8. Let the adventures begin...can't wait to here more. xx

  9. Hey neighbor, well three thousand miles but you are in the states! Loved the fruit stalls, must come from Long Island;
    so much of everything, isnt' there? Smart girl, save your feet.

  10. Looking fabulous. Time to get out those comfy trainers for pavement pounding (sorry that should be sidewalk stomping).

  11. Looks like you are having great fun! Hope the feet feel better soon.

    Pomona x

  12. What a fabulous newsy post on all you've been up to in NYC so far. The food markets and flowers are something else, such abundance.
    Take care of those feet.
    Anne xx

  13. Wow, Dallas seems like a long way round but perhaps it's actually more direct that way? Congratulations on making it!

    Sounds like you're having a grand old time already. How nice to have your own apartment while you're there. And it looks as though there's plenty of easy access to good food. :)

    Have a wonderful time, and may the studio sessions go well for Number One.

  14. yay! You arrived safely, inspite of loon cabbie...was thinking about you both on the journey! :)

    Can't wait to see more action shots and looking forward to hearing No.1's NYC sessions too!

    Get them plates o' meat in some Radox! ;)

  15. Sounds wonderful already. Have a super time. Liz xx

  16. Oh I need to make a road trip?????

    Janet xox

  17. wow wow wow - gorgeous photos Claire. Fancy that, being in NYC, isn't it just amazing!! Renting an apartment for a month just sounds like an incredible idea. It's been a while since I watched Thelma and Louise but I might just re-watch on your account. Have fun and keep posting! cheers Wendy

  18. You're certainly having a fabulous adventure Claire. Being in an apartment for a whole month would be such a beaut arrangement. Aready you've sussed out beaut markets, full of interesting things. Trust you to find some pretty Zinnias too!
    Had a little chuckle at DDDan and, well, those kabobs would be so yummy. Loving your posts.. thanks Claire :D)


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