Sunday, September 16, 2012

Subjective, Relative or in the Eye of the Beholder are you all adventurers?

I have more of the arty and less of the crafty tales to share with you today.
Starting with a visit to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)one day last week.
I took myself off on the Subway hoping to broaden my horizons a little.

Now we all have an opinion, that's what makes us individuals. We don't always agree with each other or the experts, but we respect the right to have a different opinion...don't we??

Most definitely

Georges Pierre Seurat....wonderful piece,
1000's of tiny brush strokes

Art....why of course.

Need I even ask the question?
The answer is a most resounding yes.....

 3 basketballs in a tank of water!!

 Well, it's in the eye of the beholder isn't it.
Sorry, Mr. Curator, but I'm not with you on this one.

This piece, is a variety of polystyrene, timber, chicken wire and
other bit and pieces.
Can't remember who made it or anything else about it.
It may have influenced a milliner  to create something for  someone to wear at a certain wedding recently!!
Art....shoulder shrug!!
Nope I don't think so...

Back view, yikes....
A definite 'no' in my book.
But how about you? 
I would love to know your thoughts.
I have to say I haven't done an art degree I just know what I like and what I don't......
But hey, whoever created this piece, has it displayed in MOMA  in New York city so there you go!!
Some people will love what you do and others won't....

Moving on......No.1 had a day off so we  visited the Museum of Natural History, in search of Dinosaurs......
Down in the subway I found more wonderful mosaics.
Had to share this one with you.

I'm enjoying wandering the streets and soaking up the atmosphere.
Noticing the large and the small details that make up this city and the people that inhabit it.
I wonder if the house and the shutters came first or the Vespa?
Love the colours..... 

Another visit to the Union Square Market this morning.
 A lovely, breezy, sunshiney morning.

Pots of Mums looking gorgeous.
Ornamental gourds and an assortment of pumpkins.

Welcome Fall...
I've always liked that word for Autumn. 
That's exactly what happens.
 The leaves change colour and they fall along with the temperatures.
 I wish I could stay for a bit longer and enjoy the changing colours and cooler temps.
I resisted taking photos of Zinnias today girls, thought I would give you a break from them.
 But I can tell you they were there by the bucket load and just as cheery and beautiful as ever....

A chance conversation with another tenant in the building revealed that we have our very own rooftop garden.
I'm so glad I found this out as the view is amazing...

BR. Looking towards the pool!!
Apparently it was going to be open this weekend,
bit too cool for me. Last weekend would've been much more enjoyable.

Views of the city.

Giving my tootsies, some much needed TLC and a Paraffin Wax heel treatment.....
Had to come to New York to get my first ever Pedicure but hey, some of us just take a little longer to do some things than others.....
Had a manicure as well.......that was a first too and won't be the last either!!

After having a  wander through the market this morning and taking a few snaps I got a coffee and found a shady/sunny spot to sit, draw, write in my travel diary and enjoy the latest
 Mollie Makes.
It was just perfect and the home sickness that has been following me around left for a little while and I could relax completely.

I'm putting my hand up for this one and quite a few others around the city.
On park benches, subways, rails here and there and there's even one in MOMA!!!

So here we are 2 weeks after we arrived.
The days zip by and before you know it, it's time to get tea ready, then a week has passed .......

Ticking a few more must do/see things off the list.

We have been in constant contact with hubby at home via email and Skype.....isn't it amazing technology?

Just makes the world that little bit smaller I think.
Keeping up with all the know the sort of stuff that isn't all that important when you are home.
 But when you are away you want to know,...

 How many eggs the chooks have laid.
Whether the Prunus Elvins is in full flower yet.
Is the new cafe open in town.

The sort of things that keep you connected to where your roots are.
Thanks for another great week New York, you're an amazing, interesting place but my
will always belong to another.

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire, I'm really enjoying your NYC posts. I'm back there in my mind!! Totally agree with you on the art front. We saw an amazing display at MOMA which included taxidermy ... but art?!! Fabulous view of the city from your roof top, and Very Arty Photo!! Keep enjoying, and sharing : -)

  2. Enjoyed this post as well, even art is everywhere in NYC, the streets, colours, flowers, glad you are having fun. More motivating posts to you! =)

    Visit the fashion blog at

  3. Ah yes, modern art and all the different interpretations on what exactly ART is!! I'm not a big fan of polystyrene foam and chicken wire myself unless the foam is keeping something precious safe and the wire keeping the chooks enclosed. Despite the absurd artworks, such a wonderful experience for you. I especially like the owl mosaic, thank you for taking the time to photograph him and posting the photo.
    I love the blue shutters and the Vesper...shades of Europe there. I'm glad you discovered the roof top garden too. What wonderful views. Being homesick is not fun, but all too soon you will be home and your time in NYC will be like a dream. So glad you are soaking it all up and enjoying the experience.
    Take care and keep on having fun.
    Anne xx

  4. I really enjoyed this one Claire. I would love to visit MOMA as I really want to see the Rothko paintings. Although modern (especially conceptual) art is a mixed bag I still find it fascinating. A hangover from doing Art History as a degree. So much grew out of trying to make sense of a world with cameras (rather stuffed the career for portrait and landscape painters for a while). It then went on to try and speak of the human psyche post two world wars. That is where it lost it's way and found others I think.
    I quite like the chicken wire head, the eye did it for me. But like you, three basketballs floating in a fish tank speaks not of the human condition! I would love to have toured it with you, although I suspect we may have done much giggling and not reverent enough.

    Glad you are able to keep in touch with home, isn't SKYPE wonderful. Speaking as one with broken nails (crafting not being conducive to french polish) I am intrigued by the whole pedicure/manicure thing. Looks like the sort of thing you can only do in a foreign city where the not normal is ok. Best to you.
    Charlotte xxx

  5. Wow what a fantastic experience. New York is one of those places on my list to visit once in my lifetime! Thank you for sharing. We ladies just have to splurge on treats with things such as manicure/pedicures - it's just got to be done!:-) Leah xxx

  6. I'm with you on the art thing.....I think I'm quite open minded on most things, but sometimes I think these artist are just pulling our legs! Bet they have a right laugh at our expense! Shows how clever they are really! Keep up with all the lovely, enjoyable posts! Ada :)

  7. You got to take pics of those precious works of art in MOMA?!!Lucky you.Another great post, Claire, and I particularly love that pic of the Vespa and window shutters - would love to 'borrow' it from you if I may?Imagine you leaving all your little Sweet Birdy Love treasures around NYC - good for you - made me giggle when I read that one! That roof garden looks awfully posh - are you staying in Manhattan??
    Keep enjoying, Claire - you'll be home soon and it will all be just a distant memory then - but with so much to remember. xxx

  8. I'm sure your feet said a BIG thank you after all the footpaths/steps/bridges etc they have been hitting. Art is a very personal thing isn't it, I find chicken wire very useful to make tree guards with.........
    Oh the roof top garden, fantastic and the views.....had to show Hubby those pics.
    Now when you get home you just have to find some tap shoes(i can lend you mine)and learn a bit of Tap then you can play a bit of Jazz, Frank Sinatra....... New York New York !!!!! X

  9. I'm with you. Some art I just don't get!. Looks like you're having a wow of a time.

  10. Oh those pumpkins! what an incredible farmer's market. I looked for ONE , just one, at the local farmers here , not yet.
    I can't help but giggle when I think of the cocktail party at the MOMA, and people trying to make sense of the conceptual art, finding a metaphor for the basketballs in the fish tank.
    Did you like the Natural History Museum? There's another place, its called ABC Carpet. I'll get back to you to make sure its right. Its a well known store with amazing displays, folky. And the Carnigie Deli? If you like corn beef, thats the place. Zabar's Deli too. As long as you have two more weeks!
    Are you going to Brooklyn?

  11. I'm with you on the fabulous Van Gogh, Seurat and Monet but three basketballs in a tank - no, that is not art. Love your NYC trips - keep them rolling!

  12. Digging the green thongs there luv ;0)

    Ah you can't whack a bit of Vinny can you...he's my fave...we went to the National Gallery few years ago, I was so excited, got there n the Vin room was closed off for refurb...grrr!

    Don't get me started on a Hirst/Emin rant I'll be here all day ;0)

    That view is breathtaking, can imagine Rich up there blasting out a tune on the didgeridoo...hope he's having fun in studio still!

    Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your trip but also be happy when you're back home safely...that's the agrophobic hermit in me!!

  13. Oh I'm with you on the art. Three basketballs in a fish tank is just taking the mickey.
    The owl mosaic on the other hand is really something!

  14. Oh, I could just fall into that Monet panel. I love the Water Lilies series. And yes, that other piece/thing definitely looks like a certain wedding hat. (A case of art imitating life, or the other way around?) We were at a museum once and hanging on the wall was a plain green square of painted canvas. I wonder how much they paid the "artist" for that?

    Great Vespa shot! And I love the mosaic on the subway wall. AND the crochet heart!

    Thanks for another fun post, Claire. :)

  15. P.S. Just showed the scooter pic to Mr. M (who's a scooter aficionado) and his response was, "Good colours!"

    Great minds think alike. :)

  16. My brother works in the modern art world in the States. I don't get it, but have had the benefit of guided tours by him of various exhibitions and it certainly helps having an explaination from a personal modern art guru. Cx

  17. Your rooftop view of the city is really wonderful! And I love that you are leaving your little hearts around the city. You never really leave a place you love.

  18. I loooove Monet and Van Gogh and Seurat, but a lot of modern art drives me crazy. LIke basketballs in an aquarium!! :)

  19. I so enjoyed seeing your photos Claire. The art gallery looked interesting, lol... the modern art is, well, modern!!
    How beaut that you found out about the building's rooftop garden - what a find!
    Love whizzing around NYC with you :D)


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