Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Help, We Forgot To Pack Vegemite!!!

Don't turn your nose up, it's yummy and for someone who loves nothing better than a cuppa and a round or two of hot buttered toast and vegemite in the morning, this is a crises girls.....

I've settled for my second choice which is marmalade but I'm on the hunt for a jar of Vegemite....

How are you all?

I have a couple of days worth of adventures to share and have made a veeery long story short thanks to Picmonkey and a few collages, so settle in and let's start.

Central Park on Sunday...self explanatory really. 
I know grey squirrels are a bit of a pest, but they are just soooo cute.
To me they are woodland, fairy tale creatures that link back to my childhood...
Busker under the bridge,
Skyline above the trees
Manholey? type of thingy hehe.... 

There were lots of people out and about in the park on Sunday, walking, running, strolling, bike riding, horse and carriage cruising people, even an artist.
Careful crossing the road or you might get run over by a cyclist.

It was an overcast day and therefore slightly cooler, phew!

Times Square, it's big it's brash, it's New York.
You've all seen it in photos, at the movies in magazines.
We had to do it!!
M & M shop, high on the list of N. 1's shopping experiences.
Flavours you can't get at home look at all those candy colours. Imagine the dentists rubbing their hands in glee, go on have some more....
Don't Walk sign...notice anything unusual?
Some bright spark was having a laugh and placing a piece of paper over some of the fingers......we laughed too.....

 Due to the Labour Day weekend, there were markets on in 'our' neighbourhood.
A rather upmarket one was full of artists displaying their paintings.
Wow, what a variety, they were all so different and there were probably 30 or more and then some...
Had to take some pics to share of this guys work.

Yep, they are oil paintings, absolutely amazing...

Ranging in price from $5000.00 and up, I would've bought a couple but baggage on international flights does have limits!!
I  could just lose myself in his work, what a talent.....

If you'd like to see more Ken Orton's  work click on the link

Union Square on Sunday afternoon....
Lots of people there too and the kids were having a heap of fun making bubbles.

I woke up at 5am on Sunday, waaaaay too early for my liking, I got up at 6am when I heard Richard stirring and together we watched the morning come to life. 
This is our view by day.

After all our traipsing about I was very pleased to get back to our apt. and whip of the trainers. The feet weren't feeling quite as sore as the previous day, but I did know I had walked quite a few miles...

Righto this brings us up to today's adventure.
I helped No.1 carry his guitars and didge on the Subway over to the Studio in Brooklyn where I bid him farewell.
 I then pulled my socks up gave myself a good talking to and headed off on my lonesome, cos I knew I couldn't let you guys down....
After a bit of grocery shopping ( which is an adventure in itself) I headed up Broadway with a particular destination in mind.
Being a public holiday the footpaths and shops were crowded. Declined the free Marijuana lollypops being offered by some young people...I actually thought they looked like lime, but apparently not!!
I wasn't too sure if the shop I was after would be open but it's an adventure isn't it?
As I passed by  Allsaints Spitalfields I spied something rather fabulous.....
How gorgeous is this little beauty?
Now it has company

Check out these little beauties.
 My pic makes them look like miniatures, but no they are the real, full size deal.
The opposite wall was full of them as well....that's oh, close to 200, yowsers!!
Someone's been busy tracking these down.
Now I know where to go if I need a sewing fix, I'm sure they won't mind loaning me one for the day.... 

I turned into Broome St. my destination in sight and as I looked up at the fire escapes which were rather ornate I noticed another bright spark had written a little message for all the kidlets in the neighbourhood....'eat your veggies'

Bit hard to pick out but it's there on the left and I didn't realise till I had uploaded my pics onto the computer.....Oooh, I felt dizzy gazing up at all those stairs, had to lean against a lamp post to steady myself.

Ok, so here is the reason for my journey.

PURL soho

For all things of a yarny or fabric nature........
and you guessed it they were

As someone, somewhere said on the net, no name to give a credit too...sorry.

I'd rather have a life of
 'oh wells' rather than 'what if's'....

and there's always tomorrow, right?

I  continued on down Broadway for a block or two to see what I could find..

Welcome to the Pearl River Market, a store that seems oddly out of place amongst the shops that sell clothes to hip, young things the size of a spaghetti stick (uncooked)

I entered this emporium of Asian wonders......everything from Kitchen ware, to stationery, bamboo birdcages, an assortment of clothing, toys and general stuff. 
Just when you thought you had everything you ever wanted here's the thing you need most....
Ice cube trays in the shape of dentures....go on don't say it wouldn't be fun to pop one of these into a drink next time you have visitors!!

Or maybe you need some extra bling in your life.... here's the perfect mug for you.
Now either of these will fit in my suitcase, but No.1 is after the ice cube tray....oh boy!!

And to go with that cuppa, how about one of these cupcakes or mini cheesecakes......found at the grocery store off Union Square, but they are in just about every grocery store I have entered so far.
Nothing like it back home that's for sure and as for the shortbread, how cute are those wee doggies?
I've never seen them before, have you?
Bet you have, I must live in a backwater and as for those tomatoes who wouldn't get a complex if you had a sign that said 
"Ugly Ripe Tomatoes" hanging over your head....

Well, that's just a little bit of what i have been up too and sights seen..
Tick Times Square, Central Park and Grand Central Station off the list, oops sorry, pics of the station didn't turn out too well.
It is one amazing piece of architecture and definitely worth a visit.
 Must've cost a squillion to build and I think I may have to revisit it to take it all in.
Thanks for all your comments on my last post and my feet are holding up well. A mornings mooching followed by a couple of hours back at the apt. and then heading out for more adventures seems to be the way go to.
The temp. has dropped which is great, but once the breeze drops you can feel things warming up.
Bit of jet lag taking place but that will soon sort itself out.
Tomorrow's adventures entail a visit to Chelsea Market and heading down to Purl again and who knows what in between. If I do enough walking I may just have to duck in to a grocery store for one of those delightful cakey things.....

It's midnight and hooray I'm yawning time to turn in......

Goodnight all and sweet dreams from

Claire in NYC


  1. So many great things in one post! Those oil paintings are amazing! Enjoy reading of your adventures.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Gosh you are having so much fun! It looks like a fantastic place! Ada :)

  3. Find a British shop and buy Marmite, you'll never touch that ghastly Vegemite again! ;) You're packed an awful lot in, what fab photos - go easy in Purl Soho, there's only so much wool you can get on a plane!

  4. Ok Claire.....you need to be sure you enjoy a cuppa with a Black and White cookie. Any self respecting NYC bakery should have them. Have a big pretzel from a street vendor and definitely revisit Grand Central Station...the ceiling is AMAZING!!! Google it first and read some of it's history...very cool place and my favorite.

    Lunch at Carnegie Deli and so many great museums! I'm jealous!!!

    Janet xox

  5. I'm loving reading about your adventures Claire. No Vegemite, oh no!! I took one of those squeezy tubes to Europe, it was a life saver on more than one occasion.
    The artwork by that fella is amazing. It is so very hard to paint glass and make it look that good.
    Those cakes look pretty good and well worth trying. You might not be in NYC again for awhile.
    Frozen smiles, I'd love some of those for my Dad who has falsies.
    Have fun in that yarn shop, of course you will! :)
    Anne xx

  6. Wow, what an amazing trip... I am really hoping you get to go into Purl Soho so I can have a peek... dreamy! Fabulous pics, especially the vintage sewing machines *swoon* !! enjoy.

    Louise xxx

  7. So glad you're having a grand time! Purl Soho - a very worthy destination if their ads are anything to go by.

    Here's a link for you:


    (found by Googling "where to buy Vegemite in NYC")

    That artist's work is amazing! Thanks so much for this fun-filled post.

  8. Now Thelma, I'll bet those sewing machines are on display because that used to be a 'sweathouse' tenement/workplace where young ladies sat and sewed all day long...I remember my grandma telling me about them.
    I'm so glad you are going back to Purl, and you have to try one of those cupcakes. There are many bakeries there that are famous for them, one being Magnolia Bakery. Its supposed to be the best.
    Now what exactly is vegemite??

    xx Louise

  9. What a super post! I've never been to NY, but it's way up there on my list of places I must Must MUST visit!!! Looks amazing!!! Have fun.....

  10. Oh Claire, thanks for taking us along with you! Love the fabulous pictures as always, and the beautiful paintings, but best is your lovely story telling!

  11. Oh I'm having a marvellous holiday-a-long thanks Claire but I do hope we can find some Vegemite! I got almost screaming excited when you said you were heading to purl soho. Never mind, you still have time. You are going to come home like a stick though with all that walking.


  12. arghh!
    Now I feel like I have been there too. Actually , it's the next destination.
    Picmonkey?? Must investigte if it makes cool collages like that.

  13. Wow I need a rest now just after reading all you got up too! Enjoy your holiday and next time don't for get to pack your vegiemite lol

  14. Hi Claire - I sympathise with your vegemite issues... perhaps you will come across an Aussie with a stash :D)
    So great to follow you around as you discover all those interesting bits and pieces. Love your photos - and your descriptions. Glad your feet are holding up ok. Keep having fun! Thanks for including us too :D)

  15. Loving these updates Claire! OH I want to go to NYC!!!

  16. What a great adventure your having.......love all the pics, your morning view is stunning !! Take care and ENJOY IT ALL !!!!


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