Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Well, this is it the end of 2009. I am sitting here typing away another post, when most people are probably getting ready for a night out or maybe staying in with friends. Me, why am I sitting here at the computer, well my Mr G and No1 son are up the other end of the country so we are separated by a great distance and therefore I am alone on N.Y.E. makes me sound like a sad,lonely, loser. But that's the last thing I am for I have the remote control all to myself, I have series 1 and 2 of Doc Martin and a 3 DVD set of the Bourne movies, with Matt Damon. So I will be keeping company with Martin Clunes and Matt Damon how many others can say they spent N.Y.E. with such interesting guests?

I have also stocked up on supplies of smoked salmon and crackers, double cream camembert, anchovy stuffed olives, cashews and there's some chocolate hidden in the fridge somewhere! As I am a tea totaller there is a bottle of 'non-alcholic" wine in the fridge and no doubt a cup of tea (tea pot and loose leaf, of course!!) will be consumed sometime in the evening, so what more could I want. Well, yes it would be nice to have the boys home and go out for dinner with them, but that's not possible.

I treated myself to amovie today "Bright Star" Jane Campion's latest offering. Nothing short of brilliant, but be sure to take some tissues with you Fanny Brawne played by Abby Cornish is sure to get the tears flowing and the your nose running. Her grief is palpable and only those with a heart of stone would not be moved by her sorrow. As I am particularly fond of English Films and TV Shows I enjoyed every bit of it and no doubt many others including myself will search out Keats poetry and see for ourselves what it is all about.

The costumes worn by Cornish were absolutely wonderful and were for me a great part of the enjoyment of the movie.

Mr Brown played by Paul Schneider was totally disagreeable in nature and you couldn't help but dislike him from the first moment. All in all a great way to spend 2 hours or so.

I have also treated myself to some new fabric from Spotlight, just half a meter of a couple of lovely prints and better still they were on special, also Gutterman threads which are the only ones I use were 20 percent off so I stocked up on them as well. I only buy them when on sale as it quickly adds up, they are not cheap.

Well, I could post a list of New Years Resolutions I would like to make, but I gave up doing that quite some time ago as I always broke them. So I just try and keep in mind things which are important to me, aim to improve in areas that need it like being more focused and persistent in my work and hope that small changes along the way will eventually make a big difference.

Anyway, I shall go and water the garden,not sure if we are going to get any rain in a storm or not and then settle in for some serious DVD watching.

To those of you out celebrating, may you have a happy and safe New Years Eve and an even happier and safer New Year - 2010

P.S. I hope Mr G doesn't read this post as he will be looking for some left overs when he walks in the door in a couple of days, but I think I am pretty safe!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, surprise, surprise a new post, been a long time coming like alot of other things too!!

The year is almost over and a new one is waiting just over the horizon, a year full of promise and surprises, no doubt.

I hope 2009 has been a good year for you and your family and those that you love.

My year has taken me on a different route to what I would have thought possible. Family activities have seen my husband and son head to New York for a month for work. I decided to stay home and "hold the fort", someone had to feed the animals and keep the garden alive on 40+ deg days and while I sweltered they froze!!

I had a month to do whatever, which basically meant I could set up my sewing machine, spread out all my fabrics and play to my hearts conten! When people asked me why I didn't go with them I had trouble thinking of which reason I would give them there were just sooo many.

I admit I did miss them terribly at times, but with emails we kept in daily contact and quite a few times at that. It was as if they were here in all but body.

What does the new year bring, well the first 6 months seem to be quite busy with my son and his music, which will take him down to Tassie in January and that's the beginning of no doubt many frequent trips around the countryside. When you child finds a passion at which they do well, you do what you can to encourage and help them, it's a labour of love and my husband does it very well and doesn't complain (well, not too often) Someone asked me why I don't go away with them, my reply was - sitting in the back of the van and eating cold spaghetti from a tin for dinner wasn't really my idea of fun. Driving for two days squashed 3 across in the van, didn't excite me either, I think they got the idea, BUT when he plays near to home I am there with bells on and helping out where I can.

My plan this year is to get my blog up and running regularly, WITH PHOTOS, so watch out and stay posted. As soon as Mr G. is home and I can procure 30 mins of his time and computer expertise I will get him to show me how to upload photos onto the computer and my blog and then we will be 'cooking with gas' as they say.

So please come back and visit, don't give up on me yet, a new year and new adventures are just around the corner .

Wishing you all a safe, happy and creative 2010.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spring is well and truly here. The weeds are growing as I type, amazing how after a little rain the place is overrun with the pesky things. Problem is I feel I have to dig or pull them out rather than mow over them or whipper snip them.

The poor chooks needed a GPS to find their way back to the chook house. For a few minutes I thought they had been abducted by aliens but then they came charging out of the undergrowth!!

That was the deciding factor I got in and spent a couple of hours weeding and whipper snipping the chook run. Looks alot better now.

So what's happening in the garden? the Port Wine magnolia is in bloom and the scent is deliciou, is it Juicy Fruit chewing gum or banana custard I can never quite make up my mind. the Philadelphus (Mock Orange) is about ot burst into bloom and fill the air with it's wonderful scent, as is the Chinese Star Jasmine in the entry to the front door. On moonlit nights I love to go outside and breathe lungfulls of it's amazing scent as I gaze at the heavens and enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding countryside.

Some irises i rescued from my mums garden after she passed away are putting on a lovely display, it's called Designer Gown and she loved it having spent quite a bit of money (for my mum!) on some rhizomes. It's like a dsuty pink ball gown and is so delicate, as you can imagine it's very special. Also a rose mum gave to me and each of my sisters is putting on a good display, it's called Mothers Love and I was quite touched when she presented me with it.

The blue wrens are busy in the garden flitting here and there and twittering away when someone unexpected enters their territory.

I like to let the chooks out during the day and they head towards the shrubbery where they scratch about and have a jolly old time. You can see the depressions in the ground where they take a dust bath, our rooster usually fires off a few crows just to let all and sundry know he is enjoying himself and still in charge!

New leaves on the Maples are unfurling, fresh and green. The Lilac is stunning as ever, dark purple petals with a white border as if someone has been out there with a paint brush delicately painting each flower. You can't help but cut bunches of flowers and bring them indoors to enjoy.

So glad I don't suffer from hayfever!

The days are warming up and watering is beginning a big job and one I don't enjoy during the warmer months but a garden provides such pleasure.

Vegies have been planted and mulched with the promise of fresh homegrown produce to come.
Mowing and edging continue on a weekly basis during Spring but the enjoyment far outweighs the effort and once the hot weather starts there will be no need to mow for some months.

Even during the hot summer months we have here there is still beauty to be found outside, as they say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ain't that the truth.

Monday, September 7, 2009


10 Scents/Aromas/Smells I love

1 Washing still warm from drying in the sun and wind, it has a certain scent about that says "fresh"

2 New mown grass

3 Rain on a warm day as it hits the ground gives off a wonderful smell

4 Bales of hay smells so good sometimes you wish you were a cow!

5 Old books, you open them open and the smell of the paper almost takes you back in time. You just don't get it with books printed these days.

6 Oil pastels - when you open a brand new box and lift off the cover paper. It takes me back to Grade 3, the girl who sat behind me had a wonderful set of oil pastels that had gold and silver in it. She was an only child and I guess a little bit spoilt and I was one of four girls and a little bit jealous, but Rosa was nice and shared them with me.

7 I love the smell around dairys, that lovely "cowy" smell that can sometimes assault your nostrils, but lets you know well and truly you are in the country.

8 Food cooking, who doesn't love the smell of something yummy cooking away. Whether it is savoury or sweet it's a nourishing, tantalizing smell that gets the taste buds going and the mouth watering.

9 Smoke from burning Autumn leaves, like it's heralding the cold weather and letting you know the warm summer months are behind us.

10 Another food related smell, opening a packet of ground coffee, once the vacuum seal is broken and the pack opens up you can smell the freshness and if the kettle isn't on it soon will be.

Lots more scents aromas and smells I love but there are 10 that I love. Anyone want to leave a comment and let me know if we agree on any or leave your very own list, please feel free.

I am gearing up for a market this Saturday, it will be running from 10am to 4pm I have never done an all day market before, so it will be interesting. As most of my items are have small price tags I need to sell a few to make it worthwhile, so the sewing machine has been whirring away madly. The ideas are flowing freely and the clock keeps ticking away too fast for my liking, but I am looking forward to a good day Saturday.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Spring

As if on cue the wether has turned on a bumper day for the first day of Spring. As I sit here typing fluffy, cottonwool type clouds fill the sky, admittedly they look a little grey underneath but the rain seems to have disappeared for today at least. The sun is shining, it took a while to come out and stay out, but everything looks so vibrant and fresh.

Yesterday, was quite the opposite, cold, windy and wet a beautiful finish to winter. I say beautiful because I was cocooned inside by the wood heater playing at the sewing machine, what better way to spend a wet wintery day. Not all was as planned I did get a call after lunch to go and do a shift at work, that threw a spanner in the works for a few minutes!!

The magpies seem to gather here in the mornings and it's quite amusing watching their antics. On wet days they come right into the courtyard looking for an easy meal of worms that have been marooned on the pavers. This morning I noticed one on the door mat right outside the door. I thought it must've found a tasty morsel but on watching closely I realized it was pulling the fibre out of the mat, filling it's beak and then flying off, presumably to build a nest. I thought perhaps I should leave a small pile

of fabric scraps and thread lying around to see if it would be interested, hmm!!

They are quite interesting characters to watch, the other morning there were two of them having a tussle in the grass with a group of onlookers warbling encouragement. I could just imagine what they were saying "Go on get the beak into im", 'wing him wing him" Like a bunch of footballers having a brawl!

Creativity must be in the air today, whilst I have been sitting at the sewing machine have some success with my latest project, No1 son has been busy writing songs and come up with 2. Sitting outside in the sun with all this beauty surrounding him has certainly got the creative juices flowing. Sometimes I wonder where he gets it from, my mother was very good at putting together funny little verses, limericks and poems. I like to think that's something I have inherited from her and passed it onto my son. He amazes me sometimes, the sensitivityin the lyrics he writes makes me realize that he can be a deep thinker and look past the obvious and see what many his age don't. For all his faults many of which came from me, he has turned out to be a caring, snesitive and quite thoughtful young man. Of course there is still alot of room for growth and that not just for young people. Hopefully, we all keep growing and learning as we get older.

Secretly, I am hoping for some more cold weather, I am not ready yet to pack away the electric blanket and doona, we can always do with more rain as well. But for now I shall enjoy the day we've been given and make the most of it.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Officially last day of Winter

Well, here it is the last day of Winter. I treated myself to breakfast in bed, I made up a lovely tray with 2 fresh, free range eggs courtesy of my "girls", some lovely grain toast a pot of tea and a lovely china cup and saucer which needs to be used on a regualr basis, it's so pretty. I sat in bed and gazed out at the mist covered hills and enjoyed watching the rain falling as it came through the valley.
Winter is one of my favourite months, you can always get warmer by adding another layer of clothing unlike summer, when you have stripped off there's nowhere else to go!!

Spring is in the air well and truly the daffodils are on their last legs they have put on a lovely display but some wee nasty has been munching on the emerging flowers leaving some of the misshapen, but still pretty from a distance.

The Manchurian Pear has been showing off her Spring dress for a couple of weeks now it puts on a long lasting display as long as the weather behaves! The Grape Hyacinth which are sitting neglected in pots by the shed keep coming up year after year and the purple haze is so appealing, the roots would be such a tangled, matted mess, I look at them and think next year I shall sort them out!!

The "girls" are starting to lay a little more regularly not that we eat many eggs but it's nice to have a few in the fridge in case the urge to cook something should suddenly strike me, even if it is only scrambled eggs with parsley sprinkled over them.

It has been raining quite a bit over the weekend which has been just lovely, in the past week we have had almost an inch and a half, the tanks are full to overflowing and the dam has risen a little. The garden has had a good drink and the grass is growing like topsy and we won't be able to mow it until we get a couple of fine days by which time we will most likely have to bale it11

I would love to let the cows in to have a munch but they are not particularly discerning at times so I imagine there would be more than just grass to turn their heads.

Well, it's so long to Winter officially and hello to Spring but the rainy cool weather is set to continue for a while longer and I will enjoy each and every day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last of the WIntery Days

Well, this is the last week of Winter and today is certainly cold, windy and somewhat rainy, much to my delight. I am not yet ready to pack away the jackets, scarves and gloves and think about warmer weather, particularly after last summer's scorching temperatures. The people in Greece certainly have my sympathy, according to the news reports it sounds as if they are having a terrible time with the fires. Mind you at the other end of this country, there are 100 fires burning in Queensland due to the wild , windy weather, quite bizarre considering it's still winter.

On the crafting front things have been bubbling along nicely, I am finishing off some lovely stripey red white and blue bunting to hang around my stall at the craft market held once a month. I have decided to use a gazebo (once I learn how to erect it!) which is blue and the bunting should really jazz it up. I also found a lovely supper cloth (not a full scale table cloth) at one of my favourite Op shops. It cost me $1.00 and is a lovely rosy floral on a bright blue and white background, Everynow and then I drag it out of the kitchen drawer just to have look at it and enjoy those lovely colours.

Tafe is going well although my visual diary is more an invisible diary, I am not one for doing my homework as the sewing machine is always beckoning me!! Over the past few months I have gotten to know the ladies in my class reasonably well and they are a very talented bunch. It's always inspiring and alot of laughs are had in class, just the same as when I was at school!

My next project is to learn how to upload photos on the computer myself and not have to ask Mr GP or No 1 son. Hopefully, this will be a painless and quick procedure, so please come back and visit me soon and hopefully there will be something interesting to look at next time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Again !!

Friday comes around soooo quickly but it's great because it's back to Tafe to have some fun
playing, creating and learning.

Some days I go "yay" I've learnt something useful and have something to show for all that time spent and some days I go" well I learnt something, but not soooo much to show " Getting to know the other ladies a bit better and feeling more comfortable around them. I certainly appreciate their creative talents and they are happy to share what they know.

I have to give a short talk next week on a technique I use in my crafting, so that will be interesting. Today we learnt about wet felting and there are lots of people out there who do it, but as yet I had not dipped my toe into the soapy water, but it certainly was fun. Bought home some wool to have a go at my leisure.

The Autumn colour is absolutely glorious this year despite the drought and our maples are putting on a glorious display. In years gone by they have usually been blown off in a storm after only a couple of weeks, but this year they started changing in February and still haven't peaked. Absolutely stunning, I have gone out to pick up a basketful which I will press and then arrange onto a cardboard shape, usually an oval and that will hang on the chimney above the heater for the duration of the winter or until I have the heart to take it down and dispose of it.

The 'girls' have slowed down with the egg production as the weather grows cooler and the last of the summer vegies are being used, namely the zucchini.

Looking for ward to a weekend with a bit of crafting a bit of housework and a bit of relaxing.
Hope your weekend is enjoyable, take care and don't forget to slow down and smell the roses, or should that be admire the Autumn leaves at this time of the year.



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well what a wet, wintery weekend we have had, all up we have had 54mls of rain which in the old scale is 2 inches, yahoo. I have certainly been in my element, being a lover of cold weather!!

The Mt. Beauty Music Festival was on, so I spent Saturday up there with Mr G. and No.1 son who was performing at the festival. It was fresh and it rained on and off which wasn't the best weather for the market stall holders, but we do need the rain.

Despite the inclement weather I think everyone was enjoying the festival, so I hope it was a success. The boys will be home later this evening with news of how it all went.

The Autumn colour up there is stunning as usual, one of my favourite seasons, it's hard not to fall in love with the range of colours that decorate the trees. When we slow down and look around us there is beauty to be seen and it doesn't cost a cent!
When I came home yesterday afternoon I lit the wood heater and enjoyed watching the sky, the cloud formations and the colours were wonderful. Nothing beats listening to rain on the roof, watching it fall outside and being coccooned inside by the heater. I crocheted a few a couple of squares for my blanket, it's very relaxing and so enjoyable creating something that hopefully will be put to good use.

I have a secret to share, I actually went into town today and bought some more wool in totally different colours for another rug!! Am I mad or what ? I do wonder sometimes. The colours I bought are inspired by Autumn, burnt orange, cinnamon, soft gold, deep turquoise, red, they just cried out to be crocheted into a rug. I think I might try a different pattern, maybe a hexagonal shape inspired by Attic 24, check out her blog, she is a very clever lady.

Anyway, I better go and check the heater, put some soup on for dinner and try and decide which rug to work on tonight, the ironing will just have to wait!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, rug up and stay warm, winter is on it's way at long last!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, the weekend is almost upon us again and another music festival to attend. This time it's the Mt. Beauty Music festival, I am told that it's going to be cold up there on the weekend as this cold snap moves through the state.Everyone who knows me knows that I love winter and cold weather, any opportunity to dig out the gloves and a scarf and rug up!!

Had a fantastic time at the Canberra National Folk Festival at Easter. It's HUUUUUGE, if you are into people watching there's enough to keep you entertained without going to any of the concerts.

No 1 son, played 4 sets and had a great time and did very well in a couple of competitions, all in all an enjoyable weekend. There is alot of talent out there.

I have been sidetracked from my usual crafting and have caught the crochet bug, inspired by Fi at Marmaladerose and her gorgeous granny square blanket. I raced out to Spotlight and bought some Cleckheaton wool, fortunately it was on sale, but it still added up pretty fast!! Yes, it is addictive and if I don't crochet at least one square a night, something just isn't right!!

Back to Tafe tomorrow after a 2 week break for the holidays, a little confession I haven't done the homework I should have BUT at my age I am not and will not feel guilty. I will take responsibility for my actions and any consequences!!!

It's my wedding anniversary to Mr. G. tomorrow and No.1 son is 18 next week, amazing how time flies. I know this happens all the time and to make the most of every moment, but it still comes as a surprise.

No 1 son has made an outdoor fire pit using an old 44 gal drum, he cut a design in it using the angle grinder and it looks very effective when there's a fire burning. We just sat outside and had a bowl of pasta for tea whilst sitting around the fire, enjoying the stars better than anything on the TV.

Well, have a great weekend and take care and start digging out those winter woollies, it sounds like we are going to need them at long last, yahoo.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter's on it's way

Only two more days to go and then it's the Easter break, yahoo!!
The weatherhas that typical Autumn/Easter feel to it. Coolish mornings, dew on the ground, nice sunny days, the sky is a little bit hazy, no doubt there is burning off going on somewhere.
Evenings are cool enough for long sleeves and slippers, love this time of year, but of course rain would be most welcome.

We are not going on our usual Easter trip, but heading up to Canberra for a few days, No 1 son is playing at the National Folk Festival, very exciting and should be alot of fun. Great acts to see, great music to hear and a great time to be had by all.

Have to get busy and tidy up the house as my sister and her hubby will be house sitting and looking after the animals. Nice to have someone here while we are away, Tigger our ginger Tom misses his cuddles when no one is around.

I will be taking a bit of craft work with me, I have packed a bag with some crochet needles and wool as there will be hours sitting in the van sandwiched between Mr. G. and No1 son, so if there is a bit of room to move my arms, I hope to crochet some flowers and turn them into brooches to sell at my market stall.

When we get back I must get Mr. G. to show me how to upload photos , I feel it will be involved but everyone else seems to manage very well, so it's a new skill I must learn as I do have lots to show you and I am hoping someone will be interested!!

Stay well over Easter and if you are travelling take care (double demerit points apply) stop and have a power nap if you're tired. Don't overdo the chokky and y'all come back real soon now, y'hear

Bye for now

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is anybody out there?

If there's anybody out there and you may have just stumbled upon this by accident, any chance of leaving a comment, just to say "hi"!!

Well today was my second Friday at my Tafe course. Once again watching talented ladies work their "magic" with fabric, thread and dye made me want to disappear into oblivion, BUT I perservered and by early afternoon I had something happening with my little fabric sampler.
I had sandwiched together three pieces of fabric and then free hand machine embroidered a pattern taken from a drawing of some bark. Exciting stuff , stay tuned! then I cut through the two top layers of fabric to reveal the underneath and in so doing had 3 or 4 different colours coming through.

Not earth shattering stuff, but I could see where I was going and my sampler was saved from the rubbish bin and my dignity also.

Of course everyone is very encouraging, but when I got home and showed No1 son, his comment was a very enthusiastic " that's cool, i really like that mum" and that's when the shoulders straightened up, the chest was thrust out and I could really feel good about it.

Surprisingly, I trust his opinion more than most other people and if he thinks it's cool , then that's a big thumbs up in my book. Obviously, we are quite alike and share the same tastes in some things, but being a muso he's creative in his own way and is not mainstream in the way he sees some things, so it's interesting to hear his views on what I do.

We've just had a big thunder storm which dumped about 20 mls of rain in a short space of time. Fantastic to see the rain as it will top up our tanks and dam and give everything a good drink.
It was quite heavy and was blowing in under the door and at the window sills, but nothing compared to the poor folk on the Mid NSW coast.

Floods at one end of the country and bushfires at the other end, guess where they should be putting the pipeline!!

Well, school hols are on the way that means 2 weeks away from Tafe so I will have to do some homework, that will include a lino print and some other samplers, so I better get busy and get drawing, sewing and general crafting.

Hope to have some photos on my next post if we can find a simpler way of doing that.

Bye for now.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Photos at Last!!

A little eggy goodness I created on Saturday amongst other things. I love eggs and get plenty of beautiful eggs from my "girls"and I think that you can never have enough cute egg cosies. I love the polka dot fabric, it's a deep red and I think it has a vintage feel to it. There is writing on the other side, I embroidered it with my machine and it say "Buttery Toast Soldiers for dipping"
unfortunately, I can't load that picture for some reason

Like they say "Birds of a feather flock together"

I recently attended the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show and and did a workshop with lovely sisters Rosalie Quinlan and Melanie Hurlston from "Melly and Me". They make wonderful softies and ran a workshop on their messenger birdies, mine is pictured above. The birdies sit in a nest made of chrocheted strips of fabric, but we ran out of time. The girls also gave a half hour talk on making softies in which I picked up some very simple but very useful tips and have been putting them into practice with great success. These birdies are addictive and I have made a friend (see first picture, we are having technical difficulties, please bare with us!) now there are two on my cabinet and very soon there will be a small flock of them!!

I had other photos to add but we are having problems as this is new to all of us , but I would like to say a big thankyou to Mr G. and No1 son for their time and help and I can see that I will have to learn pretty quickly how to do all this as I need to add photos as I don't have enough witty repartee to keep people coming back time and again.

If anyone out there has any hints or tips on successfully adding photos to your blog I certainly would appreciate them.
Until next time.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Well, today was the big day, I started my Tafe course - Visual Art and Contemporary Craft. After missing the first two weeks, due to work, I finally made it and I don't have to do too much catching up, BUT there will be homework involved!! Ahem, we'll see about that, I might just have to work extra hard in class and get it all done there. Less talking and more working, I don't know if that's possible!

I was drawing plants from the gardens, looking at textures and patterns, enlarging them and eventually they will be transferred onto fabric using a variety of sewing techniques.
There are alot of very clever and talented ladies in the class and I feel perhaps they should be out the front teaching as well and not sitting with the rest of the students. I am sure over the next few months I will learn alot about a number of different crafts and my projects will reflect my new skills, so it will be interesting to see my work evolve. I felt a little bit intimidated by how knowledgeable some of these women were, but they were all very friendly and happy to share their ideas and help me out, so I quickly relaxed into the swing of things.

I find when I am in a group situation like this it's interesting to observe other people and build up a personality profile of them. Who is the joker in the group or the Serious Sam or the one who always does their homework on time and always gets an A+. I don't always get it right, but it's fun.

When I figure out how to put photos on my blog I will start posting some and give you all something interesting to look at. In the mean time I must take the camera outside and take some photos of interesting textures and patterns.

We are in for a fine weekend, no rain on the horizon, although we did have 4 mls on Wednesday, it puts a bit of rain in our tank and washes the dust off the plants.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hold on tight, here we go !!

Welcome to my blog. Hopefully this will be the first of many posts, thankyou for stopping by. I hope to share aspects of my life with you and let you know what I am up to as far as my craft goes. I am not a prolific crafter more a sporadic crafter when the mood and the inspiration hit me and time is available. I admire more those people who work full time and then find time to craft into the night.
I haven't been to Uni or studied fine arts, but if something takes my fancy, I like to have a go and see what eventuates. I am actually starting a part time course at Tafe this week and it is called Visual Art and Contemporary Craft. It sounds like everything I am interested in rolled into one course - screen printing, painting, fiber art etc. etc. It will be very exciting to see what comes out of it. It runs till November, just one day per week, so fingers crossed I learn lots and get to "play".
It rained lightly for most of today, probably only 5 or 6 mls in total but it was lovely to hear it on the roof, see it falling outside, to walk in it and when I finished work I went into town, sat outside my favourite coffee shop with a coffee and a yummy chokky biscuit and watch it fall . The oak trees lining the street were dripping wet and the water was trickling down the deep, stone lined gutters, a sight we don't see often enough. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and grey ,gloomy, wet days are some of my favourites as well.
Once I get this Blog up and running and all the hiccups ironed out, I hope to get into a bit of craft and show you what I do, so please come back and visit me soon.
Bye for now