Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hooked on Bowls...........

What's a girl meant to do when all yarn is 40% off at your local Spotlight? some is the correct answer.............

So I did and I have been busy crocheting up this little bowl, using the wonderful tutorial Jacquie posted over at Bunny Mummy.
She's having a giveaway of some of her crocheted bowls, so if you'd like to enter, the giveaway is open till the end of September.

This is the smallest size and is 4 inches across and just over 2 inches high, but you can fit quite a bit in it.

I decided to add a bobble edge to it for a bit of interest, but you could do anything, the options are endless..........

Next time I might add a flower or two.

Almost forgot to upload this photo, so it's out of order but anyhoo.........

This little Joey (baby kangaroo) was the companion of my neighbour Erin at the Bright market last Saturday.
She's a wildlife carer, when you find injured animals you give Erin a call and she'll come and rescue them, nurse them back to health and then release them back into their environment.

These people are very dedicated, not only did Erin have this little Joey but also a baby possum, both of which need four hourly feeds!!

Righto, where were we?
Talking about yarny, hooky exploits.
This is the cotton yarn I bought on sale, gorgeous colours . They tumbled off the shelf and into my shopping basket before I could say a word and as I was in a bit of a hurry I just didn't have time to put them back ............

The little flower is from a pattern in the latest Mollie Makes...........

Well, this is the latest edition to arrive in our newsagents.
Remember, we get UK magazines weeks after UK residents.
So, I have to read all about it on blogs before I can get my mitts on my own copy.

I have finally got myself a snakeshead Fritillary, which I picked up at the market on Saturday.
A cake stall held by a local church also had a few plants and as we were all in the process of setting up our stalls I spied this and nearly had palpitations.

I have seen pics of these in English Country Living mag for many, many years, but this is the first I have ever seen in person.
It may not be the best specimen ever, but I just love the little chequerboard pattern on the flower.
It really is very interesting and intriguing.
I was assured they are very easy to grow and will withstand heavy frosts so I will find a special place in the garden and hope that it thrives.

So the market got off to an interesting start..........
I had spent money before I even set my stall up, lol...........

Once again it was a beautiful day for the market, lots of stall, lots of people, wonderful live music supplied by one of my favourite musos of the moment......Tom Tuena.
But, unfortunately I didn't sell very much at all and this is the second market in a row.
I know for a fact it's not the product but more a sign of the economic times.
I came home feeling very deflated and flat and it took quite a while to shake off this feeling.

I am booked in to the Bright markets till December and I do love my day up there, it's very social and lots of fun.
Anyway, I shall look at my options and think about how I do things, whilst keeping any eye on where everything is going and see what I come up with.

This week has been such a mixed bag of surprise there.
Would you believe it was 28 deg. on Monday, I spent the day out in the garden, working up a sweat, whipper snipping, weeding, digging, raking and doing all sorts of jobs. It was just lovely and No. 1 was my partner in all things gardening and we whipped the lawn (green stuff) into shape and it looks a picture, but definitely not perfect.

Monday night it was doona on, doona off until I couldn't stand it any longer and got rid of the doona altogether and grabbed a blanket...........

Tuesday, the warmth had disappeared and it was down to 15deg. and four seasons in one day.
So the doona reappeared with the blanket as well............

Today is chilly, sunny, overcast all at once and about 14deg.
I am feeling alot cheerier today and have been surprised how my emotions chopped and changed like the weather yesterday.

It always helps if you have a ..................


These two little fellas have become firm friends.
The little white faced calf has been the only calf about for a few weeks and all he wanted was someone his age to play with.

I would seem him run up to some of the older beasts looking to play, but they would always ignore him and keep on eating. I felt so sorry for him, all he wanted was to have some fun. Life seemed so boring for a little fella full of energy and mischief
Then a month ago the second calf was born and it's so lovely to see them running around together.

Calf No. 2 was having 'brekky' the other morning and Calf No. 1 was patiently standing there waiting for brekky to be over, so they could go and play...........
It reminded me of when you were kids and a friend would turn up and have to wait till you had finished your jobs or whatever, before you could go off and have fun.

Well this is just a snippet of the last few days.

I have another little crochet bowl on the go, I think I have caught the bug...........

There will be more sewing taking place a couple of orders to fill and when the weather warms up more gardening too.

Thanks for popping by to say "hi" and to new followers "Welcome, nice to meet you".

I hope the last few days have been creative in some way or another for you and that the weather is kind whichever hemisphere you live in.
I have to say I am loving reading about Autumn in the UK at the moment..........

So, till next time, take care,

Claire X

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Snip, Knot, Stitch

Hello there and welcome, thanks for stopping by.
It's been a little while since my last post, but I haven't fallen off the radar completely...........

Last Friday I looked out the window and saw the approaching storm, so I threw on my boots grabbed the camera and raced out into the paddock to take a few pics.

I loooove the wonderful inky blue clouds contrasting with the Pale pink prunus.
Well, the storm veered away from us and we just got a light shower, but the recent rain has finally put an end to the delicate till next Spring.

Tuesday I had to head over to Corowa and on my way home, racing (within the speed limit) against the clock to get back in time for work, I spied this Canola crop.

As you can see it was an overcast day but this splash of yellow across the paddock was just stunning, so I stopped and took a couple of pics to show you.

As usual the photo doesn't do it justice, but for all of you who are experiencing a mellow Autumn
and perhaps needing a bit of colour to brighten up your day, well, this is for you.

Looky, looky what I received from a friend.

This cotton reel "tree" complete with lovely vintagey wooden reels belonged to my friends mum and he didn't have any use for them, nor did his wife, so he thought I might be able to use them.

Use them, are you joking, I just love looking at the two little half reels on the top and bottom row.

I also received another little carry bag full of various cottons.............I was thinking of asking about any old tins of buttons that might be lying around, unloved and gathering dust, but didn't want to push it.

One day, when the spare room becomes my sewing room this little 'tree' of cottons will hang on the wall somewhere.

Ok, so I've been busy sewing, that's why I haven't been blogging, so here's a couple of pics of the latest 'makes'........
Some blanket bunnies and my little lop eared, cashmere bunny.

She's lovely and soft and loves to be cuddled, she has a sweet vintage embroidered heart on her.

Flip, floppy, polka dot ears and turn her around and what do you find?..........

Lovely vintage embroidery.............

I now have a basket full of cute little bunnies for my market stall on Saturday, so I hope there are some folks who have a bunny on their shopping list, hehe......

Another little zip purse, it just had to have bunting on it.

I am a 'bunting lover' from way back and not ashamed to say it and as the saying goes
In Spring a young man's thoughts turn to .........whatever,
well mine turn to bunting, so I think there might be more in the pipeline.

Ok, who's up for a little garden tour, well follow me then.

I was on the receiving end of some Camellias from a friend, aren't they just gorgeous.

The vase they are in weighs a tonne, so there's no chance of it tipping over.

Boots on we're going outdoors.

After the stone fruit the Nashi Pear is the next to flower.
Certainly has pulling power for the bees.

The Crab Apples are covered in buds and blossom.

I just love the combination of raspberry pink and paler pink.
I look forward to this every Spring.

As I wandered towards the shrubbery, lamenting the lack of variety in the garden what did I spy but this beautiful butterfly.
I started snapping madly, hoping to get a good pic of it but it was flitting and not settling so this was the best. Click on the pic for more detail as it was a stunner.
I don't know what sort it is, as I have never seen this variety around here before, so I was quite entranced by it.

A short tour, time for a cuppa.

It's been a beautiful day and we are heading for 25 deg. on Saturday, eek, I will have to expose arms and legs at that temp. Sunglasses everyone!!


Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my last post regarding Dorothy.
Pets become part of the family whether they be furry, four legged or two legged and covered in feathers, so I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Now while you're all here, I want to tell you about a wonderful giveaway over at Little Woollie,
click on the link and scroll down to Jules giveaway post.
If you like crochet, you'll love this wonderful cushion Jules is giving away.
Hmm, maaaaaybeeeee I shouldn't have mentioned it afterall, hehe.....

Well, I'm off to bed, it's late and I've got to be up before Sparrow pop, so toodle pip
and till next time, take care,

Claire X

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

With A Zip Zip Here and a Zip Zip There......

Hello there, thanks for popping by for a visit, you're all very welcome and firstly let me say a BIG THANKYOU for all the lovely, encouraging comments you left on my last post.

Each and everyone is very much appreciated.........

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy your visits.

Well, the tea cosy making is put to one side while I am in 'market sewing' mode.

Today I decided to whip up some little Spring inspired zip purses.
I have made these in the past and they proved to be quite popular, so..........

Take some blue polka dot fabric and a doily and there you have it.

Secondly, some more polka dot fabric (of course) and a little of my embroidery
and No. 2 is finished............

You can click on the pics for more detail.
Remember wonky lines and frayed edges are what I love and add to the texture and overall look of my work.

I've used hot pink and pale blue fabric for the lining and we're done.

I'll need to whip up another 2 or 3 before I'm finished and while I have the 'how to' under control........

If you would like a good tutorial on how to make these little zip purses I used one from

I was a little naughty on it was such a beautiful sunny morning I decided to play hooky and head over to Myrtleford for a little Op shop therapy and looking for inspiration.

Perhaps I was just trying to avoid other jobs!!

Now you would think they would be open on a Monday wouldn't you?
Well, one was and one wasn't.............hmmm, make a mental note of that one.....

There wasn't alot to be found sadly, but I did pick up the above embroidered doily and
after I laundered it I very bravely cut into it.

I have placed a clue in the photo as to what I have made with the doily, but
finishing touches need to be added before I can show you a photo.

Ok let's head outdoors for a wander around the garden and a breath of fresh air.

It's a beautiful day when the sun comes out and fluffy, cotton wool clouds abound.

Prunus Elvins is deepening in colour and looking beautiful.

We have had quite a bit of rain in heavy downpours this week, which really isn't good for the blossom but everything seems OK and hopefully not too many flowers were blown off the fruit trees.

I'm looking forward to eating sun warmed fruit straight from trees, so we need the bees to pollinate the flowers before the wind or rain knock them off.

A couple of late flowering Daffodils.

The colour hasn't been picked up by my camera but the Daff on the left has a lovely coral pink
Corona and the Daff on the right is a double which has deep yellow and orange in the middle and reminds me of scrambled eggs.


Whilst my Op shop adventure on Monday wasn't particularly fruitful I will be heading in to 'Big Town' on Friday and will be visiting my favourite Op shop where I have found many treasures, so I hope it will yield one or two more.

While I was in Myrtleford I stopped in at the Butter Factory for a coffee and had a lovely Parmesan, leg ham and parsley muffin complete with some of their beautiful butter.
Click on the link to read about the butter factory and there are also some lovely recipes on their web site. Ever had hotcakes with chocolate butter? Sounds interesting.......

Well, I better get the vacuum cleaner out and clean up all the threads and fabric scraps strewn around the floor, then it's time to start thinking about dinner.

I hope all is well and you are having a good week thus far.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

------RIP Dorothy------

On Monday my beautiful Dorking, Dorothy died.

Not sure why, you know what chooks are like when they are ill.

I checked to see if she was egg bound having looked up a lot of information on the net.
No.1 was very helpful in holding her while I donned the latex glove etc. etc.

She wouldn't eat or drink and had difficulty walking.
If anyone has any ideas, clues or thoughts, I would be interested to hear them.

A little story about Dorothy.
I used to let my chooks free range in the paddock.
Well, Dorothy decided to free range over to the next property and fortunately the neighbours were away at the time.
No.1 and I headed over there and searched amongst sheds, garden beds, hedges.
When we found her she had no intention of being caught and loudly told us so as she ran away at top speed............
She ended up under their house roosting on plumbing pipes, so we went back under cover of darkness and wriggled in under the house, with fishing net .
Eventually, we managed to catch her but the noise she made was unbelievable, I was worried other neighbours would call the police thinking someone was being murdered!
We bundled her up and got into the car and drove home as quick as we could...........

She was a wonderful mum and raised 3 beautiful chicks.
Her fine feather markings and beautifully subtle colours never ceased to amaze me.

Yep, you guessed it I love my chooks.........

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung..........the Tea Cosy Is Done

Welcome to September and's now official

And the Sunflower tea cosy is finished............
ta dah.......

Green and white polka dot lining finished it off.

My creative advisor, aka No. 1 son, suggested it needed a Ladybird.

Thanks for the idea Rich, it has added a little something extra.

I love Sunflowers and I know I'm not alone there...........

There's a packet of seeds on the bench waiting patiently to be planted.

Busy bees doing what they do on the pic to
see the detail.

Turn it over and there's a saying by Pedro Calderon de la Barca

"Light enchanted Sunflower thou
who gazest ever true and tender
on the sun's revolving splendour."

More floral goodness.

A vase of deep, red Camellias, a little past their prime perhaps, but still beautiful.

They're not from my garden but that of a friend who has them lining her driveway.
Several different colours, all very happy and flowering profusely..........

Another little crafty project I finished this week..........

An order for a bub due in a few weeks.
Apparently mum and dad have a Kombi.

It was a bit fiddly to make on a small scale but I'm happy with how they turned out.
Somehow I don't think I'll go into production though.

Heading outside for a wander on the first day of Spring, the Crab Apple is coming into leaf and bud. It's at least two weeks early so I hope that means we get to enjoy the beauty for an extra couple of weeks. Hopefully Spring storms won't ruin the display..........

Prunus Elvins is already in bloom and as the weeks pass it will deepen in colour to a lovely pink.
As you can see by the blue sky (love the reflection in the dam) it was a perfect day.

A day in which I planned to sew up a storm but feeling a little under the weather this morning saw me spending more of the day in bed than I had intended.
Mid morning, I was up and at it and whilst taking things slowly, I did manage to do get a bit done and get outside and enjoy soaking up some Vitamin D.


Well Spring, you are very welcome, although I am a little sad to say 'Farewell' to Winter, I know that there will still be quite a few evenings spent in front of the heater enjoying the cosiness ............

I hope wherever you are, you can enjoy the changes a new season brings.

Thankyou all for visiting.
As the week draws to a close, I hope it's been a good one for you and you have been inspired by the beauty around you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X