Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resuming Normal Program......

Hello girls, thanks for coming over to visit......

I have a new artist crush discovered over at Playing in the Attic  and it has inspired another little brooch.

 One more to add to my ever growing collection!!.
These little stitcheries fill the need to create when time is short.....

 A wonderful parcel found it's way from one end of the state to the other and ended up in my letterbox last Thursday.

I won Little Woollie's recent giveaway.

Just love the stickers and card and then there was.....

the wool......beautiful colours and oh so soft.

Julie has just opened her online yarn shop and if you haven't yet visited her blog head over there for some wonderful, yarny inspiration.
The little basket I picked up at the supermarket yesterday.
 It's to put your Easter eggs in.
 I think it looks much nicer with yarn in it, but I intend to line it and plant some Pansies in it....eventually!!
The best thing is, the weather has finally cooled enough to get my crochet out and start hooking.
Mind you, yesterday was back up in the 30's, blah and  there was another large bushfire in the state boo.

BUT today is lovely and cool and it's



So, after months and months of planning, organising, phone calls, emails, meetings etc. etc. etc. the Folk Festival is all over for another year......
In the 24 hours before it all got under way we had 3 inches of rain (yay!!).
 There were tornadoes in other parts of the state(boo)
One just half an hour down the road. 
Despite the forecast for good weather over the weekend, I think we all held our breath a little until Friday dawned fine with blue sky and sunshine......
The pic below was taken at 11.45pm as hubby and I left the sports park to head home for much needed sleep Saturday evening.
It's a little out of focus, but it just captured a magical moment as the moon hung in the sky above the marquee,clouds
obscuring it's face.
Inside the marquee, the music was still playing and the crowd were up dancing.....

Birds were the theme and they  decorated the streets and hung from trees.
Committed volunteers were out in the rain on the Thursday, tying and stapling and 'doing their bit'......

Friday evening crowds lined the street as the parade got under way marking the start of the festival.
For those who didn't have  festival tickets, there was free musical entertainment in the main street and games for kids afterwards.
The local schools got into the swing of things dressing up as brightly coloured birds.

A new cafe in town was added to the list of venues to be used.

Marce Howard and Rose Bygraves of Goanna fame asked Rich to join them on stage and play didge on their version of
'Solid Rock'.....

The park Saturday morning....

....and later that evening it was chock a block during the community dinner put on by a local primary school.

Good food, entertainment and company....

Sunday morning the main street was bustling with market goers.

And then all too soon it was over for another year ......

Another successful festival, lots of tired but happy people head home after seeing some great performers.
It's been such a big lead up to the weekend in our household, I thought the post festival blues might kick in but thankfully they didn't.

Tonight is the opening of the local art exhibition I was asked to be a part of along with a number of other local artists. 
So I have something to look forward to and the Easter break is almost upon us as well.
 Lots happening in this neck of the woods.

Hubby  even asked if I would like to head away somewhere for a couple of nights.
 Of course I'm going to take him up on that offer.
I'll certainly be packing the crochet hook and some wool to play with.......

Do you have plans for the Easter break or are you staying put?
 Have a lovely time whatever you do and take care if you're travelling it's such a busy time on the roads.

Till next time,

Claire X

Saturday, March 23, 2013

After 12 Months Of Waiting.....

And so it begins or should I say ends......well the first night at least.
My last view of the Marquee on the oval as I headed home at 11.45pm, tired, happy and with tunes in my head....

Hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will be,

Ciao for now.....

Claire ☺

Monday, March 18, 2013

Looking Forward.....

Nothing like having visitors to spur you on to get those jobs done that you've been putting off is there?

As we hurtle towards our folk festival next weekend, my list of jobs is growing and the time to do them in is decreasing.
BUT, I have been busy this morning and finished off the windows which I started a few weeks ago, ahem!!
Sparkling clean they are now and I always tell myself after I do them, that I must not leave it so long next time!!'
 sound familiar?

The T shirts for the festival have been ordered, printed and here 'tis....
I was asked if I would design this years shirts and was more than a little surprised I can tell you.
 Initially I declined but as ideas started to form I warmed to it  and with input from some other creative gals here they are.....

Yep, it's simple, but we're thrilled with how it turned out.
It's one thing to see it on the computer another thing to see your design on the shirt.
The shirts also come in black with a V neckline as well as round to add variety....hopefully we ordered enough to go round and something for everyone!!

.....ans on the back a little something for added interest.

Anticipation is growing....

There's been quite a drop in the temps here and Sunday was a very breezy, cool day.....
The wood delivered the previous week has almost been stacked away Our wood shed is almost chock a block....full

We also had an escapee visit the vegie garden yesterday.

Inside this cage I was growing lettuces and beetroot (first time ever) and as you can see  Mrs Brown demolished the green stuff and left the beetroot, grr!!

Mind you, you can see the cage door on the ground, perhaps if I had propped it back up, we would still have all out lettuce plants?!!

The Nerines have survived the heat and are now adding colour to the shrubbery.....
Love the scarlet red.....

This season we've had quite a few Nashis but they have been a little on the small side...need to thin them out a lot more  next season.
They are very tasty and it's one of the things I love about Summer.....the homegrown fruit.

But as Summer ends and we sink into Autumn, my thoughts have been about Spring.....!!

With so many bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere looking forward to warmer temps and some lovely Spring weather and my favourite magazine putting out a Spring edition it's not surprising really.

So, before I pack away all my sewing gear in preparation for the weekend, I just had to make one more little stitchery with a Spring theme....

I love Spring blossom, whatever the variety of tree. 
It's such a beautiful season....

This little stitchery is for sale on my FB page, if you are interested pop over there for more details or you can email me direct.......
Now that it's finished I have no more excuses, so must crack on with the list of jobs...

Time to grab a broom and sweep away a few more cobwebs then tackle the sewing room, which becomes visitors bedroom!!
 A muso friend of No. 1's who is playing at the festival is staying with us and he has been warned bedding is Japanese style here (on the floor).
 I know for a fact at that age they really don't mind.
 A good, comfy bed roll and bedding etc. is all that's required.
Bit different when you get to my age....its a long way down to the floor and back up again, hehe!!

We are also expecting some rain later in the week, hopefully it will arrive Thursday to freshen everything up for the weekend.

So what does your week have in store?
Anything you are particularly looking forward to?

Thanks for coming over to say 'hi' and see what's going on here.

I see I've got some new Followers as well,  so a big 'Welcome' to you all.

Take care,

Claire X

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life's a Hoot.....

 Hello girls, just dashing off a quick post before I head off to work. If I don't do it now, who knows when you might hear from me again?......

We had a coolish week for the start of Autumn and my thoughts turned to little artworks aka brooches.
 I couldn't resist stitching up an owl to wear to work.
The number of stitched brooches is growing rapidly......they are a quick and easy little project and fill that creative craving when time is limited....

This Summer has been a stinker and the Sunflower seeds I planted never germinated (probably forgot to water them regularly!!)
 But, I have managed to grow a couple of plants very late in the season.
Summer and Sunflowers, they just go together don't they?
Happy, happy flowers......

I thought I was being watched the other day and I was right.
This little fella has found a home inside the rainwater tank between Cluckingham Palace and the almost full!! woodshed.
He's soooo cute, often see these guys on the outside of the windows in the evening. 
Nice to have them around. 
The presence of frogs indicate a  a healthy environment....

A skeletonised leaf found on the footpath in town this week.
Love that it has retained some colour......

Autumn is here, someone just needs to tell the weather!!

Now that we have our own little op shop in town, it's nice to pop in and find some treasures and yesterday was one of those days.

Do you like old books, you know the sort.....

The pages have a distinct smell to them, I love it.
It comes from another era, when life was slower. 
No internet, Face book the only twitter was of the feathered variety......

Books were the go to, for information, reference or the simple enjoyment of reading.
Well, yesterday I picked up the book in the middle of the pic
Nature Through The Year....

Old books, have to pass a check list for me......

Hard cover,
reasonable condition
interesting story or information
nice pics 
and smell of history, antiquity....
This one ticked all the boxes and more....look at that lovely 
picture on the spine.

Inside the front cover....looking good

Milking time....wonderful photos of rural life in 1946

Wood block or lino print......sold, quick before anyone else spies it.

Check out that haystack.....

This book is chock full of wonderful photos, of life on the farm,
wildlife through the seasons, wildflowers and much more.
The fact that I'm a bit of an Anglophile may have quite a bit to do with it's appeal, but I was very happy to hand over 20 cents and head home with my new treasure.
A quick browse on the net has  shown this book for sale at $15.00......I got me a bargain!!

Oh, almost forgot to say the front cover is embossed with a great pic, but it has been worn down a little over the years.

Are you a fan of old books? What sort do you keep an eye out for?
Do you like the smell of the old paper, of am I the only odd one?

Well, that's about it for the moment.
 I am still working on some projects but can't show any pics yet. 
I think closer to Easter I will be able to post what I have been up to.......

Our little folk festival is on 22-24th March, so things in this household have been a little crazy as hubby is committee chair.
Just as well he has 2 ears and can hold a phone to each and conduct's a much needed skill at the moment.
We are all looking forward to the festival and until then life will be a bit of a blur as everything is finalised and last minute changes/additions are made to the program.

If you're looking for something fun to do that weekend, come up to North East Victoria and enjoy some fantastic music, markets and scenery.....

Hope it won't be too long before you hear from me again and I have decided I will reply to  your comments on my post for a while and see how that goes.....

Must put my skates on running late now,

Ooroo and take care,

Claire x

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Autumn Is Upon Us.........

Hello girls, thanks for coming over for a visit to find out what's been going on in the world of Sweet Birdy Love.......

This week I have been focusing on a project that will be completed within the month.....can't say too much.
But lots of stitching, snipping and 'playing' taking place
and when it all gets a bit too much and I want to run screaming from the room.........

...I move onto something that's less taxing on the brain!!

Lots of UK bloggers are posting photos of the countryside Springing to life after being blanketed with snow.
Gotta love Snowdrops......I think there might be a little range of these cards in the offing. 
It was a fun little make......but you all know I'm just putting off what I really should be doing!!

Last Thursday, out little op shop opened in town......

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony and I had to make sure there was also some cake cutting......couldn't let the opportunity pass.
So it was chocolate cake with jam and cream in the middle, chocolate icing on top and sprinkles......
Remember in my state of excitement about the opening I cooked a cake 3 days too early?!!
 Well, I popped it in the freezer and made another one the day before  and we had a double decker doozie.....

Gotta say it was yummy, this recipe has never let me down and is always chocolatey and moist......starting to salivate just writing about it.

On Saturday our wonderful wood man Alan, delivered a truckload of wood. He rumbled into the yard and did a 10 point turn so that he could angle the truck close enough to the shed to make for easy stacking.
That job definitely belongs to hubby and No.1 !!

 I am already dreaming of evenings by the fireside spending quality time with yarn and hook.

Alan had a run in with a B double semi 3 weeks ago and unfortunately his tipper trailer was written off.
 The driver of the semi was at fault
 Luckily Alan walked away from the accident with very little in the way of injuries......

So from dry, brown countryside to a photo taken by No.1 while he was in Toronto.....
There was snow, he took his thermals and said he'd never been so cold in his life.
They had a crazy, busy time there and it all went well. 
The whole trip was about networking and promotion and all that sort of thing.
 So we'll see if anything comes out of it, but they were both very glad to come back home to some warmer weather and last!!

I caught up with Megan from Indigo Midge recently.
We tried out the new cafe in town and it passed with flying colours.
Megan had some saved some seeds from her garden to share with me.
I love the shape of these Poppy seed heads aren't they wonderful?

 I can't wait to grow some next season and see what colours I get. 
She also gave me some Hollyhock seeds....
the flowers are black....yesssss!

The bees are still having a field day amongst the Zinnias, buzzing here and there, so many flowers to visit........

Tigger in the garden this evening.....

He's had a busy day sleeping inside and now it's
time to have a little lie down in the garden!!
Don't cats have an amazing ability to sleep just about anywhere?  

Autumn is sneaking onto the scene here......the Maples along the drive way are colouring up.
 The mornings and evenings are alot cooler although the days can still be quite warm.
We've had rain, but definitely more needed.
It's a nice time of year, with the heat of Summer just about behind us.

We have a busy month coming up with our Folk Festival happening on  the 22nd-24th of March.
Lots taking place before that, but as long as I can have some quality time each day with my Janome I think I can hold it together.

So what have you been up to and do you need one on one time with your sewing machine/paintbrush/knitting needles and yarn to get you through the day?

Pleeeeeeease, say you do.......

Welcome, to some new Followers, lovely to have you on board for this little adventure.

Take care and thanks for visiting,

Claire x