Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Well, this is it the end of 2009. I am sitting here typing away another post, when most people are probably getting ready for a night out or maybe staying in with friends. Me, why am I sitting here at the computer, well my Mr G and No1 son are up the other end of the country so we are separated by a great distance and therefore I am alone on N.Y.E. makes me sound like a sad,lonely, loser. But that's the last thing I am for I have the remote control all to myself, I have series 1 and 2 of Doc Martin and a 3 DVD set of the Bourne movies, with Matt Damon. So I will be keeping company with Martin Clunes and Matt Damon how many others can say they spent N.Y.E. with such interesting guests?

I have also stocked up on supplies of smoked salmon and crackers, double cream camembert, anchovy stuffed olives, cashews and there's some chocolate hidden in the fridge somewhere! As I am a tea totaller there is a bottle of 'non-alcholic" wine in the fridge and no doubt a cup of tea (tea pot and loose leaf, of course!!) will be consumed sometime in the evening, so what more could I want. Well, yes it would be nice to have the boys home and go out for dinner with them, but that's not possible.

I treated myself to amovie today "Bright Star" Jane Campion's latest offering. Nothing short of brilliant, but be sure to take some tissues with you Fanny Brawne played by Abby Cornish is sure to get the tears flowing and the your nose running. Her grief is palpable and only those with a heart of stone would not be moved by her sorrow. As I am particularly fond of English Films and TV Shows I enjoyed every bit of it and no doubt many others including myself will search out Keats poetry and see for ourselves what it is all about.

The costumes worn by Cornish were absolutely wonderful and were for me a great part of the enjoyment of the movie.

Mr Brown played by Paul Schneider was totally disagreeable in nature and you couldn't help but dislike him from the first moment. All in all a great way to spend 2 hours or so.

I have also treated myself to some new fabric from Spotlight, just half a meter of a couple of lovely prints and better still they were on special, also Gutterman threads which are the only ones I use were 20 percent off so I stocked up on them as well. I only buy them when on sale as it quickly adds up, they are not cheap.

Well, I could post a list of New Years Resolutions I would like to make, but I gave up doing that quite some time ago as I always broke them. So I just try and keep in mind things which are important to me, aim to improve in areas that need it like being more focused and persistent in my work and hope that small changes along the way will eventually make a big difference.

Anyway, I shall go and water the garden,not sure if we are going to get any rain in a storm or not and then settle in for some serious DVD watching.

To those of you out celebrating, may you have a happy and safe New Years Eve and an even happier and safer New Year - 2010

P.S. I hope Mr G doesn't read this post as he will be looking for some left overs when he walks in the door in a couple of days, but I think I am pretty safe!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, surprise, surprise a new post, been a long time coming like alot of other things too!!

The year is almost over and a new one is waiting just over the horizon, a year full of promise and surprises, no doubt.

I hope 2009 has been a good year for you and your family and those that you love.

My year has taken me on a different route to what I would have thought possible. Family activities have seen my husband and son head to New York for a month for work. I decided to stay home and "hold the fort", someone had to feed the animals and keep the garden alive on 40+ deg days and while I sweltered they froze!!

I had a month to do whatever, which basically meant I could set up my sewing machine, spread out all my fabrics and play to my hearts conten! When people asked me why I didn't go with them I had trouble thinking of which reason I would give them there were just sooo many.

I admit I did miss them terribly at times, but with emails we kept in daily contact and quite a few times at that. It was as if they were here in all but body.

What does the new year bring, well the first 6 months seem to be quite busy with my son and his music, which will take him down to Tassie in January and that's the beginning of no doubt many frequent trips around the countryside. When you child finds a passion at which they do well, you do what you can to encourage and help them, it's a labour of love and my husband does it very well and doesn't complain (well, not too often) Someone asked me why I don't go away with them, my reply was - sitting in the back of the van and eating cold spaghetti from a tin for dinner wasn't really my idea of fun. Driving for two days squashed 3 across in the van, didn't excite me either, I think they got the idea, BUT when he plays near to home I am there with bells on and helping out where I can.

My plan this year is to get my blog up and running regularly, WITH PHOTOS, so watch out and stay posted. As soon as Mr G. is home and I can procure 30 mins of his time and computer expertise I will get him to show me how to upload photos onto the computer and my blog and then we will be 'cooking with gas' as they say.

So please come back and visit, don't give up on me yet, a new year and new adventures are just around the corner .

Wishing you all a safe, happy and creative 2010.