Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stitching vs Housework...........

Hello girls, how's your week been?
Things are slowing down on the crafting front here and getting busy on the packing side of things......
I haven't been able to pack away my sewing machine yet as ideas still need to be explored to keep the creative me happy before I go.
I finished another little stitchery this week and was happy with the outcome.
A friend had asked me (quite some time ago)if I would stitch a tree for her. 

She wasn't specific and just said
 'whatever you come up with will be fine'

I find that's the hardest thing to do actually, as I worry what I have in my mind won't match up with theirs. Soooooo, I put it off and occasionally asked if she had any ideas......nope.
Ok, so I put it off some more as I do and put it in the too hard basket.

She wasn't in a rush it, was just one of those
 'when you've got time' orders and as it was something different for me (at the time)I didn't intend to ask for payment.
Ok, long story short here it is......

I hope she likes it. I love the texture, there's even a wee heart carved into it with a teeny tiny M & S in it.
Can you spot it?

I really love this saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson and I particularly like the way the yellow thread I used to indicate the last of fallen leaves actually has a golden glow to it.

You know I'm kind of glad I waited so long to make it as my sewing is constantly changing and evolving and I'm really happy with the finished piece.

We now have 7 calves in the paddock with only 2 more to be born.
Their antics are wonderful to watch and they are such good mates.
This little black fella is being very inquisitive and brave.

One little calf  (not in pic) has a white heart on it's forehead very sweet indeed......can't help but fall in love with them.

Something else I had been putting off was cleaning out Cluckingham Palace.

Our chook house isn't one of those cute little houses that you could sweep with a glance.

On no, this requires a wheelbarrow, rake and brooms.
Anyway, the girls must've read my mind and in appreciation of my impending efforts had laid an egg.
Now this may not sound very auspicious, BUT,dear reader considering they went off the lay around December this is quite a big event here.
One, perfectly formed, brown shelled egg lay in a mound of straw.
I glanced at it, looked at the girls in disbelief, then looked at the Magpie out in the yard, shook my head again then thanked them......
Thankfully, the job took less time than I thought and within the hour there was a lovely, cleanish chook house.

Now whilst I hoiked feathers and straw out, this Magpie was going around picking up beak fulls to line it's nest with.

It was fun watching it pick them up then put them down. Was it looking for a particular colour, degree of softness? 
It was quite a business and I was thrilled to witness this little nest making venture....

The first Daffodil has bloomed.
This season I ordered and planted some different varieties. so I'm looking forward to seeing them when I return from holidays.

Our adopted stray Mrs. Kafups likes to find little hidey holes around the house....makes it interesting when trying to put her outside!

Can you see her?

How she managed to squeeze in to that small space without sending DVD's flying?!!
 With her Winter coat on she's quite a substantial feline.....

 The Japonica (Flowering Quince)is putting on a show......

And another little nest that's been discovered.
 This time in the Wintersweet, not sure who it belongs to whether it's a blue wren or not.....

So there you have some snippets from my week......the day to day things that I've been up to.
I've also been busy posting purchases around the world which has been very exciting.
 Seeing little Sweet Birdy Love items finding new homes in different countries.
Thanks to everyone who made a purchase.
 I will have a few extra pennies in my pocket to take on holiday.

I've been making lists of things I have to do and organise before I go away.
Must remember to put Mrs Kafups out if I can find her!!

My boys have been keeping me up to date with what's been happening and I have to say I'm really excited about heading over to Canada.
Thanks to everyone who left a suggestion on my last post.

Oh, that reminds me if you'd like to participate in a swap.......songbird Mezz over at Mezz Makes Stuff is hosting a swap, so pop over and check it out and say 'hi'.

Righto, I better go and do some tidying up, cuppa first though!!.......

Thanks for visiting girls and taking time to say 'hi'
Have a fab week everyone,

Claire X

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not Such a Bright Idea.......

Hello girls, how are you all?
Hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed some lovely weather
wherever you are.....

I've been a busy stitching away, aiming for my first market stall at Bright this year to be held on Saturday.
For a change I stitched up some gum leaves,nuts and flowers on a sewing needle book. I loved the end and result and the final touch..... a native blue banded bee....

I've been having fun stitching up little brooches......
Some garden scenes and flowers in polka dot jugs.

Some sleepy time, blanket bunnies waiting patiently to have their nether regions stitched up.

Whilst I'm warm and cosy stitching away inside, it's been quite damp outside this week.
I had to race and grab the camera before the view changed.
The sun was filtering through the cloud, it was quite spectacular.

Wee birds nests have been discovered now that leaves have dropped from trees and shrubs....
This one belongs to the Mistletoe bird. 
It's made from matted plant down and cobwebs. 
I'll take my creative hat off to the gal who made this....the time and effort that went into making this is amazing. 
It's like felt, quite strong yet pleasingly soft.
 It looks like  a small bag suspended from the twig and this pic was taken 10 days ago, when we were having lovely, sunny days after frosty mornings.

Back to the stitching.......
My friend and talented artist  Ella asked me to make some soft toys in the style of the "Woodlings', as gifts for her friend who recently had her second child.

One was for big sister Meadow.....she loves the outdoors and appreciates the beauty of her natural surroundings

A little colour in the cheeks and lips made all the difference.....

Diamonds or a birds nest?
Which treasure would you prefer?

The second was for new brother Geordi,his dad loves the bush and  
no doubt will share his love of it with his son, as he grows.

Possum and gum trees

Now you see the reason behind the native flora inspiration ....

A closeup of the Echidna, funny little creatures that they are.....

As is my way, things came down to the last minute in preparing for the market.
When the alarm went off at 5.30am Saturday it was raining, but I was ready to go whatever the weather.
 Would've been too disappointing not to.
The river in Bright was a ranging torrent after recent heavy rain.
It looked like melted milk chocolate.......

Underfoot it was wet in areas of the park, just as well I packed my gumboots........
I set up my stall along with a few others
There was laughter and chit chat and a warm welcome back from stall holders.

Shame the weather wasn't quite as welcoming.

The sun put in appearance and people ventured out, but when it was obvious more rain was on the way,
I packed up early and headed off to have a coffee and catchup  somewhere warm with fellow stall holder Sandy.

Still, I enjoyed my trip to Bright and what do they say?

'Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain' ......

The past week, we've had some very stormy weather and 4 inches of rain and during that time 3 calves were born.

Great timing girls!!

These little bundles of energy are such great time wasters.
I love watching them take their first wobbly steps, gaining confidence, learning to run and  playing together.....  

So the mayhem that ensues preparing for a market is over and I can relax for a bit.......
This week I will be packing away the sewing machine and giving my  sewing room a good tidy up as well as giving the garden a bit of a spruce up too

Then I will be packing my suit case and next week, I will be flying over to Canada to join hubby and son on the last leg of the tour ........

I will be there for the last 3 festivals in Canmore and Calgary Alberta. Then a gig in Kelowna and the last festival in
 Salmon Arm BC.....

So I am wondering if any of you Canadian bloggers or those who have travelled to these places have any suggestions on places to visit or things to do while we are there as the week will be free between festivals......

I'm looking forward to some Canadian hospitality, seeing some of your beautiful countryside and some warmer temps....but of course I will be missing out on some of our Winter!!

So what's going on in your neck of the woods?

Are you enjoying Summer or Winter weather?

Staying put or heading off on holidays?

Hope you have time to stop and say 'hi'.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week,

Take care,

Claire X

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hello I'm Still Here........:)

Hello girls, yes, it's me.......I'm still here.
How are you all?
I did my first market for the year today.
The forecast was for 11deg. with 60% chance of rain.
 Think I needed my head read for agreeing to do it!!
Well the sun shone for most of the day, although a chill wind was blowing........

On the way home I had to pull over and take some photos of the brooding skies....... 

A corner of my stall, the sun brightening things up, but it was far from warm, brrrr.....

It's been a busy few weeks here in the Sweet Birdy Love household.

My Janome's been busy stitching away.

Some little brooches in the making.....

Along with some sewing needle books....

Teacosies were posted over to the U.S to
Janet at

A little chooky stitchery came into being.
I enjoyed making this as it was a little different from what I usually do....
It will be heading off to another part of the U.S next week......

Too much fun to stop at one, so.......

Outside it's been frosty and cold.
I managed to snap off a couple of pics before the parrots flew away.
I couldn't figure out what was going on as the Parrot appeared to be walking on the water....... the water had frozen.....

They added a splash of colour to the morning......

Apart from sewing there was also a lot of packing and sorting out going on.
 Hubby and son headed off to Canada last Monday.
Rich has a 6 week tour across Canada, playing at music festivals all over the place......

Hubby, Chris is going along as chauffeur/roadie/manager/dad......they work well together. 
The amount of organisation that has gone into this tour has been amazing.
After  a long trip which involved 4 different flights they arrived in Montreal minus their luggage which was somewhere at the airport in New York.
A rather frustrating 36 hours without it followed, but thankfully it turned up and they could hit the road.......
Things are going well now, although jetlag is playing havoc and rather large mozzies in Nova Scotia are enjoying some Aussie blood!
A little family pic....having breakfast the last Saturday before they left.

We're all looking a little pale,there was a light directly above us

The Johnnies are flowering, I love these blooms....the perfume can fill a room.
A small bunch in my 50 cent op shop jug brightens my day and makes me smile......

So things continue as they are here. 
Plenty of sewing going on, lots of ideas to play with.
Another birthday has come and gone and thankyou all for your birthday wishes.
Winter is giving us beautiful days after frosty starts.
Another little op shop has opened in town, did I mention that?
So a trip into town includes a visit to one or the other, or both!!
I've found some lovely things and turned my $1.00 investment in a vintage jigsaw into $20.00 by walking across the road to the
 2nd hand/antique shop and selling it on, not bad......
I won't tell you what they were going to sell it for, but I was very happy with my $20.00......

So what have you all been up to?
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and finding some time to be creative in some way.
Thanks so much for visiting and I will try not to leave it quite so long before my next post.

Take care,

Claire X