Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well what a wet, wintery weekend we have had, all up we have had 54mls of rain which in the old scale is 2 inches, yahoo. I have certainly been in my element, being a lover of cold weather!!

The Mt. Beauty Music Festival was on, so I spent Saturday up there with Mr G. and No.1 son who was performing at the festival. It was fresh and it rained on and off which wasn't the best weather for the market stall holders, but we do need the rain.

Despite the inclement weather I think everyone was enjoying the festival, so I hope it was a success. The boys will be home later this evening with news of how it all went.

The Autumn colour up there is stunning as usual, one of my favourite seasons, it's hard not to fall in love with the range of colours that decorate the trees. When we slow down and look around us there is beauty to be seen and it doesn't cost a cent!
When I came home yesterday afternoon I lit the wood heater and enjoyed watching the sky, the cloud formations and the colours were wonderful. Nothing beats listening to rain on the roof, watching it fall outside and being coccooned inside by the heater. I crocheted a few a couple of squares for my blanket, it's very relaxing and so enjoyable creating something that hopefully will be put to good use.

I have a secret to share, I actually went into town today and bought some more wool in totally different colours for another rug!! Am I mad or what ? I do wonder sometimes. The colours I bought are inspired by Autumn, burnt orange, cinnamon, soft gold, deep turquoise, red, they just cried out to be crocheted into a rug. I think I might try a different pattern, maybe a hexagonal shape inspired by Attic 24, check out her blog, she is a very clever lady.

Anyway, I better go and check the heater, put some soup on for dinner and try and decide which rug to work on tonight, the ironing will just have to wait!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, rug up and stay warm, winter is on it's way at long last!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, the weekend is almost upon us again and another music festival to attend. This time it's the Mt. Beauty Music festival, I am told that it's going to be cold up there on the weekend as this cold snap moves through the state.Everyone who knows me knows that I love winter and cold weather, any opportunity to dig out the gloves and a scarf and rug up!!

Had a fantastic time at the Canberra National Folk Festival at Easter. It's HUUUUUGE, if you are into people watching there's enough to keep you entertained without going to any of the concerts.

No 1 son, played 4 sets and had a great time and did very well in a couple of competitions, all in all an enjoyable weekend. There is alot of talent out there.

I have been sidetracked from my usual crafting and have caught the crochet bug, inspired by Fi at Marmaladerose and her gorgeous granny square blanket. I raced out to Spotlight and bought some Cleckheaton wool, fortunately it was on sale, but it still added up pretty fast!! Yes, it is addictive and if I don't crochet at least one square a night, something just isn't right!!

Back to Tafe tomorrow after a 2 week break for the holidays, a little confession I haven't done the homework I should have BUT at my age I am not and will not feel guilty. I will take responsibility for my actions and any consequences!!!

It's my wedding anniversary to Mr. G. tomorrow and No.1 son is 18 next week, amazing how time flies. I know this happens all the time and to make the most of every moment, but it still comes as a surprise.

No 1 son has made an outdoor fire pit using an old 44 gal drum, he cut a design in it using the angle grinder and it looks very effective when there's a fire burning. We just sat outside and had a bowl of pasta for tea whilst sitting around the fire, enjoying the stars better than anything on the TV.

Well, have a great weekend and take care and start digging out those winter woollies, it sounds like we are going to need them at long last, yahoo.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter's on it's way

Only two more days to go and then it's the Easter break, yahoo!!
The weatherhas that typical Autumn/Easter feel to it. Coolish mornings, dew on the ground, nice sunny days, the sky is a little bit hazy, no doubt there is burning off going on somewhere.
Evenings are cool enough for long sleeves and slippers, love this time of year, but of course rain would be most welcome.

We are not going on our usual Easter trip, but heading up to Canberra for a few days, No 1 son is playing at the National Folk Festival, very exciting and should be alot of fun. Great acts to see, great music to hear and a great time to be had by all.

Have to get busy and tidy up the house as my sister and her hubby will be house sitting and looking after the animals. Nice to have someone here while we are away, Tigger our ginger Tom misses his cuddles when no one is around.

I will be taking a bit of craft work with me, I have packed a bag with some crochet needles and wool as there will be hours sitting in the van sandwiched between Mr. G. and No1 son, so if there is a bit of room to move my arms, I hope to crochet some flowers and turn them into brooches to sell at my market stall.

When we get back I must get Mr. G. to show me how to upload photos , I feel it will be involved but everyone else seems to manage very well, so it's a new skill I must learn as I do have lots to show you and I am hoping someone will be interested!!

Stay well over Easter and if you are travelling take care (double demerit points apply) stop and have a power nap if you're tired. Don't overdo the chokky and y'all come back real soon now, y'hear

Bye for now

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is anybody out there?

If there's anybody out there and you may have just stumbled upon this by accident, any chance of leaving a comment, just to say "hi"!!

Well today was my second Friday at my Tafe course. Once again watching talented ladies work their "magic" with fabric, thread and dye made me want to disappear into oblivion, BUT I perservered and by early afternoon I had something happening with my little fabric sampler.
I had sandwiched together three pieces of fabric and then free hand machine embroidered a pattern taken from a drawing of some bark. Exciting stuff , stay tuned! then I cut through the two top layers of fabric to reveal the underneath and in so doing had 3 or 4 different colours coming through.

Not earth shattering stuff, but I could see where I was going and my sampler was saved from the rubbish bin and my dignity also.

Of course everyone is very encouraging, but when I got home and showed No1 son, his comment was a very enthusiastic " that's cool, i really like that mum" and that's when the shoulders straightened up, the chest was thrust out and I could really feel good about it.

Surprisingly, I trust his opinion more than most other people and if he thinks it's cool , then that's a big thumbs up in my book. Obviously, we are quite alike and share the same tastes in some things, but being a muso he's creative in his own way and is not mainstream in the way he sees some things, so it's interesting to hear his views on what I do.

We've just had a big thunder storm which dumped about 20 mls of rain in a short space of time. Fantastic to see the rain as it will top up our tanks and dam and give everything a good drink.
It was quite heavy and was blowing in under the door and at the window sills, but nothing compared to the poor folk on the Mid NSW coast.

Floods at one end of the country and bushfires at the other end, guess where they should be putting the pipeline!!

Well, school hols are on the way that means 2 weeks away from Tafe so I will have to do some homework, that will include a lino print and some other samplers, so I better get busy and get drawing, sewing and general crafting.

Hope to have some photos on my next post if we can find a simpler way of doing that.

Bye for now.