Sunday, June 1, 2014

Welcome to June........

Hello girls, just wanted to show you my new sewing machine.
This is Clothilde, isn't she a little gem?

I fell in love with her when I spied her on Ebay and knew she just had to come live with me........she's totally useless when it comes to stitching, but makes up for it with vintage, brooch gorgeousness.
Now that Winter's here, it's most definitely the season for a brooch or two.

I'm still creating little stitcheries.

I'm not sure what, but there's something about thready, frayed snippets of fabric stitched together that make my heart sing......and of course a fuzzy, little Bumbly bee adds to it

'Autumn's Bounty'
When there's very little flowering in the garden,I love to have a jug full of beautiful Autumn foliage to bring colour inside...

The vegie garden still has some Zinnias flowering, smaller blooms, but colourful and happy.
Recent rain has made them look a little sadder but I'm struggling to pull them out.
 It will look so bare when they are gone.
The Wisteria in the background has also added some beautiful golden colour to the garden.

  The Loquat tree has just finished flowering.
The perfume from the flowers pervades the air, smelling a little like baby powder.
The bees were enjoying the blooms, having a lovely time.

I've been enjoying misty mornings 

 and grey days.
 They make the last of the Autumn colour look so vivid.

 I had to share this photo.....grey skies, golden light in the corner and a silhouetted Robin......

This past week, we've had some lovely rain.
Days where it falls constantly, steadily, the sky slate grey.
We don't get days like this very often, I found it hard to focus on any stitching, preferring to enjoy the day.
Staying warm and cosy inside, making a pot of warm, nourishing soup.

Things are moving along quietly here as the weeks come and go along with the seasons.
I'm enjoying the slower pace the colder months bring.
The hustle and bustle of Summer is a distant memory and I look forward to evenings spent by the heater with a crafty project at hand or working on an idea for stitching up the next day.
But now I best go deal with a pile of ironing, I'm tired of looking at it.......

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.
I'm still popping over to different blogs to visit and say 'hello'......

I'll catch up with you soon......

Claire X