Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finding Inspiration

How do you manage to keep the creative vibe going when you are working on a production line?

In preparation for next months market I have quite a bit of sewing to get through and am finding it difficult to get motivated............

So, still thinking about strawberries, I decided to have a change of 'scenery' and have made some sewing needle books with strawberries rather than the usual chooks.

The weather obviously is influencing my creativity and Spring themes are in the air.

It's taken me a while but I have found a few little tips and tricks to make the job of sewing multiple things a little easier.
Obviously, a production line of drawing, cutting and sewing makes the process quicker but new designs no matter how simple make it more interesting.

The back looks just as interesting as...........

The front........

'Berryliscious' is obviously an amalgamation of delicious and luscious !!!!!!!

I think you know what I was getting at..........

There's plenty more sewing to be done, so hopefully I will keep working away at it building up stock slowly rather than my usual last week rush.

After two weeks away No. 1 has returned home.

While he was way up north at Airlie Beach he picked up some sea glass for me............

Discarded glass tumbled and smoothed by the ocean and then thrown up on the shore.
I love it and the fact that he thought of me and bought it home.

The blue piece is beautiful and reminds me of the black faced sheep down the road..........

After being away for so long he was keen to get on the ride on mower and mow the 'lawn' green stuff outside so it looked cared for...........
Who was I to deprive him off this pleasure?

Another little job he likes to do is keep the glass screen on the wood heater clean.
Two weeks of soot build up wasn't going to move without some elbow grease.
He did suggest I could've cleaned it while he was away.
But once again who am I to deprive him of the satisfaction?
And you do know if you can see the flames, you feel warmer!!

I have to smile to myself, when he says things like this. Not that long ago he was having a dig at me about being so fussy as to how the housework and certain jobs were done.
Now I see it coming out in him and I just smile...........

Don't get the wrong idea, I am definitely not an obsessive housekeeper............

Read: don't turn up unannounced, you might be in for a shock, hehehe............

The fine weather continues and trees are blooming well out of their usual time.

The Manchurians are still putting on a lovely display. The first is now in leaf with the second just in blossom. The bees are having a field day.

The Crab Apples are starting to come out in leaf and it's still August (just).

A beautiful time of year and it's so nice to have sunny days, but once the sun disappears behind a cloud, you do notice the drop in temp.

I am slowly but surely getting on top of the weeds in the garden, along with the help of some feathered friends.
I wish I had their eyesight, they are so quick to grab the tip of a disappearing worm or grub.

Akin to crop circles.......but I know what causes them.............

Two weeks ago I noticed these 'interesting' vapour trails in the sky.

Obviously there was fog at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne and they were killing some time till it cleared.
Or were they just bored?

It made for interesting viewing. I wonder if anyone else noticed?

I love seeing things like this..........


Well, that's a little bit of news from the Sweet Birdy Love household.

I hope your week is going well and that maybe you see something small and discarded , the beauty of which makes you smile.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and see what I am up to.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yum scrum, aren't they just so cute?..............

Little strawberry pincushiony thingies.
Can you pick which one is mine? hehe.........

Needs a bit of fertiliser.

Look at that tea cosy, red and white, just gorgeous.

I have one knitted in that style, probably belonged to my grandmother but it's orange and blue!

Love that basket too.......more red and white and a polka dot mug.

Now UK readers may very well recognise these pics from a recent addition to the craft magazine market.

It finally made it's way to my local newsagents this week and I bought it immediately, without so much as a quick look first............
O/S magazines always take their time to make it 'Down under' so we are probably a couple of issues behind by now.

Mollie Makes, full of beautifully styled pics and lots of gorgeous things to drool over.

After reading about it on lots of blogs I finally get a copy of my own...........

Had to sit down and whip up a strawberry straight away.
Just need to make them a little bigger next time.

They have me wishing Summer was already here and I could pick my own strawberries from the garden

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front as I sewed up a storm for 2 markets last weekend. The first was in Bright on Saturday and even though I got a bit muddled and set the alarm for an hour later than usual...........it was a cracker of a day. Beautiful weather, quite a few stalls although not the usual amount we have during Summer and plenty of people around and they were happy to be buying, which is always a good thing.

A Blanket Bunny will be winging it's way to London very soon.
I think I better start making passports to go with my softies as they become little international travellers.
I had quite a few sales which means there's plenty of sewing to be done before the next market.

Had to take a pic of the blossom lined street, so pretty and it screams ..........

Once the market was over I popped into the Enchanted Forest, to have a little look and got chatting to the owner.

She gave me her business card which had the sweetest little pop up paper cut in the middle of it.

Sorry about the blurry pic, my little camera doesn't cope with closeups, but just check out all that gorgeousness.........an owl in a big, old tree, toadstools and bunnies.

It's just adorable and only about 2 inches high.

Have you ever seen a cuter business card?

Add a tea light and look at that shadow.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I also did the Sunday morning market here in my little town and once again a beautiful day, plenty of stalls and people, but they all had their hands in their pockets.........

That's the nature of markets...........you just can't pick it.

I've never seen Tigger showing an interest in veggies before but after I had been shopping today, I left the box of veg on the bench to go and get changed and when I came out to the kitchen, there he is..........

Getting to know the bunch of celery...........he was rubbing his head onto the end of the stalks and having a little munch on the leaves.

Not sure what that was about. He often has a chew on grass when he's outside.

Maybe he's just making sure he gets his 5 serve of veg a day........

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful this week and I've been working up a sweat in the garden.
It's the warmest August on record, which might be nice to have fine weather but doesn't bode well for the coming Summer.

Everything seems to be blossoming early which isn't a surprise.
The Manchurian Pear is looking stunning. The blossom appears and then you get the green tinge as the leaves unfold

The chooks are enjoying a good scratch around and are getting into full swing laying eggs, beautiful brown shells with chocolate speckles on them.


Well, that's a little roundup of what's been happening in the Sweet Birdy Love household recently.
That and the fact that hubby and son have been on the road making their way up to Queensland for a music festival in Yeppoon, gigging along the way. They've been enjoying temps. of 25 deg. and No. 1 has been in his element wearing shorts, singlets and his favourite warm weather footwear.....bare feet !!

It's been a little quiet with them away and I should've done more sewing but the fine weather just won't let me stay indoors.
Once I subdue those weeds into submission it's all systems go..........

Thanks for popping by everyone and if you have time to say 'hi' I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring .............

Sssh, listen can your hear it?
No, that's because it has actually stopped raining.
But don't worry it won't stop for long..............

It's wet, grey and quite dark here today, surprise, surprise.

But as you know..............I love this weather.
I have been busy creating, mess and mayhem today, but have you noticed a little something very special in the photo?

Yippee, my labels have finally arrived and I am very happy with them.
Some time ago I decided that it would be good to have some labels to put on my large makes. I did ask for some advice from readers about buying or making your own and you were all very helpful. Time went by and eventually I decided to order some on line and here they are.

I just love the sewing machine............

In preparation for the market on Saturday I am in the process of making another baby mobile/dingly dangly/ thingy............... this time birds.
I just have to finish off the ends and sew some little silver bells between the birds and on the bottom of the ribbon.

They are doing a good job brightening up the day............

If you are wondering about the Sunflower teacosy, it's still in the WIP pile and I promise I shall finish it off very soon.

Another 'make' for the market are these little Birdie T's

I wanted to come up with another design besides the toadstool house (see 4 posts ago....don't know how to link to an old post!! If you would like to share the secret please feel free)

It took me a while and I'm not sure if I am 100% happy with it but we'll see how it goes on Saturday.

This pic was taken yesterday, what a difference 24 hours makes...........

Blue sky and sunshine, just gorgeous.
Actually, apologies for uploading the wrong photo.

I 've tucked my camera into my pocket, so I can take a pic or two on my way to check the letterbox for mail.
It's a bit tricky juggling the camera and umbrella but here goes.

The Manchurian Pear is in full bloom way ahead of time and not surprisingly, there are no bees about today.....
We have two of these trees, the second was planted a few years after the first and always flowers much later.
I'm afraid this rain will spoil the display somewhat.

No. 1 son who is up in Queensland enjoying 23deg. and sunshine whilst wearing shorts and a singlet was worried that it would bloom while he was away and he was right. Hopefully the flowers will hold on for another week or two, so he can enjoy some of it's beauty when he gets home.

Despite the gloomy day there are beautiful, bright splashes of colour around.
I must transfer these miniature Daffodils into the garden after the flowers have died back.

They are such sweet things.

Also from yesterday, a pic of the girls out of their run.
They enjoy a good forage in the 'Wild Wood' .
It helps break down the leaf litter whilst looking for creepy crawly things, so I am more than happy for them to scratch away to their hearts desire.

.....and it's always worth checking out the wood box for any 8 legged treats.

Shame they wouldn't fill it up as well, the wheel barrow's right there girls !!

I don't think I could have gotten a better action shot of Dorothy if I had tried.
When I opened the kitchen door to take the pic, she was off like a shot.
Probably thought she would be in trouble...........

Last but not least, guess who's the King of the Castle?

It's easy when you know how...........fly up onto the 44 gal. drum then up onto the post above the gate.
This always impresses the girls and then you can crow very loudly and let the whole neighbourhood know that, you are the King of the Castle.............

Cheeky thing,


So, as the rain continues to fall and it's forecast to do so or the next couple of days I shall pull on the gumboots and head out on 'Worm Rescue' patrol ( please refer to last post, I'm not completely bonkers!!)

The weather man has said Saturday will be 19deg. with sunshine, yippee..........I shall be busy tying knots, snipping off loose threads, sewing 'things' together and getting sorted............

I hope your week is going well, thanks for taking the time out to call past and read my ramblings.
If you have a minute or two up your sleeve post a comment and say 'hi', it's always nice to hear what you've been up to.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just One Of Those Days

It was one of those days............foggy, Wintry, just perfect for heading down the road to Beechworth.

No. 1 was up for it too.

We headed straight for the bakery, ordered some breakfast and found a spot to sit in the window, where we could look out onto this beautiful day.

After breakfast we went our separate ways..........

I mooched around the shops but sadly no treasures to be found in the op shops today.

No. 1 happily retreated to the car with a guitar magazine.............

With mooching over we headed to Lake Sambell so I could take a few photos.......

I think this is the best/worst pea souper we've had this Winter.
The above pic is relatively clear.
I was a little apprehensive driving in such thick fog as you could barely see metres in front of you.
It's amazing how many people only had their parking lights on, which meant you couldn't see them until they suddenly appeared out of the fog, which was a bit startling...............

A splash of colour to brighten the day.

The Wattle is blooming all around the area, I love to cut bunches of it and bring it inside.

It was just one of those days, where the hours were frittered away doing bits and pieces, relaxing, enjoyable and not feeling guilty at all about the fact that I STILL hadn't finished my Sunflower tea cosy..............

I have recently been given an award by the lovely Cuckoo

So I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself.

Hmm,.......... interesting now that's a challenge, but here goes,

1. As much as I try to be organised and keep my work area neat and tidy, I seem to work better amongst chaos and mayhem. When the creative mojo is in top gear there's no time to stop and tidy up. It's just go, go, go until the job is done and then groan..........tidy up.

2. I love looking at the night sky and try and go out to see what's on view every night. We live in the country so there's very little light pollution from neighbours.
Life's simple pleasures are often the best.

3. When ever it rains I have to go on 'Worm Rescue' patrol...........they wriggle out of the flooded soil onto the pavers where they remain like beached whales.
I always feel I have to rescue them before they die or the birds find them.
I put them back in a sheltered part of the garden where they get on with what they do best.

4. I would love to have a go at living in the bush, you know, Bear Grylls or Survivor style.
I think it would be 'fun' to pit yourself against the elements with just a few basic pieces of equipment. You know, find out what sort of stuff you're made of..............

5. My sister gave me a skateboard for my 17th birthday. They had just come onto the market. It seemed a bit of strange gift as I don't think I had expressed an interest in them. No. 1 is a skateboarder and I think he saw me in a new light when I told him I once had one..............

6. I used to lack a bit of self confidence at times and could feel intimidated by other people, but now I am alot more comfortable with who I am and my abilities. If need be I can easily strike up a conversation with strangers or stand in front of a room full of people and give a speech.

7. I like to have a good laugh. When I get together with my sister we talk about silly things, act like kids, play jokes on each other and have a good belly laugh. It's fun, it's good and it's the best exercise.............

Okey dokey that took me forever..............

Now I am meant to pass this award on to 3 other bloggers but I as you are all so versatile, creative and interesting, it just makes it too hard.
Does that get me off the hook?
Sooooooo anyone who would like to play along and tell us 7 interesting things about your self, please feel free to join in.


Well, as you can see I have been having a little play around with my blog layout.
Not being a techy type it's taken me alot longer to learn what you clever things have no doubt known for ages.
I had quite a bit of fun and frustration working it all out but I am happy with the final result AND I didn't have to ask No.1 or hubby for help.
Needless to say there will be a little bit of tweaking going on over time and if you have any little tips you would like to share, please feel free.............

I hope your week is going well, thanks for dropping by to read my ramblings.
It's always nice to hear from you,

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Tales

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week, well actually we're almost half way through.

Winter has reappeared in spades with the temp. back down to where it should be - 11deg.
Just as well I found this lovely crocheted blanket at the op shop to snuggle under...........

I couldn't believe it when I spied it in the back corner of the shop along with some other granny blankets.
The pattern and colour stood out and I held my breath as I unfolded it to have a good look.

The yarn used is quite fine, so I'm guessing it's reasonably old.

It's in excellent condition just a few ends need darning in.

I love the edging, a variegated green yarn has been used before the final crochet trim and it really gives it a lift.

Click on the pics to enlarge and see the detail...........

I think it was $8.00 well spent, don't you?

Another pic of the Rhubarb flower which has bolted.
It's shot up and really doesn't look all that interesting now

Apparently the older varieties are more likely to bolt and also more mature plants tend to do this.

After quite a wet weekend, today has turned out quite a mixed bag, weather wise.

Sunny, rainy, sunny, cloudy, hmmm, remind you of anything?!!

The Japonica in the pic is called Apple Blossom, a lovely salmon pink and white.
You don't see this variety very often, I love the combination of colours.

It only takes a couple of branches to make a very simple flower arrangement, but watch out for the spikes, ouch..............

With a little bit of sunshine the bees are busy at work.

I had to be quick to snap a pic of them as they didn't muck around getting pollen from the Rosemary flowers.............

With the warm weather last week, the Manchurian Pear has decided to push ahead and blossom a month early.

Love all those little black dots against the pure white petals.

I have to say I'm so glad the temp. has dropped back to where it should be.
It just seems so wrong to be out in the garden in Winter wearing sunscreen...........

Shall leave you with a gardening pic from last week.

My little helper was searching for nice, juicy morsels in the barrow load of manure I picked up in the paddock............

I was quite happy to reward her gardening efforts with a few worms.........

Like this fella...........now if you were a chook you would be licking your lips by now.....or not !!


On the crafting front, I am finishing off the Sunflower tea cosy, so if you would like to see the finished item, pop back in a day or two.
I'm also working on things for my market stall on the 20th of August.
So the crafting wheels are turning slowly, but we're making progress.

Thankyou all for dropping by to say 'hi' and see what I've been up to............
I've actually been given an award recently by the lovely Cuckoo and I have to think of several interesting things to tell you about myself..........hmmm.
Shall have to sleep on that one.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes.........

Turn back the clock a week and we were having quite heavy frosts, followed by beautiful sunny days.

Frost creates wonderful icy outlines on the Violets.
Beautiful, sweet, scented flowers.
Quite a few little posies find their way onto my bedside table before Winters end........

One week later, the temperature is up around 20deg. and gardening outside is definitely a T shirt job.

It's hard to stay inside when the garden is calling and all the jobs you have been ignoring over Winter are still waiting............

I have been busy working in the vegie garden, barrowing loads of manure from the paddock. Preparing beds for vegies and flowers.

I noticed the Rhubarb flowering..........love the combination of green and pink.
You would almost think it's a new strain of cauliflower !

More green and pink in the shrubbery.

This dark pink Camellia is my favourite.

Where did I put my secateurs?
I need to cut some and bring them inside.

When my favourite Camellia is in flower I just have to fill this vase full of them.

It belonged to my mum and I don't really remember her using it when I was a child.
I think it was always full of old keys, hair pins, a few coins and maybe a couple of stamps!!

I love the turquoise with the deep pink.
The little clock on the right, once belonged to my father in law.

I wish I had asked him about it's history ................ beautiful colours and delicate flowers.

"A house with Daffodils in it,
is a house lit up, whether or no
the sun be shining outside."

A.A. Milne

All this sunny weather has my thoughts turning to Spring and therefore Summer and it's coming out in my crafting.

A sneak peek at a WIP I started this morning.

It had to be Sunflowers, I love them and grow some each Summer.
They're bright and cheery and the bees love them.
Yes, those little brown things are going to be bees ..................

Tigger is enjoying the warm weather too and what would be more fun than a roll in the dirt.
Get covered in grass and leaf litter and head inside leaving a trail behind you............

Thanks Tig, I love you too.


So this is a little bit of what's happening here at Sweet Birdy Love.

You all know how much I love Winter, but the warm temperatures, blue skies and bees buzzing about has my mind racing ahead of me.
I'll just have to slow down and take one day at a time and make sure that when the warm weather arrives I'm ready for it.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm linking to Winter Wednesday over at
Head over there and take a look for some more wonderful Winter posts.

Till next time, take care

Claire X