Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spring is well and truly here. The weeds are growing as I type, amazing how after a little rain the place is overrun with the pesky things. Problem is I feel I have to dig or pull them out rather than mow over them or whipper snip them.

The poor chooks needed a GPS to find their way back to the chook house. For a few minutes I thought they had been abducted by aliens but then they came charging out of the undergrowth!!

That was the deciding factor I got in and spent a couple of hours weeding and whipper snipping the chook run. Looks alot better now.

So what's happening in the garden? the Port Wine magnolia is in bloom and the scent is deliciou, is it Juicy Fruit chewing gum or banana custard I can never quite make up my mind. the Philadelphus (Mock Orange) is about ot burst into bloom and fill the air with it's wonderful scent, as is the Chinese Star Jasmine in the entry to the front door. On moonlit nights I love to go outside and breathe lungfulls of it's amazing scent as I gaze at the heavens and enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding countryside.

Some irises i rescued from my mums garden after she passed away are putting on a lovely display, it's called Designer Gown and she loved it having spent quite a bit of money (for my mum!) on some rhizomes. It's like a dsuty pink ball gown and is so delicate, as you can imagine it's very special. Also a rose mum gave to me and each of my sisters is putting on a good display, it's called Mothers Love and I was quite touched when she presented me with it.

The blue wrens are busy in the garden flitting here and there and twittering away when someone unexpected enters their territory.

I like to let the chooks out during the day and they head towards the shrubbery where they scratch about and have a jolly old time. You can see the depressions in the ground where they take a dust bath, our rooster usually fires off a few crows just to let all and sundry know he is enjoying himself and still in charge!

New leaves on the Maples are unfurling, fresh and green. The Lilac is stunning as ever, dark purple petals with a white border as if someone has been out there with a paint brush delicately painting each flower. You can't help but cut bunches of flowers and bring them indoors to enjoy.

So glad I don't suffer from hayfever!

The days are warming up and watering is beginning a big job and one I don't enjoy during the warmer months but a garden provides such pleasure.

Vegies have been planted and mulched with the promise of fresh homegrown produce to come.
Mowing and edging continue on a weekly basis during Spring but the enjoyment far outweighs the effort and once the hot weather starts there will be no need to mow for some months.

Even during the hot summer months we have here there is still beauty to be found outside, as they say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ain't that the truth.