Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuff, BIts 'n Pieces, This 'n That....✄✄✄

Hello, how are you all?
Hope you had an enjoyable weekend......

Autumn's on my mind.....
The Maples along the driveway are starting to change.
There's a nip in the morning air, dew on the grass.....

'Every leaf speaks bliss to me....
Fluttering from the Autumn tree'

Emily you said it so well...

I woke this morning to heavy was lovely lying in bed and listening to it.
Definitely a morning for breakfast in bed....
a mug of tea, toast and home made plum jam, yum...
The boys are away for the weekend, so I can please myself....

When I fed the girls this morning I discovered that a feathered beastie had been visiting the orchard again and been twice as destructive as last week, aaargh!!

He must've known I was having a sleep in!!

Let's turn the clock back to Saturday shall we?...

I had a list of things I wanted to do, I was planning to stitch up a storm. Somehow that storm was downgraded to a mere blip on the weather radar, but I was happy with the end results.

Why am I stitching hottie covers when it's 35 deg?....
Yes, I had the aircon cranking, certainly made it alot more comfortable.

I'm enjoying using the pastel shades in this blanket, very subtle.
I've decided to do a couple of markets next month, so I'm hoping someone else will like these and I won't be bringing them home with me.....

Ok, back to Sunday......when I should've been doing dishes, ironing or vacuuming this morning, I was sitting at the machine stitching a little something.
Not sure what I was aiming for, but I had to get this out of my system before I could do any of the boring stuff.
A scrap of wool, a scrap of fabric and some stitching...
It's not finished, I have been doing a little hand stitching on it this evening.
I think it's turning into a cuff of some sort.
No plans just playing and see what the result is.
There's always the possibility it will end up in the bag of scraps.

Thought you might like to see the view from my sewing room.......
So peaceful watching the rain fall on all that greenery....

The 'Wild Wood' of Silver Birches.....beautifully green and cool in Summer, golden in Autumn and stark, white, papery trunks against the sky in Winter.
Parrots visit and the chooks love scratching in the leaf mulch when I let them out of their run.

The windows are of the wind out variety, shame about the bar in the middle......
No flash.....that way you can't see the mess either side of the machine.
When the inspirations flowing, the tidying up has to wait.

More pin cushions waiting to be stitched up....

The stock for my market stall is growing slowly, which is better than leaving it to a mad rush in the week before, which is usually the way.

Pretty ✽✽✽ .......


It's been a weekend of mixed weather.

After yesterday's heat today has been extremely damp.
It was looking very Wintry outside, low cloud obscuring the mountains and driving into Big Town it was foggy.
You could imagine it was a pea souper in Winter, except for the fact that the paddocks are just looks wrong.

I thought I heard a collective sigh from the garden as the rain started to fall.
The plants were looking very droopy and sad last night.

Might be time to get into the garden and pull out a few weeds this week.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
Whatever your week brings, weeding, sewing or doing the 'boring stuff' I hope you find some time to be creative.

Take care,


Monday, February 20, 2012

Stitchy Happenings and a Vegie Swap Report

Hello there and welcome to a rather, dull, damp corner of the globe.
Thanks for popping by and if you are visiting from another dull, damp corner I hope I can brighten your day a little.......

Today, was meant to be all about the garden as the sun was hiding and the temp. was low even though we were forecast 30deg.

BUT, somehow, between the dishes and getting ready to start the day, I got side tracked and found myself sitting at the sewing machine.

I seem to have built up a collection of feathers, from chooks to magpies, cockatoos, parrots and anything in between that appeals so........

.....a little pin cushion with a feather using left overs of woollen fabric was calling out to be made.

Why is it that ideas for crafty makes have a habit of popping into my brain when I'm about to go out and won't be able to get to my machine for hours....very frustrating.

Somehow I think there's a fine line between feather and leaf, here's hoping I got it right!!

Feathers one side and some chooky fabric which has been sitting unused in my fabric stash for 3 years or so.

Just need to stuff and stitch it up this evening.

It's a good little project to work on in the evenings when I'm watching TV
......I don't feel so guilty then!!

Do you like to work on a crafty project on when you are watching TV?
Preferably one that doesn't require to much concentration...

More Hottie Huggies in production.....

A little cottage, it's inhabitants sleeping peacefully.

A little saying to go on the back...

Every sleepy boy and girl
in every bed around the world
can hear the stars up in the sky
whispering a lullaby.
Mary Chapin Carpenter

After making the bunnies I thought I would make one more appropriate for a little boy....

I haven't used this blanket to make anything yet, but love
the bluey greens and browns

It definitely had to be a teddy bear and it took me ages to find
the sort of Teddy I wanted.
It all looked hunky dory on paper so I traced the pic onto some fusible 'stuff' which I ironed onto the back of the brown wool.
Cut it out, iron in place and sew it down.
Too easy.

My invisible pen wouldn't work on the fabric so I had to cross my fingers and 'ope like 'eck that it would be OK...

Well, it looks like Ted has been overstuffed somewhat.....

No.1 suggested Jenny (Craig) might be able to help him!!
...thanks mate...

I'm not giving up that easily, I'll have another go and get it right.

Come on Ted you sleepy head.
We've had fun playing now
it's time for bed.

The community vegie swap took place on Saturday.
Nice to be part of it as I wasn't doing the Bright market.
I got up early picked 3 bunches of Zinnias, some punnets of mini Roma toms. half a bucket of Nashi pears and some Royal Gala apples.

Packed it into my basket and headed off.
I swapped a bunch of Zinnias for a jar of strawberry jam before I even got there, hehe......

There was plenty of produce,
Zucchinis, Button Squash, more tomatoes apples, plenty of plums,
Spring onions, cucumbers, jars of olives, jam, home made Ginger Beer, Silver beet, herbs, seedlings, seeds and even......

....some cute little Muscovy ducklings and a good home was found for them too.
The wood fired oven had been stoked up on Friday evening and was ready to bake, pizzas, muffins, pies, cakes and even a roast.
It was great to see so many people there with young families enjoying lunch and making new acquaintances.
Trays of Kipfler potato chips which had been baked in the oven and platters of watermelon were passed around.
A successful day for the organisers.......

I came home with my basket full of produce and as it was a little warm I thought I would enjoy a cool drink and try the ginger beer.
I had only turned the lid a smidge when 'BANG' it blew out of my hand and
WHOOSHKA, a metre high fountain of ginger beer shot up into the air!!!
After wiping the benches, mopping the floor and drying the inside of the pendant light I had been standing under....
I sat down to enjoy the inch of ginger beer left in the bottle was delish.

Didn't realise it would be such a volatile brew...
My mum used to make it when I was a kidlet, I don't recall too many of these incidences.

Sunday morning while we slept peacefully a feathered intruder found our apple trees.

Wouldn't mind too much if it ate the whole piece of fruit, but taking huge chunks out and dropping them on the ground is not
going to endear the feathered marauder to us at all.
Yep, it was a cockatoo, noisy, destructive feathered beastie....

Stay away you're


Well, the sun has actually shown it's face through the rain and bathed the hills in a beautiful golden glow and
a full, double rainbow has added to the scene....

The temp, has dropped and I've dragged out my Winter slippies and a long sleeved top, very snuggly.
I'm feeling rather Wintery, better crack on with my granny square blanket. I have let myself get side tracked with the crocheted bunting and it's not really something you can snuggle under on a cold evening...

So that's just a snippet of what I've been up to the last couple of days.

How about you? What's happening in your little nook?

Thanks for all your lovely comments.
I enjoy reading them all and finding out where you are visiting from.
I appreciate you taking the time as well.

I hope you all have a great week, Im off to stuff and stitch some pincushions and drag that granny square blanket out of hiding,

Take care,

Claire ❀❀❀

P.S. If you've made it to the end of this rather long winded post congratulations you deserve a gold sticky star.✮✮✮

Friday, February 17, 2012

Did You Know...........

It's true........under the silvery moonlight bunnies come out to play...

You have to be very quiet and find a hidey hole from which to observe them.
They're quite shy and will run away if they think people are around.

Moonlight gives everything a magical quality......

Two little cotton tails, looking for some fun....

They best be careful because another creature comes out at night but not to play.....

Ooops, interruption to blogging...a cloud has just burst overhead and the rain is bucketing down. I better check to make sure the garage isn't flooding.

Okay, the storm has moved away a little, taking the lightning and thunder with it.
The garage has a small amount of water in it but nothing to really worry about, phew.
A bit of a sweep later will see it put to rights.

Aw, come on mum, please let me be in the pic?....

I have to send a big thankyou to Alex, she has inspired me to search through my stash of blankets and whip up some hottie covers.

Last ones I made were back in 2010......

I bought this blanket a couple of months ago and hadn't yet snipped into it......

There are so many different colours in it.
It's going to be fun using it for lots of projects.

Earlier this morning I was outside in the sunshine.....topping up the Vitamin D levels.

The Bella Donna Lillies are blooming beautiful and they have a lovely perfume.

Tig's wanting to hog the lime light today!!

Gertrude Jekyll, was also sporting a beautiful bloom.
Tucked away amongst the foliage, I nearly missed it.

Hope the rain hasn't damaged it....

Not hard to guess which chook laid this egg...

A perfectly placed feather ...I couldn't resist taking a pic....

Thought you might like to meet some of the nightlife.

I've learnt over past Summers, that it's worth turning an outside light or two on before you head out into the garden, if you want to avoid walking into a cobweb and it's owner!!
This little beauty was feasting on a grasshopper the other evening,
fortunately I spotted it before walking into the web, which was head height, eek!!

Now I know of it's whereabouts, I will certainly be avoiding it...


Well, the storm has passed, if the sun comes out it will be rather steamy.....

The local monthly fruit and vegie swap is on tomorrow morning, so I'll be taking in some of our mini roma toms, apples, nashis and sharing the Zinnia love with a bunch or three.

Always interesting to see what others are growing and come home with some different veg. It's also a great way to meet other members of the community.

Well,it's back to the sewing machine more blankets to cut up and stitch back together as hottie covers.

Might throw a load of washing in the machine,now that the sun is showing it's face.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by to say "hi", always great to hear from you.

Claire ✿✿✿

Monday, February 13, 2012

Stitching Up a Storm.............

Afternoon, how are you all?

As you can see it's a sunny day here and the temp. is forecast to climb into the mid thirties this week......

The last couple of weeks haven't been typical February weather at all...quite cool in fact.
No complaints from me as it's easier living when there's no heat or humidity but the vegie garden needs some heat to do it's thing.....

Yes, you've guessed it, I plugged the machine in this morning, snipped some of that lovely woollen fabric I was gifted recently and made another 'Bgurk" .

Please meet,
Little Red Hen and her chicky.....

She's one proud Mamma, so it's best if you keep your distance as she's very protective of her little one.....

She's not going to let that little chicky out of her sight

I thought we would head outside for some photos as it's such a beautiful day and I've been told my Vitamin D level is a little on the low side,so it's a good opportunity to soak up some rays.
I was a little surprised to hear this news but mulling it over it all adds up.......
I'm not a Summer person so will head for the nearest patch of shade when outside to avoid getting sunburnt and stay cool.
I now spend more time indoors sewing than I do outdoors gardening, that's probably the biggest change in lifestyle.

Anyhoo, time to get outside a little more and enjoy the weather before it heats up too much.

Last Friday the weather decided to tease us with some stormy clouds and the threat of a thunderstorm.
The garden was looking for some rain and I thought here we go.....but no it wasn't to be and someone else got a nice drop of rain.

Beautiful, atmospheric clouds♡

Beauty waiting to unfurl.....


Can you see them?

One evening last week after a storm we had this amazing cloud formation.

It was if someone had waved a paintbrush across the sky picking out a cloud here and there to colour........


The trees have started to change colour, first the Pistachios and then the Maples along the driveway.
It feels as if we haven't had much Summer really and Autumn is knocking on the door.
You know I'm not going to complain about it......the last of the Winter wood supply has been stacked away in the shed ....thankyou we're ready, but surely there's still some heat to come......

The beautiful White Belladonna Lillies are about to burst into bloom...

The bulbs look sad most of the year then it seems suddenly a little green shoot appears.
A day or two later it's almost 10 inches tall and then the flowers start peeping out of their little green covering........

Next post I'll show you the ugly duckling to swan transformation.

Our Nashis and apples are ready and providing lovely, fresh fruit to snack on.
They're not huge maybe half a dozen bites and they're gone.
Perfect size for filling pockets and munching on as we go for an evening walk......

So what has the week got in store?
More time outside me thinks, shall have a crochet hook in one hand and a gardening fork in the other, just to keep things interesting.

Some more Mamma chooks and chicks, a little more tweaking needed I feel.

If you want to check out some other chickens head over to visit Mimilove.
Karen has just finished a fab commission.....a combination of painting and stitchy creativity which will make you smile

Back into the working week, hope all is well in your little corner of the globe.

Thanks for taking time out to visit and say 'hi', it's always nice to hear from you.

Take care,

Claire ♥♥

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Remember Youoooooo.........

Hello and welcome to a brand new week.......
It's sunshine and blue sky as far as the eye can see today, but there was a hint of Autumn in the air this morning as I went out to feed the girls...

All you Northern Hemisphere bloggers, I'm picturing you all snuggling down under crocheted blankets with your hands tightly wrapped around mugs of hot chocolate.....partly because I would love to be doing that, but mainly because of the cold temps and weather you've been experiencing.
I hope you are all well and have the fires stoked or the heaters on or just rugging up when out and about.

Better give a little explanation of the above pic.......
I was in need of a bookshelf for storage in the sewing room. So we picked up an 'el cheapo' one at a furniture shop when we were in town yesterday.
I pulled out my little polka dot purse and counted out all my pennies to pay for it.I like to think that I've worked for it and it's a sense of achievement to pay for the things I need.
Last night hubby and No. 1 put it together. There were screws, nails and glue involved.
I smiled to myself thinking this would be interesting......
but they assembled it without any problems, until they realised No. 1 had put the very top piece on upside down.
As there was glue involved there was no way to reverse it. It functions OK but there are holes for screws that you wouldn't normally see, pffft!!

Does it really matter?

Today I have had fun filling the shelves with bits and pieces, but unfortunately this may not be their permanent home as I intend to use the shelves for storing fabric.
Easier to see at a glance what you have rather than rummage through plastic storage bins.

As I sorted through various bags and containers I have rediscovered projects put aside long ago to move onto something else.......

The doll sitting up on the top shelf, I made about 5 years ago. I was very pleased with the way she turned out and love her outfit.
Would like to make her a companion one day.....

I've filled jars with coloured cotton, buttons and brought my sea glass collection out of the dim dark cupboard, so I can enjoy it.

Now back to the boring bit of sorting out.
It feels like one step forward, two steps back as I unearth more 'stuff'.

We're talking years of collecting here girls, so it was always going to be a big job.

Lets' just head outside for a short break in the proceedings and get some fresh air and see what's happening in the garden.

The main colour this year amongst the Zinnias seems to be orange.
Very striking.........
Last year I think it was a deep pink/purple.

The seeds find their way into a variety of places and it's really hard to pull them out when they've put up such a struggle to grow in the gravel path and flower.....

Our pumpkin has rambled across garden beds, wending it's way between tomatoes and capsicum.
It grew from a seed in the compost, so another little experiment left to it's own devices.
There are only 3 pumpkins on it, but they are a decent size and when I saw the price of pumpkin in the supermarket yesterday, I was quite pleased that we had at least 3!!

This variety is Kent and we've found them to be lovely and flavoursome, quite sweet too.
When it's roasted, mmmm...... it's hard to stop eating it.

The mini Roma tomatoes have been the best producer this season.
Eaten straight from the garden, they are lovely and sweet.

I roasted a dish full on Saturday night and I had to walk away from the kitchen after I took them out of the oven as I couldn't stop eating them, yuuuummmyyy.

Love those little, rosy, egg shaped fruit hiding amongst the dark green depths of the tomato foliage.

Don't you just love the smell of a tomato plant when you brush past it? smells of Summer...

The front orchard is producing a bumper crop of pears.

They look wonderful hanging from the branches. They are a little way off being ripe but that still doesn't stop the parrots....they're not particularly choosy.

There are plenty to share, just hope they have a lovely flavour.
Last season they looked delicious but had a rather unpleasant flouriness to the texture....such a disappointment.
At least the cows and chooks enjoyed them...

Plums are ready to eat and the birds can't feast on these as they are under netting, hehe.......

I made jam with the plums a couple of years ago and I think there's still some in the pantry, but it may be time to make another batch.

Ok, break's over back to the sorting.
I'm itchin' to get stitchin' again and there's no sewing till the room's sorted, eeek!!
Hopefully,by the end of the week, things will be close to being finished.


So what have you all been up to today, or over the weekend?....

Was it a project you have been working on or just the usual?

Do tell, I would love to hear.

Thanks for dropping by to visit, lovely to hear from you all.

Take care,

Claire ♥♥