Thursday, August 7, 2014


It's 5am and I'm awake, what else would you do but get up and do a blog post? Right?

I've cranked the heater, made a Milo and got a box of tissues by my side.....someone has shared their cold with me....:(
I was thinking I'd get another blog post in before July ended and then realised we were well into my brain's in a bit of a fog at the moment.....

I've been having fun playing around with some ideas and stitchy techniques.
When I've got a bit more time, I'll take it a little further and see what I come up with.
Gotta love Pansies and Violas and their sweet, little faces.
They come in such a multitude of colours.

Another stitchery finished and off to it's new home.
I used a different colour palette and was very happy with the outcome.
It felt like Spring was just around the corner.

There are pops of colour around the garden and the girls love getting out and having a good scratch around in the 'Wild Wood'
Although egg production has slowed down, they are still giving me an egg a day which is lovely.
You can't beat fresh egg from your own hens.....

On the roadside a Japonica growing wild deserves a little attention.
Love this colour and they are such hardy, drought tolerant shrubs.
It gets the tick of approval and will find a place in my new garden.

Recently I was given a bag of embroidered doilies and linen from a  work friend.
They belonged to her late Nan and Jo, knows how much I love this sort of thing.
Inside the bag were some exquisitely embroidered hankies.
 Such delicate fabric and amazing stitching.
Some of the pieces are in perfect condition and like these hankies I won't be using them in my work.
But some may find their way into what I do.
I think I'll take my time and wait for the right project.....

Our local knitting group 'Yack N Yarn' met again last month.
It was great to see some new faces around the table.
Patterns were discussed, projects admired, coffee drunk and much chit chat and laughter took place.
Not sure how much knitting was done by the participants, but a good time was had by all.

I've just treated myself to a gorgeous little cottage, from the talented Joy Williams.
It's called 'Meadowsweet Cottage' and of course when I saw the chickens and their little home I knew it would have to come and live with me!!
Joy has painted a series of different cottages and I'm a little worried I won't be able to stop at just one.....

I think Joy's work has inspired me and I've been working on a little cottage of my own.
Since I took this pic I have started stitching the garden and of course there will be some chickens.

The last month of Winter, is giving us some of the coldest temps. all season.
We've had snow on the 'Ben' and there was some excitement last Friday with the possibility of snow falling even lower.
It didn't eventuate here but did snow lightly in various localities across the state.....

A misty morning recently had me snapping madly.
A sea of mist turned trees into little islands.
It was an amazing sight, worth getting up early for.......

Another recent purchase that I just couldn't resist.
My new apron modelled by No.1 son, I cropped his head as he was pulling silly faces!
Love the storybook quality of the design and it will replace one that I have recently worn out.....perfect excuse for a new one, don't you think?

Spring is on it's way here......the days are lengthening slowly and buds have opened a little early on some of the fruit trees.
Our wood supply is dwindling somewhat, but I think we'll have enough to see out the Winter.
It's been a little too damp to get outside and do much, but once Spring arrives I'll be busy gardening and putting things in order for moving in December.
Busy times ahead, so I've been making the most of this time to stitch away.
If you have any tips for packing up and moving house I would love to hear them.
 I have done this over 20 times and still haven't perfected it as each move is different!!
Ok, it's time for porridge and I think i better see if I can track down another box of tissues!!

Thanks for popping by to read my ramblings, it's always lovely to hear from you.

Take care,

Claire Xx


  1. If you hadn't told us that was No. 1 in the apron, someone might have been tempted to comment "My, what hairy arms you have, Claire!" :D

    What beautiful weather you've been having, and what lovely clear skies over the Ben.

    Your stitcheries are all adorable, and so is that hanky with the cat on a fence! What a great gift. Love the crochet trim too.

    Hope that cold gets better quickly.

    1. hehe, thanks for pointing that out Sue, so glad I mentioned it was No. 1 modelling the apron.
      We have been enjoying some lovely, sunny days, but today it's back to grey and cloudy, with rain about. A little different from what you've been having that's for sure.
      The cat embroidery certainly is adorable, such fine stitching, whoever made them certainly had great eyesight.

      Taking it easy today and feeling better for it, thank you.....:)

  2. A lovely post I've enjoyed reading. Sorry you have the sniffles - I hope it didn't run up the hill to you when I'd done with it ;)
    It looks like I missed a fun morning at Yack n Yarn. Hope to see you soon.
    Packing up to move close to Christmas? I don't envy you. The only advice I can offer that was invaluable in my moves was to number every box and keep an inventory as you go. I jotted down things as I wrapped them and placed them in the cartons - this made unpacking a stress-free task. Having said that, seven years on, many of my boxes are still waiting to be unpacked (waiting for a kitchen reno to have more storage space!) and these are the boxes the removal guys packed, so all I know about the contents is "kitchen ware"!

  3. Hi Claire - love your new stitcheries - inspiring as always! We've had a lovely summer here in the Hebrides, hence my 'bloggie' absence - your misty pics are gorgeous :) Very envious of your knitting group - they look like a lovely bunch of crafty ladies! Hope your sniffles get better - good luck with your move, I'm out of touch a little - sounds like you're well rehearsed though!
    Alison xx

  4. Well I am glad Mrs Micawber mentioned it here before me Claire,because I was a little taken aback by the hairy arms for a split second ....but relieved when I read "Nº 1 son" . He looks very smart in the hen apron :-)
    thoroughly enjoyed this blog and drooling over your wonderful makes and ideas. I must also add I DO LIKE Joy's cottage got to pop over and have a look at her work.
    Your crafty group look like a very friendly bunch of ladies .....sigh! so nice to have a little time to get together and do that!

    keep well

    Amanda x
    PS:Mediterranean giveaway open to all!

  5. So many fun things to view in your post today, the beautiful pictures of an emerging Spring. gorgeous cottages and stitching. Love everything including the beautiful apron.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Helloooo, those painted cottages are too cute. Hope your recovering quickly from your cold! Xx

    1. Hey Taz, lovely to hear from you, thanks so much for visiting.
      My cold is disappearing, some sunny days certainly help it on its way.
      The cottages are just too cute aren't they? Wouldn't mind a couple more actually....:)
      Hope all is well with you and your little family.

      Claire Xx

  7. Hi Claire,

    It's always odd to see it so cold on the other side of the world, while it's warm and humid in The Netherlands. Happy to see that spring is on your doorstep though!

    Your stitchery looks beautiful! What a pretty gift those hankies are.

    Madelief x

  8. Hey Madelief, thanks for popping by to visit and commenting.......always lovely to hear from you.
    Spring is definitely on the door step and the days are getting longer. Nice to get out into the garden a little bit.
    The hankies were such a lovely, thoughtful gift.

    Hope all is well with you and your girls.

    Love from Oz,

    Claire Xx

  9. I guess, the one advice that I can give to everyone is to take packing very seriously. It's not something you do just to get through the entire process of relocating. It's not a chore either. The mistake that is often made when taking on this as a physical activity is that we tend to miss a lot of details. We tend to throw stuff that would be a lot of inconvenience because they just add to the bulk and the weight of the load we will carry. Until, of course, we find that the stuff we threw out is essential. There is no reason for bulk to be such a problem, as long as the box is sealed and packed enough to resist everything. That's when we'll definitely need strong packaging equipment, which is the answer to a lot of problems.

    Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes Australia

  10. Claire, as always lovely to read your latest blog. Time always seems to just sneak by doesn't it?
    We are at the end of our school summer holidays. 5 weeks gone and just one more to go... we had so many plans, so much done but just run out of time for the rest.
    What beautiful misty scenes. I adore a misty scene. Always looks so calm and ethereal :)
    I just love your new apron. So cute!
    And I can see why it would be hard to stick to just one of those beautiful cottages. So pretty and very detailed for the size. Can't wait to see your finished cottage embroidery.
    Always lovely to see your opposite seasons.
    Emma x

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and's lovely to hear from you....:)

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  13. Your stitcheries are always so pretty! LOVE them! And the knitters/crafters group looks like it's a lot of fun! :-)

  14. I never quite know where to start as there is so much in this post that is lovely. I love the panies, I love the embroidery that you have been given, son No 1 in apron is really great, and that photo of the mountain is just superb.

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  16. It's been a while. I hope the move etc went well and that all is good with you?

  17. Ciao ti scrivo dall'Italia e adesso sono tua follower, ricambi?
    ciao ciao

  18. Gorgeous photos Claire. You do live in a beautiful place and your work is always stunning.
    Stay warm
    Love Jacquie x


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