Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brrrrrr.......It's Cold.......

It's chilly here, so I've dragged my sewing machine back to the dining room table, where it's nice and warm.
My creative space is looking rather chaotic this week.
 I have a market on this Saturday and need to get my crafting mojo into top gear, to make a few extras.........
There are camper van hottie covers rolling off the production line.
These little babies will keep you nice and warm on Wintry nights.

Waiting in line to be stitched up are rockets blasting of into outer space and beautiful polka dot flowers making me dream of warm, Summery days.......

Another Bluebell cover ........
 the first one I made I claimed for my own....

A little lesson learnt the hard way......
When you are 'writing' with your machine, concentrate, very, very hard. Don't have one ear listening to the radio because.......


..and it's just too hard to unpick those teeny, tiny stitches.I did the same thing another time, but the typo was on a tea cosy. A lady at my stall picked it up and was looking very closely at it. For some reason I felt I had to point the typo out and explain. She laughed and said she had noticed and thought it very funny. She was an English teacher and she loved that I had 'fixed' it in a similar manner to the one below......

More Bunnies in Brown, close relative to the Bunnies in Blue......
Yes, they just keep multiplying these bunnies!!

There are also fingerless gloves waiting patiently to be stitched and more Hedgie brooches. 
Can't get enough of those wee beasties lots more..
So, if you happen to be in Bright, North East Vic. or thinking of going away for the weekend. There is a fab little market on in Howitt Park down by the Ovens river. There will be crafty stalls, foodie stalls, live music, egg and bacon burgers..yum, coffee...definitely and me!!
Need I say more? oh yeah, it's from 9am - 1pm
Love to meet you there......

For more crafty folk click here

Thanks for all the lovely, encouraging comments you leave each week. It's great hearing from you all..

Take Care,



  1. So clever, I really love the camper van ones!

  2. Do you have an online shop? or just markets?

  3. Hoping to pop down for a sticky beak this saturday! I can totally relate to the "chaotic" dinning area, mine currently looks like a chinese laundry. (am I allowed to say that these days??? sorry)
    online shop someone asks ..... we really need to get together for an etsy/made it workshop!

  4. wowee you have blown me away I LOOVE caravan art, or anything caravan, as I try to save to buy my own. How do you get the sketchy lines from your sewing machine? I am always handsewing my applicae on... time consuming much?

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for your comment and enquiry.........
      Email me and I would be more than happy to explain how I do this.......

      Claire :}

  5. I love the little mistake... I think it looks like it's suppose to be there and is really cute! Love it :)

  6. Wow, what a whirlwind of activity.
    The teacher in me loved the amendment to the cozy. I can hear my voice now:
    "Don't rub it out... put one neat line through it....DO NOT SCRIBBLE!"
    You could have a nice line in spot the mistake cozy and hottie covers.

  7. Would love to visit your craft fair Claire and see all your lovely 'makes' in person - love the 'corrected' typos, hehe! There's nothing like being honest! x

  8. So much stuff on the go! Love the typo, totally something I would do!
    X Amy

  9. What you need a boost to your Mojo? looks like you are already very busy with all your lovely projects and you seem to always have a new idea or a fresh look.
    The market day sounds great, is it run all year round?
    Keep my fingers crossed the weather is kind to you all on the day, have fun! (and lots of sales)

  10. Who could feel cold looking at all your blankety goodies

  11. Oh Claire, we've got to get to Bright real soon... if your stall is any indication, the market must be wonderful.
    I too just adore the fun way in which you 'fixed' your typo.
    Love your breeding bunnies as well :D)
    Have a great market day!

  12. I think the mistake is a great idea to keep as a design. We all make them (mistakes) and it is good to have a slightly unpolished feel.

  13. I wish I could pop over! They are all gorgeous and I love your mistake!! Good luck at the market, I am sure it will be a success. Love Liz xx

  14. Your hot water bottle covers should fly off the stall - they're lovely. It's blooming wet here too.

  15. Oh the corrected wording is just too adorable!

  16. Hi Claire! There's an award for you in my blog!
    Have a nice day,

  17. Love your work. It is so good and you have such fine free-motion stitching.

  18. Hi Claire, new follower your crafts, very original, and they look lovely, and as for "the mistake"..perfect imperfection!

  19. I love your beautiful work Clare. Hope the market goes well for you :)


  20. What a lovely post of snugglies to warm me up an a stupidly chilly JUNE afternoon!!!
    Happy weekend.....

  21. Love the spelling mistake, it makes the cover even more beautiful. If I was at your market I would buy all your hedgie brooches!!!

  22. oh Claire how i love the stuff you beautiful and ispiring (i have to save money for a sewing machine)...
    i wish you great sales on Saturday and a great weekend! xxx

  23. It looks like you've been really busy, I hope you have good day on Saturday.
    If only I lived nearer.....

  24. Such an abundance of stitchy goodies! Good luck at the market :D

  25. I hope you have a wonderful market day! How I wish I could pop in and see all your delightful goodies and meet you in person!

  26. Such beautiful goodies! I have only just got a darning foot for my machine and am really looking forward to the day that I can create such beautiful goodies... Typos and all!
    (Especially love the campervan hotties- sooo cute!)


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